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  1. Well, it must have at least some advantage, I guess. ;)

    Even so the different names are printed on the boxes anyway, and that your codices read hilarious if you let half of the terms in English. Of course, in an international community you would use them anyway, even with less embarrassing text in your books. And there are many more appropriate words for how these texts look like. :P

  2. Why, there is nothing exciting in there? ^^

    Another news might be even more “awesome”: Since the new Guard codex they even stopped translating names at all. People guess it’s to ©-protect the names or something. In any case, it reads absolutely awful. You can get an impression on GWs website if you change the language.

  3. Hehe. ^^

    Yes, there were speculations in German forums, after the first rumours of this power appeared, how GW would be going to rename it.

    But this:

    Eldar Dire Avengers, for example, are called "Hunters of Asuryan" rather than a direct translation. I don't know how much of their background, if any, varies from the english version.

    is at least in the TT not true any more since the current codex. Because the new flying unit is called something with “Hunter” they actually renamed the DA to “Avengers of Asuryan”.The old names have their origin in the early 90s, when the national studios had more independance and some guys came up with – to their opinion – better names, involving the Eldar gods instead of just some sounding cool. Which is a nice idea but somehow problematic if all aspect warriors are supposed to be aspects of only one single god, Khaine. ^^

    Well, whatever.

  4. The standard deal with FFG is that they pay a premium to ship over an advanced load of a product for GenCon. The rest of the shipment will arrive a few months later at their warehouse in the US. Its then another 2 months untill we get anything over here in Europe (November time from my experience).

    Thx, and what about translations in other languages? Do they take longer or are they in time with the english Europe release?

  5. My English is bad probably, sorry for that. ^^

    Which parts do you find difficult?

    But the difference between a RF roll and your system is only, if I get it right:

    • Only 10s count vs. high damage in general counts more
    • You see the lucky result next turn vs. you see it immediately
    Compared like this, your system is probably superior to RF (depending on what you try to reach), but doesn’t solve the problem from the last post. Just another way to add more luck (instead of RF, but with more administration).

  6. I am thinking for some time now how to use the old beta the best and what to modify. Well...

    About the damage system:

    We have this guardsman, named Bob. He has a flak armour (4 head, 5 on the rest of the body). He has a toughness bonus of 4.

    He got struck by a bolt shell in the left leg. The bolter deals 1d10+5 pen 4. The bolt rolls a 9(+5), a total of 14.

    He reduces the damage by 1 from the armour, and 4 from his TB. The new result is now 9 point of damage.

    My system took an idea from the normal injuries and critical injuries. 

    Every time you reach the target's TB (4 in this case), you will give an additional +5 damage to the hit location. In this situation, we have reached Bob's TB twice! Giving a whole +10 extra damage to the hit location. Now the damage Bob's leg receives is 19! Now we look at chart and figure out what the damage have of effect.

    IF he receives another shot in the same leg, you just add the new damage to the his current value (19+x).

    • All body parts have their own values. You can easily have 14 damage on the Head, another 4 on the left Arm, and 19 on Left Leg.
    Understandable :)?
    What you do here is stretching the area of possible hit results. This may lead to deadly hits by luck, making them more dangerous and less predictable.

    I have also read this thread and I see the problem. I am convinced, that if the rules dictate nonsense results, than more handwaving is not the answer and not a reason to keep bad rules.

    There also is this thread and while I like such HP-free, location-wound-only concepts in other PnP systems, I find the semi random result tables in DH quite intriguing and would like to keep them.

    So, what actually is their problem?

    What I don't like is that many hits (the first ones, but see the 12 lasguns example from the other thread) leave the target with some abstract thing called wound, which isn't really something worth the name but more a promise to do worse damage next time. In this sense it is not very different from silly Healthpoints-systems from old videogame-imitating 80s PnP systems.

    Still, what you (Scyndria) do doesn't really change this fact, but just lets you reach the dangerous effect more often and earlier by already high damage results, increasing the meaning of the damage roll and of prior wounds.

    But I also wouldn't just increase the weapon damage, since there still is armour and toughness, and hits not penetrating the armour are perfectly OK.

    Other solutions/options?

    • A bonus on the damage result table (as if everyone already had a wound) or, equivalently, lowering the result numbers.
    • Some effects, or maybe a single one with some kind of characteristic test, for results 0-10, more like in the old beta before update 3.
    • Some kind of combinations of the first two options, making hits really dangerous, but with specifying wounds by location, making characters more durable again and the called shot more useful.
    Thoughts on that?

    Just theory so far, I am not even playing DH yet.

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