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  1. no, were arguing about the crew cards that depict cartoon images of women who might be IN those you spaceships, and debating their comparative hotness. You're going where? You're taking the kids...and the toaster? When are you coming back? Never! But honey...it's Monday, I need the car for x-wing night...
  2. only one of the factions rocks the metal bikini. It's the real reason The Rebels won, they knew what they were fighting for...
  3. Would be lurvly to add some Apples (Anti-pusuit Lasers) on those big ol' ships if they're going to be ioning like insanity. I only thought of it 'cos I've tried flying the porcelain, tri-wing chunkster (The shuttle has so many nick-names) and it is sluggish. If you're in a position to Ion an enemy, it's easy as heck for a Firespray to just glide past and shoot the enemy with it's bum-gun, but shuttles are much more cumbersome. If you're in front of the enemy, you can't pass-then-K-turn the ioned enemy right away, and if you stop before you crunch into them, they're still going to be able to launch a range-1 volley even if they are stressed and ioned to all Hell. Even if you're to the flank, it's a big ol' ship and may not be able to get a great firing solution. Maybe I'm just too much of a fan of APL's. I love just being able to turn elegant, balletic dog-fights among the stars into a slovenly demolition derby full p**-poor pilots who just wanna go crashin' into somethin'.
  4. Hi all Yep, this comes up every now anad again. But with a new wave having been unleashed, and with W5 on its way, plus the upcoming Rebel Aces incoming, it'd be interesting to see where people's allegiances lie. Have you stayed loyal to one cause, or do you tend to switch out when something new and shiney comes along? For my part, I've made the switch to Imperials. I think the Firesprays are the coolest ship in the game; fun to fly, with a million layout options, you can have a ton of fun with them. Also, the Phantom is too much wackiness to ignore; it really adds a lot of unpredictable silliness to the game, and is very rewarding when flown well. I've also found Imperial Tactics to be a bit more varied; with rebels it's about pouring on that target-locked firepower, with the Imps, it can be more about out-manouvering your opponent and fighting with a shade more subtlety. Finally, rebs have huge ships. Now, do you really want to be the guy flying them, or the guy pounding those space-whales with firepower 'til they erupt in flames? So are you one of the bad-guys? Or do you fly for the Empire too?
  5. Hi all! I'm awaful at this! Well, pretty bad. Keep making silly decisions, basically, and losing because of stupidity is pretty frustrating. My theory to negate this would be to have a list with one or two ships with a two main factors: 1) High enough PS to move after most other ships and 2) (this is the tricky one) the ability to take advantage of moving last by adjusting what they do through actions, abilities etc. Two ships especially spoke to me: Boba Fett and Echo. I know the former is scalded by veterans, the quite justifiable arguement being that you should know where you want the big angry lamppost-bulb to go when you manouver. I haven't got that down yet and keep mis-reading what my opponent's going to do so It'd take more practice to get to that point. In the meantime, I have no qualms trying to find the best way to keep the training wheels on. Here's what I thought: Boba Fett (39), Veteran Instincts (1), Navigator (3) - 43 Echo (30), Advanced Cloaking Device (4), Veteran Instincts (1) - 35 That's teh two least-predictable, most adaptive movers on the board, leaving 22 points for a third ship so I thought: Omicron Group Pilot (21 pts, works as as a big, survivable chunk of bait) OR Gamma Squadron Bomber W/missile of choice (Mebbe gets an assault missile off then dogfights to the death) OR Tempest Squadron Tie Advanced Pilot (no, really...they can block, have fairly decent survivability, can harass the enemy...c'mon, stop laughing) Anyone with more experience think this'd be workable?
  6. There could be a 'Anakin Skywalker' episode-one crew card with the ability "I'm not doing anything!", which means the ships he's in just goes on autopilot and does all the work for you. Jar Jar Binks crewcard is similar to Biggs. If a ship with Jar Jar in is within range, all ships* MUST target that ship. If he's NOT within the fire arc, all ships must attempt to manuover so it will be at the earliest opportunity. *(Note: This applies to allies as well as enemy ships) Anakin Skywalker episode-two crew card has the "I don't like sand; it's rough and course and it gets everywhere" ability. The ship immediately takes a stress token, and so does everyone else on the game board for enduring that line of dialogue. The 'Midichloreans' ship upgrade negates all force-based abilities (E.G: Skywalkers 'evade' ability) by reducing the Force to some boring, pseudo-scientific nonsense to do with microbes or...something? Whatever. Darth Maul could be a pilot. His stats are amazing, and he's easily the best thing 'on-screen' while he's around, but each turn an evade dice must be rolled. If a blank is rolled, he must be removed from the game because he doesn't really get to stick around for long enough despite being awesome. To be fair, one good thing would be a fun scenario where the droids have a numerical advantage, and the clones have to take out the command ship to shut them all down before it's too late. Or have the scene from ep 3 where the Capital ships are unleashing broadsides against each other. That could happen in the background (or hell, bring out the ships as well) and the fighters are trying to make hit-and-run attacks to harrass and distract the Capital Ships, causing damage here and there when they can, hoping to make as many small contributions to turning the tide of the Capital Ship duel while also evading and dogfighting the enemy fighters. Could be fun.
