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  1. You’re right - I misread the text.
  2. I don’t think this is legal. Wulff triggers when you *spend* a token, but fleet commands *discard* a token. You cannot use Wulff to recover tokens used for fleet commands.
  3. That's just it, though - if all you need to do to beat two is "have a plan" (i.e. "git gud"), then I don't see what all the fuss was about in the first place. There have been no structural changes to the game since two-ship was ascendant; everyone had the same tools back then that they had at GenCon. All of the wailing and gnashing of teeth was due to players not being willing to *adapt* to something new.
  4. Looking at the data, it seems like two-ship, as a fleet archetype, has been extremely overrated. 9 of the 45 competitors flew two-ship, yet only 1 of them made it into the top 25%.
  5. Exactly. Like, chess hasn't had any new releases in literally CENTURIES, and it's freaking impossible to find anyone to play the game with. Why bother? We'll never get any cool new pieces. I mean, the en passant errata was pretty neat, but that's not enough to hold me over for 500 years. Armada chess is dead.
  6. After reading its stat block... so am I!
  7. You will note that OP's original comment was *itself* an act of mockery, and dripping with derisive sarcasm. So I am sure you will shortly be adding a comment explaining how the OP was at fault for his "posture."
  8. How many armada players does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one, but afterwards he'll complain that the outcome is always the same.
  9. Same general form? Wasn't one running an MC80?
  10. The difference is I'm not implicitly calling for changes to the game. There have been, at this point, *2* rounds of Rieekan / Squadron nerfs (more if you count "soft-nerfs" like the Wave 7 anti-squadron upgrades). Some of the changes I liked, and others I didn't. In general, I feel that the response has been a bit heavy-handed, and I am not eager to see *more* happen. Continued bellyaching about Rieekan/squadrons/whatever may actually *change the game I play*, so yes, it *does* effect the hobby I participate in. It would be one thing if OP's lament was "I went to a regionals post-faq and I *still* kept getting crushed by Rieekan aceholes." I can sympathize with getting bored with sameness in a local meta, especially if it interferes with one's ability to progress on the competitive scene. But this was just whining about seeing the same matchups at a tournament that OP didn't even attend, with the implied call for *more* changes.
  11. This is no longer legal per the nerf, right? 2 flots max, no lifeboats? How have your post-faq matches been?
  12. Did you play in the finals? No? So it actually... didn't have any effect on how you participate in the hobby at all? You're just upset about how *other completely different people* played a game that you had no involvement in? Yeah ok.
  13. Just to make sure I understand you: You're complaining that a livestream of two grown men pushing around plastic spaceships for 3 hours wasn't exciting enough? Well ****. I guess the only more exciting thing to do would be... any other thing in the world.
  14. Nah, he's just going to continue substituting whining on the forums for getting good at the game. To each his own!
  15. Scurrgs and Jan can be a thorny problem against Shara/Tycho defense - the combo of grit + intel makes them impossible to pin down.
  16. I've been using the Pelta effectively with Leia, using 2-3 hammerheads and 1-2 cr90s, plus a flotilla and a decent mix of fighter-bombers (A-wings and X-wings). IF + Leia concentrate fire commands are VERY effective with a small ship swarm, and the flexibility that a Leia nav command allows for the corvettes is fantastic.
  17. Honestly, I think Morna/Fett are probably the deadliest part of that fleet's arsenal.
  18. I, for one, welcome our new Scurrg overlords. All hail the scurgg ascendency!
  19. I find one round is all I need (they're in close/medium range after that). But I only use two, so it's cheaper for me.
  20. I've seen the same. I'm currently running an Assault Pelta with Intensify Firepower, Two Torpedo Hams w/ WAB, Jaina's Light, and a Toryn Far flotilla plus a mess of squadrons. The hammerheads hang on JUST long enough to really mess up the big ships, and they're so cheap, losing them is no big deal.
  21. I have had success against 2-big-ship fleets (tho havent tried against ISDs) with this list (theres an intensify fire that's in there that isn't displaying correctly): http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=167212&key=b95ab8d562532a8dd318bf6a41a90eb1 Sato an Intensify Fire pair REALLY well together, especially with the assault Pelta. The squadrons add a lot of punch against low/no squad lists, and WAB is great for knocking out pesky aces. And everything in this list is so cheap, it's very easy to trade up. The yellow and blue objectives are there to help control deployment, and the red objective is there as a deterrent to dreadnoughtfleets and to abuse the **** out of WAB. I've successfully taken out death pickles, sailfish, and liberties with this. Usually with pretty good MOV. I would expect to do about as well against ISDs
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