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  1. <edit>Nevermind...misread the sentence!
  2. JohnBoo

    TIE Reaper

    OK - so I just opened it in Chrome and the Evade is there now - guess the older version of IE I was using is sticking random icons in the action bar! Thanks - thought I was going crazy! (Well even more crazy....)
  3. JohnBoo

    TIE Reaper

    Well, alrighty then. I guess I need to look at the cards, rather than believe what I'm seeing in YASB 2.0!
  4. JohnBoo

    TIE Reaper

    Can someone smarter than me explain how Vermeil is getting an Evade to use with Juke? It's not on his action bar, and I don't see anything in his ability to get one.
  5. I don't know any more than the next guy, but I was suspicious as soon as I opened my conversion kits and saw that some ships like the M3 came with a crazy amount of pilots, then others like the A-wing came with 4. Missing Aces like Tycho made me think the missing ones would return in the re-released ship packs, but getting them all/most in the conversion kit leads me to believe this is pretty much it, or it for a looonnng time.
  6. Thought so, wishful thinking I guess! Thanks!
  7. Question of timing - Would this cause Snap to lose his regular action, as the additional white boost would then be red? Or can you select his regular action before the 1-turn red boost?
  8. I didn't play the Scurrg all that much in 1st, but I just played a fairly bloated out Captain Nym in my last game and he was really good. I may be mistaken, but Havoc title is the only way to get Trajectory Simulator in a scum list. Pretty criminal that the scurrg is missing the access to what makes a bomber good, especially if you're going to make it a dedicated bomber. Bomblet Generator worked much better than I was expecting though, I tacked on a Shield Upgrade as extra reload insurance and ended up reloading once during the game. Captain Nym Havoc Trick Shot Genius Dorsal Turret Bomblet Generator Shield Upgrade Trajectory Simulator 73pts
  9. Yup. Isn't it great that the card art on engine upgrade is a Kihraxz??? Maybe there is hope they add a red boost?
  10. Actually - I'd kinda like to see it! Sounds interesting...
  11. For me, what hurts a 5K only list over a 5X is the single shield, all but guaranteeing the Kirzxccvb is taking crits from the first salvo on, leaving you to use your action flipping over crits, or just dealing with the consequences of a maimed ship. Even with barrel roll, they still aren't as agile as and X-wing with servomotor s foils. Reducing the Kirzxcvbv by 1-2 points is worthless, there is nothing in the mod slot at that point level that would improve it, assuming it is the 3-mod slot customization was supposed to make the ship special to begin with. Reduce the list to a 4K, you at least have some room for (expensive) shield upgrades, maybe bump them up to Black Sun Aces and/or a named pilot or 2.
  12. The magic answer is the keyword in the online rules reference, provided by Innese, not the rulebook. It is as I suspected and played, but only having the rulebook on hand during the game, my son playing of Wullffwarro preferred the shield loss as damage! lol Thanks everyone!
  13. Thank you for the response, Innese - but it still doesn't clear my question up. Is not suffering damage, in fact, being damaged?
  14. Abilities like Wullffwarro for example, when exactly are you considered damaged? When you lose a shield, or when the ship takes a damage card? Arguing with a 15yo is not fun, when you can't point to a place in the rulebook...."I took a hit and my shields are damaged!!!!"
  15. I was JUST re-reading the rules lol - yes thank you. you declare the direction first and cannot choose to fail if you are able to pull off the move. Nothing to see here! Although, still, Composure doesn't seem likely to trigger all that much.
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