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  1. Cubanboy

    Happy Friday

    I would go to the Armada system of Defense tokens and remove green dice personally.
  2. Cubanboy

    Happy Friday

    May the force be with you. Question for the week, If you could replace dice in X-Wing what system would you use?
  3. Hello peeps, happy Friday and happy weekend woot woot. Question of the week, What dice do you want to have adjusted?
  4. So crazy people it's Friday! Question with the 27th being a major Armada Announcement what do you hope we see?
  5. Cubanboy

    Happy Friday

    Hello Friends and happy Friday. This weeks question is the following, if a reprint of a ship was going to happen with a new paint job which would you want?
  6. Cubanboy

    Points update

    And some upgrades changed.
  7. Cubanboy

    Points update

    They said that on the Discord two of the fantasy flight Employees. So we are taking it as official.
  8. It's more of take your list and build it today to see what changed if ships are the same. It's helpful until the other builders are caught up.
  9. Hello there internet, just a friendly reminder there is an app and yes it needs a lot of work, but today is the day to shake off the dust and get in it. So happy once in every 6 months log in.
  10. Cubanboy

    Points update

    Confirmed Tie fighters
  11. Edit cause of Rules, also if you just drop all the upgrades you can bring the tie but the damage output on this is solid. Obsidian Squadron Pilot (23) Black Squadron Ace (25) Marksmanship (1) Gamma Squadron Ace (30) Crackshot (1) Hull Upgrade (5) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (27) Hull Upgrade (5) Saber Squadron Ace (36) Ruthless (1) Targeting Computer (3) Scarif Base Pilot (39) Hull Upgrade (3) Total: 199
  12. I would run this maybe change the bomb on the Gamma but this. (edit to follow the rules) Scarif Base Pilot (39) Tactical Officer (6) Hull Upgrade (3) Saber Squadron Ace (36) Marksmanship (1) Afterburners (6) Targeting Computer (3) Alpha Squadron Pilot (31) Targeting Computer (3) Black Squadron Ace (25) Ruthless (1) Afterburners (6) Gamma Squadron Ace (30) Crack Shot (1) Skilled Bombardier (2) Proton Bombs (5) Delayed Fuses (1) Total: 199
  13. Cubanboy

    Happy Friday

    No I was saying more along the lines of what you want to go up and what will go up, example I want Bombs to go up (based on pilot skill), most likely Fett will go up.
  14. Hey Party people I just built my first Tank for Old Rep and man was that fun so how are people running them right now, any good strats and how are you painting them?
  15. Hi all hope the week is treating you amazing. I have been sick and dead to the whole world how ever we are getting close to July so that mean just a few months to Clone Wars/ a little bit closure! What is one meaningful change you would like to see post launch of the new factions?
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