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  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that every single person in this thread, who feels that SNR is priced right, are people who are not using it themselves and/or had trouble meeting it in the past. Don't bother countering it, as your words are just, well words, after all. I never did get around to try SNR myself, and it's surely not going to happen now. Had an idea to put Mace in a list with SNL, to get a free interesting red maneuver in a couple of times. Until I discovered that even at Init 4 it is still 16 points. That is more expensive than a 1.0 HLC! Maybe the cost should have a steeper exponential drop? I don't know. It's a dead card to me now anyway. I feel like they nailed the also relatively expensive Delta-7B title cost. It was auto include for me before. Now I have to make a real hard choice between the two titles, and my lists have become a mixture of the two. That's coming from not wanting to touch Calibrated with a ten foot pole before.
  2. The PDF will be up Q3, so expect December 😛
  3. I'm curious. How large is the Armada base compared to X-Wing really? We also don't see any complaints about missing releases from 1992's Hubbus' Rapid Adventure card game.
  4. I'm surprised there is still demand for these. Dropbox changed the way file sharing is handled, so I just updated the link accordingly.
  5. -----------***----------- WAVE10 UPLOADED -----------***-----------
  6. I've been eyeing other skirmish games for a while (X-Wing being my first miniatures game ever), because I absolutely hate the times when you set everything up perfectly with 4 red dice, target lock and focus, just to squeeze out one hit. Or those 5 blank greens. Had my eye on Infinity until I found out the dice will screw you even harder. Now I'm looking at Malifaux because it's diceless. Looking for an intro game one of these days. I could also just paint smiley faces on my Go pellets...
  7. Okay people. Time to fly hard and chew bubble gum. Cards are now updated with Wave 9
  8. Thanks guys. I've joined the group, which is now pending. If it looks valid enough that I won't be wasting my time continuing my work, I will be updating them for sure.
  9. Nope. They only reproduce material that's included in the rules included with each ship. FFG Organised Play have been specifically asked about the status of maneuver dial reference guides and confirmed they're OK. Wait what? Can you produce the source of the legality for future tournament use?
  10. There's already crop marks. Use an exacto knife and a ruler to cut from those.
  11. The cards are updated to include the new core set. Cheers!
  12. I will be updating them with every ship. My initial solution will be a whole card with a faction spanning two sides. Juno can only do existing legal maneuvers, dictated by the game templates. If in doubt, read this: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/5/4/the-academys-finest/
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