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    NWA Players?

    Fair enough... I'm down to try out 2nd Edition as well. From what I've read, it's much more accessible to new players (such as myself, haha). I first played the version based on the TV show, which helped me understand the 1st Edition of the LCG better.
  2. Hey all, I live in Northwest Arkansas and I am looking to get more into this game. I own the 1st Edition core set, and I've played a few times before (sort of). Anybody out there?
  3. A friend and I had some trouble agreeing on Varys' effect. Here's the scenario: Both of us already had Allies in play when my friend played Varys, and he chose to discard one of my Allies. My question is this: If both of us have Allies in play when Varys is played, does the player who plays Varys discard one of his own Allies, or is he free to choose any Ally in play?
  4. Jaboc

    Attachment: IMPRISONED

    Here's a scenario that a friend and I encountered with Imprisoned: I had Imprisoned attached to one of my unique characters, then chose to kill that character to resolve a military challenge. I then played Not Today to save that character. My friend and I could not agree if the attachment left play despite the character being saved, or stayed in play because the character stayed in play as well. Any thoughts?