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  1. Righteous Fury gives you another d10 damage if you make a 10 on a damage dice, and you have passed another attack test (auto success in case of Deathwatch vs Xenos). For Instance, you shot an ork boy with a bolter : you roll to-hit, then you roll to damage, get a 10 (10+9 = 19dmg for now), and roll another d10 for Righteous Fury (autocomfirmed because of Deathwatch Training). Say, this d10 roll 8 for a total of 27dmg. Then, just reduce this amount by armor & toughness values for total damages. Has Lynata said, critical damage is just a threshold : when you wound someone to a negative value, it just add effect from the critical table to the damages.
  2. Be careful with Brothers of Blood I tend to think this Deed is a really powerful one. My players combined "Into the Fires of Battles" with a lascannon devastator thanks to this ... bye bye sweet Obliterators :'(
  3. "Brothers of Blood" is truly in effect when ALL the team take it, and the GM must decide if the team can take it. If the kill-team have put aside their differences and act as if they were truly brothers (ie. no quarrel on decision, teamworking all the time, watching after each other), then the GM may allow the player to take it. It represents a group progression. "Forging the Bond" is more like a single battle brother trying to get his team together, maybe to the point of unlocking "Brothers of Blood". RP-wise, one can imagine a battle brother taking "Forging the Bond" first, willing to prove to his squad that if they can truly work together, nothing can stop them. This battle brother will tend to resolve quarrels within the group and satisfy everyone. Eventually, he'll get the team to truly work together. As a GM, it could be wise (IMO) to give him "Brothers of Blood" for free for his efforts, and make him the first choice for squad leader.
  4. In fact, there's something that allow you to share your chapter squad mode with your mates : Brotherhood of Blood (I think that's the english name), in Rites of Battle. You should check this out. The only "restrictions" are that all the team must take it in order to share squad modes, and it is the GM that allow the player to take : it's a sort of deed that represents the fact that the kill-team works like brothers of the same chapter.
  5. Oopsy ! My bad, I'll be warned for the next time. Thank you for pointing that out !
  6. I had this problem, where space marines were not feeling as strong as they should. My group doesn't really make great use of their strenght (As in, if they see a closed door, they won't try to pass through it with their shoulder : they will seek alternative path that may be more "sneaky", or hack the system controlling it), but this still bothered us. Because we play with the BC/OW Unnatural Characteristics, I went for a rather radical change : every point of UC also give a +10 on characteristic tests. For marines, it means they have a +40 on all Strenght Tests. It may be way too much, but I feel it's more fitting (as I said, my group doesn't make much use of Strenght, so it may need more test to see if it's balanced).
  7. Pain suppressor ignores critical hits EFFECTS, like being stunned for 3 rounds, being unnable to use your arm (broken limb) etc. It does not ignore the critical hit itself, therefore if you lose a limb (like your head) you cannot use it anymore. And loosing your head, well, is an instant death. In other word, death is not an effect of critical hits. You're -10 somewhere, you're dead. End of the story. Of course you can burn fate points to transform this into a serious injury (that probably will not allow you to fight anymore).
  8. Thanks for the guidance on the flesh is weak. As for the bionics question, the answer you give I find distasteful (albeit it may well be what the author intended). In my opinion one shouldn't use mission requisition to purchase permanent upgrades. Back when the game had a line manager I believe that they said a similar thing. However, with the availability of flesh is weak for all characters marines can get up to 4 cybernetics without special work (their original hand, and three flesh is weak). Using the price of victory deed from rites of battle, some signature wargear talents, and using bionic replacement of wounds actually suffered over a game I think that meeting the cybernetics requirement of the solo mode ability is pretty doable without any real modification of the rules.. At first, I find it weird to be able to use req. to buy permanent upgrade. Plus the fact that for me space marine's flesh is considered "holy", I don't see one coming to the apothecarion and say "ok i'm going on a mission, replace my arm for a bionic pls". But you know, the player put it in his "role-play" to augment his body in that way, and this mission was a good "excuse" to do so. Plus the fact that it's a popular thing in the Iron Hand chapter, I went "Oh yeah, why not". And for the Flesh is Weak, if you consider a "normal" advance, yes it's rather easy to max the ability when other chapter have their abilities maxed aswell.
