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  1. Many thanks. That clears that up. For now I will probably just be playing against my wife or daughter at home, and roping some friends into playing with my cards. I will be re-watching those great videos as well that FFG have put out.
  2. Nice, I have painted about 3 or 4. I have all the investigators undercoated and ready to paint, but time is not on my side. Here's one I finished.
  3. I have just picked this up today, it's my first card game since trying MTG about 8 years ago. I am a little confused about deck creation, I only have the core set and I have read that it's best to make a deck with one or two factions, however even with two factions, I would have to take all of the neutral cards available to make a deck of at least 50 cards, to make a second deck of 50 cards I would have to use 3 factions and the remaining few neutral cards. For now are two decks of 43 cards enough? That seems to be the maximum size I can have with two full factions from the core set + 3 neutral cards. I do intend to purchase Secrets of Arkham once it's available again.
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