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  1. Is this example for real? That would really work? Works just fine, might look a bit strange but as Ardmandhammer wrote think of it like peeking around the corner to take the shot
  2. Well, you wouldnt be following the rules for campaign play as I am pretty sure they state you only play 5 side missions. Aside from that if you still wanted to play it that way it might affect balance seeing as the total number of xp and credits will be higher and they game might not be balanced around that.
  3. They do get two actions per figure yes, they cant do two attacks though. Stun takes away one of their actions and in the case of ranged attackers that might not affect things very much
  4. The empire can still deploy the entire group though, right? Sure, its 6 threat needed but its not like they cant get more troops on the board.
  5. Where is this posted? Can anyone share a link?
  6. "Swallow" only prevents revival actions, the hero can still perform a stand up action. http://boardgamegeek.com/article/11841470#11841470 Edit: Also, I see no reason why an ice wyrm couldnt use swallow on more then 1 hero.
  7. Cheers guys, complicated situation for sure but I think you have made it clear how it should be played.
  8. Are you saying that the extra target from the surge would trigger another blast? I would have thought that only the original attack would be a blast and that for a surge 1 more adjacent figure could be hit.
  9. To assist you in further discussions, it is not exactly correct to say you're adding +3 damage to "both targets." What you're actually doing is adding +3 damage to the attack. Damage dealt by the attack is dealt to all figures affected by that attack. The net result is the same, but there's a subtle difference in understanding how the rules work. Surge abilities add different effects to the attack itself, which then propagate to any figures affected. Cheers, that might help explaining it to them
  10. Thanks again Steve-O, that was how I wanted to rule it as well but my heroes did not agree with me and I could not formulate a good response as to why they would only be able to hit 3 figures. They reasoned that since they could add +3 damage (the other surge ability on the crossbow) to both targets using tetherys heroic feat they should be able to hit 4 targets, I argued that that would be using the same surge ability twice which is not allowed but I could explain it to them very well.
  11. http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Repeating_Crossbow What happens if you are using the repeating crossbow together with a skill that hits several targets, lets say Tetherys heroic feat (Use after rolling your attack dice to choose a second valid target for your attack. Both targets are affected by the attack and roll defense dice separately), and you roll a surge and choose "this attack affects 1 additional figure adjacent to your target" Will the surge effect hit 2 extra figures for a total of 4 (provided that there are adjacent figures to hit) or will it be a total of 3 figures hit? What if target A and B are adjacent to each other, will one of them be hit twice?
  12. Played the finale of SoN tonight (The City Falls) and when a quest objective is destroyed the overlord gets to place an open group. The question that arose was if the overlord gets to activate them that same turn or not. We ruled that it was allowed since we were still in the "activate monsters" phase of the overlord turn and the newly placed monsters had not activated yet. We were not 100% sure about this one though...can anyone explain if we played this correctly or not? Cheers.
  13. Good that there are some people who bothers with the text So no mage in this one then? Guess that is because there are slightly more warrior heroes in total?
  14. Based on how the old figures look I would say that it is probably Lord Hawthorn and I guess that the orc must be Bogran the Shadow
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