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  1. WOW very impressive and awesome work as always! Thanks for sharing! You're my favorite repainter/remodeler (is that even a word?), not only because of your stunning work but also because you always make sure to post some nice words about other people's projects. I nominate you for a "Forums Model Citizen" award.
  2. Siddhi

    SirWilli's Workshop: X-Wing 2.0 stuff

    I love how there's people like bold Sir Willibald who put so much time and energy into giving something to the whole X-Wing crowd! Thank you very much again pal! Also the Micro Hangars, Maneuver Cards...well pretty much everything is absolutely awesome and very practical! Since there's also costs involved (e.g. for hosting his website) and I for one would actually pay money for all the downloadable stuff, I think it wouldn't hurt most of us to also donate a buck or two to Sir Willi to fund his crusade for efficient mini storage etc.
  3. Siddhi

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    This thread gave me cancer....
  4. Since there are small ships now that tend to get loaded up with upgrades and make up a significant part of the squad points (e.g. Cpt. Nym) it has become unfair to grant half points for big ships only. Let's say you have a Ghost worth 45 points and a Nym worth 45 points on the other side. The Ghost has half points left at the end of the game and Nym has only 1 hull left so you don't get any points at all for almost destroying him but half for the ghost. How is that balanced in determining which list performed better? Maybe an approach would work where you include a ratio of how many of hull and shield points of a list you blasted away?
  5. Siddhi

    Not feeling the game anymore.

    Ooga-Chaka Ooga-OogaOoga-Chaka Ooga-OogaOoga-Chaka Ooga-OogaOoga-Chaka Ooga-OogaOoga-Chaka Ooga-OogaI can't stop this feelingDeep inside of meFFG, you just don't realizeWhat you do to meWhen I hold the latest waveIn my arms so tightI need to be so bravecause the game's going to shiteI'm hooked on a feelingI'm high on believingThat you love to **** with me...
  6. Siddhi

    Taxi for Cad Bane

    I liked a Jumpmaster with Cad and Cluster Mines plus an EMP device to make sure something actually plows over the mines. You only get to use it once but I like the chances of it working out better than with Ketsu, who will only work against small ships and can't reposition herself.
  7. Siddhi

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    This thread caused me to try out the Krayts podcast yesterday. What a waste of time! I only endured half an hour and during that time X-Wing was barely even mentioned and there was no useful or interesting information at all. The latest podcast just sounds like a bunch of nerdy guys rambling away in somebody's basement in backwater Carolina. I found myself just waiting for the sounds of Cheetos-munching and Mountain Dew-guzzling to appear in the podcast. Focussing more on the actual topic of the podcast and cutting down on the foul language, which adds nothing, would really help here.
  8. Thanks for all the input!
  9. Yeah, I thought so too but I was wondering about the math behind it. Probably someone not useless with numbers like me can figure out if modified 2-die shots net more hits than unmodified 3-die shots.
  10. If you could apply Boba Fett (crew) to your opponent's Dengar - which upgrade card would you have him remove? Let's say Dengar would be kitted out like this: Dengar (33) Expertise (4) K4-Security Droid (3) Unhinged Astromech (1) Punishing One (12) Total: 53
  11. Holy ****, how come I never noticed this thread before! My mind is blown by how utterly awesome this stuff is! Absolutely love it!
  12. Siddhi

    Things you first think are awesome....but..... aren't.

    Don't know if anybody mentioned it already but I'm kind of disappointed with the Jabba crew card. I just can't find a good squad with an YV-666 plus 5-point-Jabba plus enough ships with Illicit upgrades in it to make everything worth the points.
  13. Siddhi

    FFG packing error

    I have lots of german cards and would be willing to trade "Tie Abfangjäger", "Tie Jagdbomber" or whatever you guys would like to have.
  14. Siddhi

    Dengar needs a better ride

    That engine glow turned out especially good! Great job!