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  1. is a g0od ability, for me is the same from TI3 but.. Sardakk start with 0 tech at least you have 4 round before you get it and you have to give up the destroyer spam which is in other direction 3 tech away and you will never get warsuns . seems fair to me
  2. new editions in games are streamline they mechanism , i love the game but today is impossible get it into the table just because TI3 is complex for beginners and this made hard to recruit new blood into the game. i love the game is my top 1 game and i own around 20-25 board games but the last time i play it was a year ago. if this game have a new edition must be streamline my ideas - i love the strategic cards so i will keep it - the command strategy also untouched - streamline the tech-tree is to much complex for new and occasional players - new way to keep score the planets and resources (forbidden stars by example) eliminate the planets card somehow - try to remove the sand box concept , i really love this but i never could play with distant suns, ambassadors and leaders what are your thoughts and ideas about this?
  3. my top 3 are hacan : powerful economic is like the FMI space-bank letnev: the best HS of the game(actually is like a hiden power)and fleet very resilient mentak: i love this pirates but they need their race tech to be a power force the lowest 3 for me creuss: yeah teleport whereever i want and do nothing l1z1x: i prefer letnev they have similar rol and dreadnought tactics nalu: i love this race in vanilla but the expansion buff the destroyers
  4. but there's precombat fire. i never play eclipse but at least here is not that common and mostly is focus in one particular tipe of ship
  5. well u are right actually is more common the anti fighter barrage rather the asault cannon .
  6. Well, your question # 1 that player just wanted to take advantage of his dreads precombat but if that player had another fleet, eg sardak Norr with 4 destroyers with turret, he probably would argue that your GF have targeted for his barrage I am also confused now
  7. Maybe you misunderstood. This does give you a level 2 upgrade card before the attack, not two land raiders. I agree two land raiders isn't that powerful. It's the attack card that makes it strong. Even if you don't happen to draw it in that first battle, you should still have a large advantage. yeah you are right
  8. in this game, no matter the units if you have no cards that suport the unit. no matter have two LR in the second round if you can´t get a combat card, I've seen several times and fails when I read the rules and thought it was OP but not
  9. i find time ago this pics from a TI3 player
  10. commorragh sound nice, and they have a book about it in RT. maybe a new deck (purple) for that sector. i will like to see more female character maybe DE witch like nemesis or the arch militant from RT.
  11. can you post the number of units also? some players maybe feel weird when you notice CSM are less units than SM but you have more cultist than scouts
  12. I played four games with different races and the results are. in the 3 games of 4 players, won chaos and the last win considerably. 3 in the game without chaos prevailed even Ork 2vs1 battle against Eldar and marines. for me is all chaos and Ork supremacy is to play with the basic tier. SM counterexample looks strong for its racial skill but without the start landraider combat cards that support ends up losing against lv0 or lv1 units with appropriate combat cards. The chaos supremacy also depends about control the warpstorm. you can't use a warp for protect yourself against him and he can protect him self surrounding with WS
  13. add mobility to chaos. the order and the scheme to move trough warpstorm is a huge pro.
  14. Because is a asimetrical game like chaos of the old world. i personal like this diference
  15. i also in stockholm and i have base game + both expansion i still looking for players
  16. sadly for that you need the expansion nemesis, with nemesis you have 2 pvp systems
  17. well is my neighbor and i playing xxcha. but i think i can outplay that slow ship
  18. ok thx!!!! i will post some pics later but we have to stop the 1st game but we find the way of "save" the game and continu another day
  19. i have a new question what happends when the nekro virus flaghship try to enter in your sistems and is destroy by pds? you have to destroy your units also?
  20. Probably with the 3 big boxes is enough. You have many heroes and many scenario. If you can pay more maybe one o two small expansion they only have a single mision
  21. Ok is not a GK. But when i mean tactical is not for the helmet is for the shoulder insignia. I think could be a DA. Being honest i want more nemesis maybe a thousand sons or eldar farseer or tau commander maybe some ork nemesis. New set of enemies like necrons, tau and DE.
  22. I agree. But we have a tactical marine instead a captain
  23. but nemesis change all the game , is soooooo much better play with nemesis.
  24. 2. The most unused strategy cards each round possible. Almost half! yeah i know, but if is more SC in per round are more extra turn? and more large game? the number 1 i get it , but i can choice wealthy the systems to avoid the problem n3.
  25. what about the techs PO? another question is better for the 1st game play with age of empire?
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