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  1. I didn't know such thing existed! I shall do that now! Thank you very much.
  2. As the title says, I'm looking for help with my Stark Deck. I'm attending my first tournament for AGOT LCG in March at the Store Championships, and would really like to have a decent deck. Now onto the fun stuff! So I'm looking at probably playing a Tully deck (It's what I've played up till now), but I have a few questions. First, is Tully even viable at the tournament level? Or should I just scrap it and go for Murder or Siege. Secondly, if it is viable what are good cards to base the deck off of? Right now the main game plan is to: 1) Get White Raven into play 2) Get Robb Stark on the field whether through draw or Jeyne 3) Use Hoster Tully and Robb Stark to essentially give all Tully characters +3 Str 4) Get 3 power on the Blackfish Problem is I can't seem to figure out which Tully characters are worth keeping and which aren't. I also Have Jumper Cat, Meera Reed, and Shadows Arya in the deck. I use River Run for obvious reasons but is Winterfell (LoW) worth it? (I am running the Seige agenda) or should I use Bear Island? As you can see I have tons of questions, any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated! P.S. If you suggest switching to another Deck type could you recommend a few cards to go with it. P.S.S. I own 2x Core set, All chapter packs except Roto and 4/6 expansion boxes (Stark,Baratheon,Martell,and Targareyn.) THANK YOU!
  3. I can't seem to find any game shops around me that hold weekly or even monthly groups. I live in Frederick, MD. I have a group of 4 players now, but would like to have more people to play with. If anyone from around me knows of a good place to go it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I know of at least 2 game shops we could use if I could get a few players intrested. Let me know!
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