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  1. I agree. Not sure what avatar I'd like, but I'd like the choice. Probably a Wookie or Mon Calamari. In fact, I'm going to look at the choices as I'm not happy with my current look.
  2. Good idea. I'm in Britain.
  3. Changing the dates on my timeline has actually really improved things. Think I've got a good plot developing and all it meant was bringing Tamati Khan's date of birth forward a few years. He's now 31 in 2 BBY, rather than 19 BBY. Strangely enough, he is born a year before the Battle of Naboo. Meaning that my character literally grows up with Star Wars history as seen in the movies. Edit: You'll be pleased to hear that I have ignored the Wookieepedia page about the Firespray. It plays a role in the background as I must have one.
  4. That was easy. Now everyone else can do likewise. When the Rebel Aces are released, and I've got mine, I simply contact AtomicFryingPan (cool name by the way) and make the arrangements to exchange. Most likely we'll exchange addresses and post them. P.S. @Imperial Rebel: Yes I will. Unless AtomicFryingPan changes his mind, which he can. This isn't a legally binding contract.
  5. This post is for those who: Got the Starter Set, but don't want either the X-Wing or Tie Fighters. Picked up an Imperial Ace's set, but don't want one of them. Plan on picking up the Rebel Transport but don't want the X-Wing. Plan on picking up the Rebel Aces but don't want either the A or B Wing. Naturally over time there will be others. THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT HOW GOOD, BAD, HANDSOME, UGLY, CLEVER, STUPID, GAME WINNING OR GAME BREAKING ANYTHING IS. THERE'S PLENTY OF OTHER TOPICS FLYING AROUND WHERE PEOPLE DISCUSS, OR ARGUE, THE PROS AND CONS. This post is exactly what it says in the title: "Who wants to swap?" Here is my offer, and I hope others will use this to post their own offers of swaps: "I wish to pick up the Rebel Ace B-Wing but I don't want the A-Wing. Ideally, I wish to swap my A-Wing Ace for an unwanted B-Wing Ace. All related cards, dials etc included. But I'm willing to hear other swap options." That's it. No discussion. No questioning why. Just here's what I plan to get, what I don't want and whose up for a swap. Simples. Feel free to offer swaps to each other too. That's why I posted this.
  6. Never broke wind near an open bag of flour then
  7. Tamati Khan


    I'm sure I heard somewhere of a force user bringing a star destroyer crashing down from orbit.... .....not sure where though. Can't see it myself.
  8. Well I guess I'd have to say X-Wing. Whenever I played Star Wars Battlefront, I would always fly an X-Wing during the Rebellion Era space battles. Not sure whether I'd go for R2 or R5, but I'd include an astromech. Proton torpedoes are a must. Shield upgrade. Since I'm new to the game I'll be honest and say Rookie Pilot.
  9. Actually, you've made it look easy. Might have to make a visits and take notes. Got some repainting of my own planned.
  10. Well, there is the Loronar E-9 Explorer-Class from Enter The Unknown. I'm in love! She must be the lovechild of the Millennium Falcon and Defiant. Still not as good as Defiant though.
  11. I look forward to hearing more about your "Edge of the Federation". Though if I had to choose, I'd go for the "Age of Dominion" for the second book.
  12. Tamati Khan


    (1) Cool idea I love it! (2) Yes. My answer to (2) doesn't contradict my answer to (1) because it is a cool idea that I'd love to see. Just for fun.
  13. Cool, I'm going to second this.
  14. I prefer Torpedoes for the simple reason that I'm paranoid about any long ranged weapon with MISS in the name.
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