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  1. Why not just play the one off scenarios (Rougarou or Carnevale) to help your group get used to the game before diving into a campaign. Obviously you can do whatever you want to try and shorten it but i think it will take away from the experience as a whole. The game is very well designed and has tight mechanics that adjusting could make it unfair or less enjoyable. Just my two cents.
  2. Everything Stacks unless it states otherwise, see Obscuring Fog and Locked Door. That's quite a Predicament.
  3. Jim Scryed into 3 Towering Beasts with one Brood on the board and just said, Screw that guy! That scenario is really ruff if you can get the broods into certain locations to stack clues.
  4. He's prob the best gate closer in Eldritch Horror, If I'm thinking of the right guy. He comes in the Dreamlands Expansion. I think he's in one of the spoiler Articles
  5. I think the cool thing with Arkham is that each individual character adds separate archetypes to their class making your choice in each investigator impact the rest of the team. But streamlined the 5 Classes are pretty much what you described; Guardians are good at killing stuff and tanking damage with healing effects / Allies. Seekers are strong at gathering clues and provided other forms of support (healing/drawing cards). Rogues I feel are Jack of all trades they can be good at evading or fighting given the right builds. I would say they're common denominator among the two rogues is action efficiency, economy and maybe even combo reliant. Mystics are spell casters. And you can argue encounter Deck Manipulators. Survivors main theme would be win by losing. They have cards and abilities that help mitigate the chaos bag better than the others.
  6. Whoops. Not that I know anything about rules but could you argue that this is a case where a card contradicts the rules reference and therefore takes precedence., allowing you to use it after a phase begins or ends? You're definitely right though.
  7. I like the idea of using the different effects instead of changing the bag. I feel like the minus 5 6 7 etc. will be quite painful for us. It would be more interesting to see how the different effects change the difficulty.
  8. Yep I thought I missed all the investigator cards in dunwhich. turns out there were in my friends hand.
  9. Agreed, I had built 4 decks for my play group and the player playing Roland Felt Taunt wasn't all that useful in our first run through of the house always wins so he swapped it out. Which was unfortunate as he could have probably used it in extra circular activity for the experiment.
  10. I'm sure, like with most card games or LCGs. Once later packs are released some interesting combos will come out that will make certain cards deemed useless will be useful. Also, certain scenarios may make cards better or more appealing. I'm sure there are lots of people also who just slot cards in just to try them, I don't think everyone is playing this game to min/max their deck to be the best Arkham Investigator. It is a roleplaying experience afterall.
  11. I Run heavier on the Event and Asset side of things when building decks, Running usually only 6 - 8 Skill cards for either important stats like Overpower for Roland, or to sure up weakness like Guts.
  12. I found the opposite with pete. Granted I only played one scenario but most of my assets I gave him were healing ones to help soak damage. I found that duke on his own did most of the heavy lifting without using many resources. I think I sat on 6 resources for 3 turns because I had nothing to play. The final turn I dropped down the fire axe and buffed it to get the killing blow on the Ghoul Priest only to draw a crit fail and perish. good times were had...
  13. I understand its incredibly unlikely being your deck is 30 cards but it could help you find a weapon in the off chance you cant mulligan for one or a specific weapon to help you deal with certain monsters.
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