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  1. Ok, It isn't perfectly suited for IA. 1. That is what Han, Luke, etc did. Not what Diala, Fenn, Mak, and etc did. IA revolves around the players and their exploits in the Galactic Civil war, not the movies' heroes. 2. We already know how that whole mission ended. So it'd either be A) impossible for the Imperial Player to win or B) break one of the biggest scenes in Star Wars That makes no sense. The game comes with luke and Vader and you're going to suggest the named characters aren't a big part of this game? The game doesn't have to revolve around a character for them to be included. We talk about character X not fitting in the time line yet we have 2 force sensitive characters, one with a lightsaber. How does that fit in the time line considering there was zero mention or other force sensitive characters. Sure, let's stuff force sensitive characters in the game but let's make a big deal about characters that actually were part of the story.
  2. New to the game and haven't played yet but planning what to buy etc. I really enjoy the premise behind the Bantha and so was playing around with some ideas. How do you guys think something like this will be? I understand Bossk isn't available yet but he seems pretty solid. Bantha Rider Bossk 2x HK 47 E Nexu I know i am a new and don't have real world playing experience. But it seems like there could be decent synergy here. Bantha can help vs swarms while bossk seems like he can be good against single targets. Overall thoughts? Be easy on this newb!
  3. Personally, I'm extremely disappointed that in both IA and Xwing that they are completely ignoring Kenobi, who is a staple character in the universe. Time period be damned. If we can have fictional characters and bounty hunters that were shown in 1 **** shot, we should have the option to to use kenobi. If they stood exactly by the movies it would be 1 thing. But the fact that they use extended universe stuff and are really stretching outside the movies, it's just dumb no to include of the most popular characters in the universe. Tell me the scene in episode 4 where they are trying to free Leia isn't perfectly suited for IA..
  4. Personally i don't like the idea of TOs playing and winning prizes. Conflict of interest us too high and not worth the trouble.
  5. You have got to be kidding.. I question anyone who thinks the prequel trailers were better. They were loud, abrasive and flashy. Not 1 drop of the essence that is star wars. TFA trailers are dripping in star wars lore. Opinion or not, I'm shocked by this post in every regard. And vehemently disagree. No creativity..? Just... wow...
  6. Where is the love for the T-slaver Bossk? I could have sworn that was going to be the go to build. Bossk + Gunner + Tactician is a nasty little combo that seems pretty **** efficient to me. My biggest concern is watching people fly the 666. To me, this ship is screaming to be used exactly like a shuttle. As an edge of the board, slow turning creeper that takes the shots he can get and provide medium to long range fire + stress. What I don't get is watching how many people set the ship up in the middle of the board. This is NOT a middle of the board ship people. It's a slow turning bus that needs to start on the boards edge where it can maximize it's strengths (180arc) while protecting it's biggest weakness (backside fire). This isn't a 21 pt shuttle that you can afford to have missing combat rounds. I've seen so many people fly this ship like it was some kind of high manuvering jouster and it makes me completely shake my head.
  7. Let's be brutally honest here people.. Not 1 person praising this game would feel the same if this wasn't star wars and it didn't have the name "battlefront" on the title screen. This is a dumbed down, generic shooter with aging gameplay and features. Not 1 thing about this game stands out or is even competent outside of the awesome graphics, sound and star wars coat of paint. Its a pure money grab. Nothing more. And did someone mention free DLC? Lmao. It's EA. Your free DLC is going to boil down to maps and weapons that should have been included at launch. Wait until they hit you with there season pass nonesense. After all is said and done, this complete game will cost $200 and still won't be as good or feature complete as the last battlefront made over a decade ago. I'm just curious here, whatever happened to customers who respected their money and held companies accountable for selling products that are both high quality and fairly priced? It's sad we live in an age now where people throw money at corporations and don't give those corporations any incentive to get better and put out better products. Consumer sheep is beyond the perfect expression. /Climbs off soap box
  8. Please don't use CoD as a comparison of anything worthwhile. CoD is complete garbage of game that has been the same game with a new skin for 10 years. It's everything that is wrong with the gaming industry right now. And the consumer base that laps up drivel and calls it gourmet.
  9. Been playing the beta like mad. A few of my opinions. -Typical EA game. Looks brilliant but the game play leaves a ton to be desired. There is just no depth to the game. Barely any strategy etc. A great part of the original games was choosing different classes and choosing what spawn point to start in. Which leads too.. -Random spawn points? Seriously? It's 2015 ffs.. -It's battlefield with a shiny skin. There is literally no evolution of gameplay or anything outside of graphics that makes you think this is next gen. -Space battles. Yes I know. . But saying the original games weren't about space battles is complete nonesense. Star wars is all about space battles and space battles played a big role (and fun factor) in the original games. Why is it that the newer a game is the less features it has? Another one of EA standard moves. All eye candy without the features the gamers actually love and want. -Show me a scene in any star wars movie where Vader moves around this fast. It's ridiculous. Vader is far too fast and walkers are far too slow. -Vehicles are power ups? Give me a fkn break. Terrible design decision. They are taking the freedom away from what add the original games so incredible. Battlefront is supposed to be a shooters sandbox where you can tackle problem as you see fit. Not hope you stumble upon a power up. -Graphics and sound are top notch and very imersive. -Tow cable walkers is a **** QTE?! 2015 and we are using QTE still? Once again shows this game is built for looks and nothang else. Overall I'm completely let down. It's not a step forward in any way that matters. All looks, no personality. Design decisions are complete head scratchers. Lacking basic features that have been in shooters for 20 years. Lack of customization and freedom on how to tackle any given problem. Is it fun? Absolutely... for a few hours at least. If you're amused easily, you will love it. If you prefer even a modest amount of depth or strategy, look elsewhere. All in all, I pre-ordered the day it was announced and have just canceled that preorder.
