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  1. Thank you so much for the update! This app is by far my favorite army builder, it’s ergonomic and very easy to read.
  2. I'm just so happy to see some more Death troopers on screen!
  3. They are magnificent ! I love the dirt and subtle damage on the armors. Looking forward to some more !
  4. I just bought two units of Death Troopers and I absolutely love the models. I've used this model for my unit leaders in both squad : And one of those for the unique DT-F16 heavy weapon upgrade, as it's pose seemed to fit well with "compel" : What could I do with my second one? - Use it as an Imperial officer personal upgrade in casual games? - Turn it into a corpse and objective token? - Paint it red to use as a custom Commander in some homebrewed mission/campaign? - Sculpt a raised middle finger on it's left hand and put him on a vehicle?
  5. I really enjoyed reading your battle report and the images look great! Looking forward to the next one!
  6. I think it’s a amazing and iconic piece of terrain, but I will rather spend my gaming budget on new units. I’ve already made an Endor bunker out of cardboard (removable door and roof, and papercraft computer consoles) and thanks to FFG’s generous article, I can already print the mission cards and play. Escape pod, bunker, downed AT-ST... what other iconic terrain could FFG make? Maybe one of those white turrets from the Hoth battle, with a little bit of trench?
  7. Here is the english card : [https://imgur.com/f595iN0] https://imgur.com/wWi5ZwE
  8. Yes... let's say it's a representation of his "Enrage 4" keyword in action 👹!
  9. Here are my humble efforts to paint my miniatures! I will post some scenery as soon as I can take some decent pictures. GALACTIC EMPIRE "Command squad" Emperor Palpatine & his bodyguards Two squads of Stormtroopers. My favorite imperial unit, the Scouts! REBEL SCUM Rebel officer Han Solo Leia Organa Rebel commando AT-RT, weapons waiting to be magnetised... Fleet troopers Rebel troopers R5 unit Objectives Chewie
  10. Imperial = Emperor, Empire Royal = King, Kingdom ´Imperial royal guard’ doesn’t make a lot of sense... it has been bothering me for a while. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having first world problems with my wargaming hobby :)!
  11. Does a free move action given by "Pulling the strings" allow a unit of Royal Guard to perform a "Charge"?
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