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  1. Any news on when the next update will be my friend??
  2. Will Dawn of Rebellion be the next book?? 😀😀😁
  3. Refresh my memory...How do you put your custom droid into your vehicle on the sheet? I did it before but I forgot. I want to transfer it into the ship, I know how to w/ an astromech droid which is in the gear section, but how do you for a custom job?
  4. Hey Ogg, Is the Tree Ship's Captain in this update? Its a Universal tree you can get.
  5. Merry New Year Oggy Ben Doggie...Do you know when the next update will be ready my friend?
  6. Could you Jury Rig 2 Thermal Detonators and Link them like a Bolo as they did in the original BSG? That would be Savage! And if you could Link them, use the 3 Adv to set off both of them?! OUCH!
  7. So if there is the Net Result is 1S, 1Triumph, 3Adv....Then there isnt anything that the GM does. However if the Net Result was 1S 1Triumph 2 Threat, then PC does something 1st then the GM does something w/ the Threat. But since my results did NOT result in Threat or Despairs then I am good!
  8. Ok here is a screen shot of the page I have a question on...Does this mean that if you get the following roll....1 Suc, 1 Triph, 4 Adv (Net), but also have 2 Threat, that the GM has to use the 2 Threat even though they were not the net result? Or since your net is the above you dont worry about the threat? Confused. Thanks in adv.
  9. Hey all, Has anyone heard of new adventure mods coming out for EotE? Cuz Rebellion give like NO CREDITS & Force doesnt give money either so we are just getting XP & Random stuff but NO CREDS or the little that is written in the games themselves. So does anyone know of things coming down the pipeline? Thanks in adv.
  10. Will I get this upgrade every time I make a MECH chk? Or is it just Once as the book says. This is whats confusing
  11. Ok, Long Time No See everyone.... Here's my Q, If I get SV and when it says..."He upgrades the ability of all Mechanics checks made to work on the vehicle once." What is that in layman's terms? I have a PC that has 4 Dice in Mechanics 3 Upgrd & I want to do a Mod or something on my SV, Do I now get 4 Dice Upgraded on that check? Then say 3 sessions down the line I want to upgrade or something again on my SV, will I again get 4 Dice Upgraded or is it just my normal roll? HOW DOES THIS WORK?! Thanks in Adv
  12. I think mine is an android...galaxy samsung?? I dunno, barely use the thing
  13. Hey theres no way to download this onto a tablet right? I know about the PDF reader and thats cool, but the actual program isnt compatible yet w/ a tablet correct??
  14. Easy, Zombie Jawas w/ Force Powers come in w/ Gaffe Sticks & Lightsabers...then they bite & chase after your guys!
  15. So then why is the guy saying you can have 2 Sig. Abilities???!!
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