  10. This is blatantly false. A very basic understanding of business and/or manufacturing can easily see this. Now, whether you agree with those reasons or not, that's another matter. And, ultimately pointless. As FFG has said that card packs are not in the cards, because of their analysis has shown them to not be a viable product. We better let Magic the Gathering know that selling card packs is impossible to make money off of.. If you buy that nonesense from ffg, I have a bridge I'd love to sell you.
  11. It is however the market leader when it comes to miniature war gaming so it's perfectly valid to compare them to each other. You can make a tournament competitive list for x-wing under £100 you can't say the same for 40k your more likely looking at half a grand not to mention the time needed to build and paint the armies or get someone professional to do that on commission. When you compare something it's usually to the market leader. You think FFG are ripping people off but most of us don't share that opinion because we've played far more expensive systems. Nonsense while not perfect releasing upgrade cards in new ships is way better than having to wait years for a new army book like you do with GW. You don't need the cards you want the cards, it's perfectly possible to make lists using alternatives. People run interceptors with targeting computers and shield upgrade instead of autothrusters and still do well. Again in your opinion but loads on these forums proxy in casual play trying upgrades as they are spoiled, heck every single person using vassel is proxying the ships and upgrades. I was using ATC and the advanced title months before the raider finally arrived no one moaned in my group and i have never objected to anyone else trying upgrades. How do you play test against stuff not only not released yet but not even conceived? How do you possibly think of every combination your millions of customers are going to invent? At least ffg is actively trying to make everything competitive that's a hell of alot more than some other companies do, would you prefer they left the advanced designed right at the start of the game useless? Different dev's from three years ago who were not designing a tournament game but something for mates to mess around with at home they had no clue how x-wing would blow up. They are not psychic just guys trying to design a fun game and like all humans they sometimes mess up, which is why they then work hard to fix it. -A market leader that is losing its costumer base faster then you can shake a stick at. In an unbalanced mess of a game that is over priced, not new player friendly and is losing players, not gaining them. -This isn't GW and we aren't waiting for an army book. Once again, don't justify the bad practice of one company with an even worse practice from another. It's not my fault 40k players don't respect there money enough and choose to over pay for unbalanced toys. -You do realize the TIE Advance was broken and over priced since the day it was released. Day 1 people knew it wasn't worth using outside of Vader. This isn't a matter of predicting the future releases. It's about a rushed product that wasn't tested enough by its designers. Just like the TIE bomber, Awing, Interceptor and Ywing. -I support FFG through purchasing quite a few of their products. I'm well aware of the quality comany they are. Not to mention love the game of xwing and give them props for making such an incredible deep, rewarding and fun game. But that doesn't exclude them from making anti-consumer decisions. And no matter how you slice it, adding a fix for a small ship that has been crap since day 1 in a huge ship that costs 70+ is anti-consumer. -There is zero reason they can't sell upgrade cards in a pack at a marked up price. Everyone knows how high margins are for card packs. It would be a smart business move. But they use upgrade cards as leverage to sell ships that are obviously not enticing enough to be worth the purchase alone. Adding say 2 of each upgrade card that is released in each wave as a Wave X Card Pack would both be pro-consumer and make FFG plenty of money. There is zero reason to do so other then them using those cards as leverage for customers to buy products they don't want. If people reviewed this situation in a vacuum instead of comparing to other companies that have ripped them off worse, people here would be singing a different tune.
  12. Why are people comparing xwing to 40k as if that should make everyone feel better? 40k is an overly expensive bore of a game that isn't even balanced properly. Just because FFG isn't ripping of its customer base nearly as bad as GW doesn't justify a thing. This is a great game. But the business model of how they release upgrades is an utter joke that no one can defend. Even at a marked up price they need to sell cards individually. And proxy is a bogus fix. Nobody wants to proxy cards just to play a competent Vader. Mine as well just proxy everything and start 3d printing ships. Releasing a small ship upgrade fix card in a huge ship is such a screw to the customer base. We bought the product already and it's not the customere fault that FFG failed to properly play test and design a ship that is balanced enough to play as is. They dropped the ball at the design stage and the customer shouldn't have to clean up the mess.
  13. Photographer. Editor. Youth football coach.
  14. You need, (yes need - Shuttle - Interceptor Soontir will work great alongside what you already have when you can't afford a phantom. And the shuttle with Vader is a phenomenal filler ship. Then, strongly consider a Decimator.
  15. Learn the differences between the the 3 factions. For example: Rebels- Use a lot of tough ships that are dependent on shields and tanking damage. The pilot abilities synergies the best of all factions. Many of which rely on buffing friendly ships in some forms or another. Imperial- Typically the most fragile yet maneuverable ships in the game. They rely on green dice more then other factions. Their mobility gives them hands down the best flankers in the game. And there are tons of them. Vader, Soontir, Phantoms and Backstabber to name a few. Scum- Many of their tricks rely and abilities rely on buffing their own attacks. Whether it's Fetts rerolls, Kaths extra auxiliary dice or Bossk forcing direct hits. They also use a lot of underhanded tactics like dead man's switch.
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