  9. Bionics are permanent wargears. You pay req. in order to have them, and once you have them it's until they are destroyed. It can be weird to purchase bionics to replace an arm (that you haven't lost, obviously), but it's definitely something Iron Hands would do. It happened in my game, when we were playing The Emperor Protects final chapter. One of my player, an Iron Hand techmarine, decided to use all of its req. to fully "reconstruct" his body with bionics, arguing that his character felt honored to be selected for the final mission. He went "To smite those who corrupt the mechanicum, I must became one with the mechanicum". And for the "Flesh is Weak" thing, look First Founding page 13, Iron Hands chapter trappings : "Iron Hands Space Marines count as possessing Mechanicus Implants for the purposes of satisfying the prerequisites of a Talent (but not for wargear or any other purpose)."
  10. Enmi


    1) It really depends on your vision of it. Me and my players are going basically for the "utility-belt" when it comes to stuff : you take extra ammo/auspex/anything ? well that goes in a couch to attach to your belt. But basically, if you want to have it attached to your backpack, you're free to do so. Same thing apply to the diag' helmet. In the description it's an helmet (even in the name, doh), but nothing prevents you to play this as a backpack-mounted diag. As for the spotlight ... I've never seen the point of having one when your helmet can give you perfect night vision. 2) It could be, but should it be ? I don't think so, jump pack are pretty big and adding stuff to it is (in my opinion) just transforming your character into a christmas tree. Plus i I don't really think the devices could handle the force/heat produce by the jump pack (if they are on it). 3) Maybe, but with a big malus on use. You can't be precise using a hand this big, even when you're not "directly" using your hand to use it. In my game, I'll just say no, but I don't think my player thought of this possibility. I don't really like Master of Blades, because it doesn't make sense, really ... (just my opinion, but I find it really ... odd/irrealist). Aaaanyway, with chain weapons, you don't really have a choice, unless you houserule every kind of weapons in WH40K, and thus you can combine Chainsword with Eviscerator, for instance.
  11. For the initiation : kinda look like what I've planned so far, so it pleases to see that its almost the same in a book about Dark Angels (but note that, for now, he doesn't know what is going on, except for his visions and that he hunts 'enemies of the Chapter') For the hunting with the inquisitor : look at this as a 'free ride', the inquisitor going where they were rumors of Fallen Angels, some DA DW officers decided to give the inquisitor some help for his mission, in the form of my player Oh and btw, I also did it this way so my player can have a taste of what it's like to have two oaths to fully respect, even if they contradict each other sometimes. I hope it will stress a bit my player And I'll make a post about our progress after next session, because there hisn't much to say for now (Most of the session was him discussing with the inquisitor about the mission and his retinue)
  12. Negatives ? What are you talking about ? I don't remember any 'negatives' for using the Swift Attack Talent :/ Anyway, like other peoples said, throw something that he will need to dodge, or just destroyed his arm. I had this issue, where my techmarine player was feeling invincible because of his high toughness/armor plus his damage output with the arm. I just popped a Chaos champion with Power Sword, and he decided to challenge him : Charge, power sword attack, miss, servo arm attack, hit, parry from champion --> servo arm destroyed. His expression changed in an instant when he realised he was 'free' for the champion. He nearly died from that (being saved at the last moment by another player), and he is more 'defensive' when it comes to melee, leaving this to the more melee-specialised players.
  13. As I said, we've just finished The Emperor Protects campaign, and now I'm having my group play single-player campaigns, aiming to "deepen" their character ( = we're actually playing their advanced speciality promotion, which they will 'purchase' at the end). For now, we have : -Salamander Apothecary --> Deathwatch Keeper -Iron Hand Techmarine --> Forge Master -Dark Angel Devastator --> Deathwing/Black Shield (either he truly accepts the truth about his chapter, or is driven 'insane' and will not serve his chapter anymore, only the Deathwatch). We're only playing the Dark Angel part right now, because I still need to see my other players because they have some ideas to share on how to play their parts. And yes, if you're interessed, I can share with you the progress of his campaign I will surely play this in 3 parts, and I already have the 'main lines' for the 1st and 3rd part ( and I'm **** happy with what will happen in the third part !)
  14. We have already started this "mini campaign", and basically the guy just went to a Dark Angel Interrogator Chapelain, seeking answer about his vision. Because the player earned an Imperialis, I had the chapelain being more friendly to him, while a Deathwing terminator (also present during his revelation) was about to outright kill him because he knew too much. After this, he followed the chap' to a highly secret cell where the player, as a first 'trial', would have to interrogate an 'enemy of the chapter' (you know what i mean ). He succeeded, and he's know hunting 'enemies of the chapter', where his loyalty to his chapter would be tested. I had him join an inquisitor as some sort of bodyguard, to 'disguise' his quest. It will be fun i hope, having him searching for the Fallens while having to help the inquisitor.
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