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  1. Thank you both for your responses. I do find this to be a shame as the games I've played thus far have involved numerous ships fighting each other, effectively preventing them from attacking ships for most of the game. The only way I've seen engagements cease is when a ship flies through and the other player places them outside of engagement range. I do hop that they amend Squadron to allow squadrons to be moved out of engagement.
  2. Hello all. When squadrons are within range 1 of an enemy squadron my understanding is that they're both engaged and cannot move. When a ship performs a Squadron command it can make a set number of squadrons within close to medium range to move and fire. Does this command allow squadrons to move out of engagement or just give those engaged squadrons the opportunity to attack first? (I'm hoping it allows them to move as not giving squadrons the option to disengage would be the only thing I'm not happy about with this awesome game.) Thank you!
  3. This is my complete storage system. (Except for cards which are in card folders. Nothing new there.) I forget the number of the Plano case but it's double tiered and is highly customisable. I use that to store all of my tokens, bases, dials, etc. I have 2 Sergeant cases. The grey one is for regular play, the blue one is cinematic. For ease of transportation, these bags clip to each other, one on top of the other. This results in a single over the shoulder bag to carry. Both bags fully loaded are extremely light. Placing the strap over the shoulder leaves on hand for the Plano case, the other for whatever. This is my arrangement for regular play. I've made space for 2 copies of the Rebel Aces pack when it's out. There's also a spare X-Wing space for when I get a second transport. This is my cinematic case. Space made for the next transport I get. I know my setup isn't the cheapest method, but I know it's certainly not the most expensive. It's extraordinarily convenient, easy to move and nowhere as pricey as Battlefoam.
  4. I looked at your site earlier today. I'm amazed that you can afford to manufacture in Australia, the way things are going there. Combine that with me being impressed at your gear. (I'm an Melbournian living in Texas)
  5. Is nobody else trying to integrate it with their current storage and transport systems or is everyone looking to get an additional exclusive (semi-exclusive if you're packing the transport with it) case? If so, I must say I'm surprised. I wanted to make sure that the storage for my CR90 didn't add an extra case to carry.
  6. OK, here is my storage solution. I've used a 4" Blu Foam tray. The CR90 had to be stored on its side and at the angle shown as the length otherwise would have prevented it from fitting in. The engines do protrude above the top of the foam but by such a little margin that it's negligible. As you can see, the ship is so long that it does cause the bottom right edge of the foam to bulge out a little. I have shaved the inside of that wall a little to alleviate it, as well as the inside of the wall on the top left of the foam layer near the head. These bulges cause no issues with the foam fitting in to The Sergeant carry case. Still plenty of room to spare. The hole on the top right fits the plastic stands. They have to be fit at an angle as they're longer than the 4" height of the foam. The hole on the bottom left is for the plastic bases. Seeing as they're different from the large ship plastic bases I like to keep them separately stored. Oh, Klasmars, I checked again whether I could store it proudly on a shelf. She asked if I wanted a divorce. Question answered.
  7. Fantastic. Thank you all for your responses!! It's greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm glad as infinite loops suck. In regards to the coordinate not working on huge ships, where does it say that? I can't find it in the Huge ship rules, nor in the rules booklets for the CR90 and GR-75.
  9. Hello. I've looked through the forum and cannot find a post discussing this so I thought I might bring it to everyone's attention. If you have a GR-75, a CR90 (Dodonna's Pride) and another ship you can run an infinite Coordinate loop. Let's say that you have an A-Wing. Its action is evade. Then the GR-75 coordinates another evade on the A-Wing. (Evade count = 2) Then Dodonna's Pride coordinates. It can coordinate on two ships so it coordinates the A-Wing and the GR-75. The A-Wing evades (evade = 3) and the GR-75 coordinates on the CR90. The CR90 coordinates the A-Wing and the GR-75. A-Wing evades (evade=4), GR-75 Coordinates the CR90............ A-Wing is untouchable. Did I miss the post that has already spoken about this or is this new? Surely there needs to be a mechanic to stop this?
  10. I'm going to make a hole in the the middle of the 3 in each ruler, use one of the provided black things to permanently bind them and then pop magnets in the existing holes. The magnets will secure it open or closed.
  11. It should be the plastic base, in X-Wing everything is based on the plastic base. That's what I thought. It makes sense to have everything treated in a uniform manner. The word 'section' threw me, though.
  12. Hello people. I've come across a situation where a ship is attacking a huge ship that I need help with. I have a small ship attacking a huge ship. The small ship is closer to the fore section of the huge ship but is wanting to attack the aft section. The direct line from the centre of the small ship's base to the centre of the aft section's base does NOT cross the blue line, so in that respect it's a legal attack. The issue is with the range. The distance from the small ship's base to the huge ship's aft plastic base is greater than the allowed range but the distance from the small ship's base to the rear portion of the huge ship's cardboard template is within the allowed range. I know that distance is measured from the plastic base to plastic base BUT the rules for huge ships state that distance is measured from the huge ship's SECTION. What is a section? Is it the base or the cardboard template? Here is an excerpt from the Huge Ship Rules. The range of the attack is determined by the line measured from the closest point of the attacking ship to the closest point of the chosen huge ship’s section that is inside the attacking ship’s firing arc. If using an attack that ignores firing arcs, measure this line without regard to firing arc. Any help would be appreciated!!!
  13. Hello people. If the Tantive IV is firing at a target at range 3 or higher, does the defender get an extra defense die or does that only apply to small ships? If the targets get an extra defense die, that makes the Single Turbolasers very weak!! Thank you.
  14. I use Blu Foam and "The Sergeant" by Portable Warfare. I got my Tantive IV today and whilst I'd like to have it permanently displayed on a shelf, I think my wife would divorce me for it. I tried seeing if it would fit on a Blu foam tray, laying on its belly, but it's too big. So, not wanting to use another method of storage as I like Portable Warfare I started playing around with it and I think I may have a solution. If the Tantive IV is laid on its side and positioned diagonally it appears to fit on a single 4" tray. There's no way to definitely tell without actually getting a tray and cutting it, though. If it fits it's going to be tight. Just looking at it I'm thinking that I may even need to shave a little foam from the tray walls. Obviously I don't want to shave too much off as it's there to protect the models, but we'll see how it goes. I'll also need to pad underneath the front of the ship as the more level the ship is the less length it has. I'm ordering a tray tonight. It'll take a couple of days to arrive. Once it does I'll post my results. Wish me luck!! EDIT - Nooooo!!!! My most places are out of stock!!! Will take a bit longer, it seems...
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