  7. I still have not learned to love the mighty HLC! I think the best use is on a B-Wing; it's a relatively cheap, more positional unit (small base FTW, Mo-fo's). I can't get on board with using it on a Firespray, even the mighty Krassis Trellix. I think the rear-arc is such a boon for that ship, I wouldn't ever want to second guess using it, you know, hesitating to manouver the Firespray to make use of that unique ability because I want to get my money's worth from the HLC. I also find that big 'ol base, which is so handy for helping you use the rear-arc, becomes a hinderence when trying to position so you can use the HLC on a 'Spray. But then, I have seen K-Trel with HLC being favoured by many folks on this board so mebbe I just need to get my flyin' skillz honed. Or is there some really powerful list and/or set of tactics that I'm not employing to make best use of the Krassis-T-plus-HLC combo)? Defender seems like a good option; it's dodgy, tough, small-based...seems like a workable way to use it. And The Lambda? Initially seems like a great fit, especially 'cos they have that lovely 'I-brake-for-Stress!' bumper-sticker that means they can just park their big, bulky white-butt where they are and blat away. Not much experience doing this though. I'd have thought Adv Sensons and Engine upgrade would be essential if you want your shuttle to actually be able to move anywhere effectively. All these options are 'spensive though! I don't know if there's not always just a better way to spend 7 point. For example, on a Firespray, you've got yourself a Gunner which is ALWAYS available and useful, not least of all for the 'double-dip-means-tokens-stripped' style of shooting (shoot, they use tokens to dodge the fire, you shoot again and this time they just have a 'naked' roll to rely on), and a seismic charge for that some outlay. HLC's are a barrel of laughs when they hit summat though, no doubt. Anyone got some favourite two (or even three) HLC builds that are effective? The defender list posted earlier did, I admit, look fun...
  8. So, my Firespray 31 Movement dial was damaged. Annoying! It was going to mean I couldn't run my favoured 2-Firespary build! I messaged them and they were quick to respond, but unfortunately sent out just the plastic clips for the dial. I wrote again and explained that it was the dial itself that needed replacing. This time, they sent out a replacement and now all is good in the Galaxy! The process was really quick and simple; the support page is precise and easy to navigate. There was never any hassle, the replacement items were sent ot quickly and the problem was solved really quickly, even with that bit of mis-communication. Just wanted to write a sort of open letter of appreciation. That quality of customer service makes a difference, it counts for a lot. Thanks for helping me out FFG, it's that kind of thing (and the quality of the producs) that makes for a loyal customer base of happy customers!
  9. It's a little dicey trying to rate the ships like this. They each have different characteristics which can be a help or hinderence depending on the situation. Also, the ships are highly upgradeable and have different pilots with different skills. Using these effectively, often in unison with other units, is where the individual ships become less important, and the fleet as a cohesive unit become greater than the sum of its parts. A naked HWK is undeniably a '1-star' ship by itself, it's literally useless. Kit it out properly in a fleet of ships that can make use of its unique pilots, token-handing abilities etc and it can easily become the MVS (most valuable ship, natch) You can certainly say which ships are easiest to use, which is really helpful for a newbie. You're pretty much looking at leaving aside Shuttles, HWK's, TIE advanced and TIE phantoms for the first few games. They're not necessarily bad, just require a better understanding of the rules to get the most out of 'em. With one exception; the only ship people really struggle to make work, the only genuine 1-starer as far as usefulness goes, is the Advanced. For a first timer, I'd recommend chucking a 'Falcon or Slave-one into a list along with some basic X or B wings or TIE fighters or Interceptors. You have a nice, durable large ship that's forgiving to use due to the firing arcs and toughness (Though be careful with the manouvering), as well as the most basic ships that are pretty good with or without upgrades from which you can learn the basics.
  10. The Falcon is indeed a great ship with which to get started! I'd recommend picking Chewie; he's probably the single most durable ship in the game and very forgiving especially with that 360 turret. One point of caution though! Manouvering, defensive/offensive unit positioning and working an enemy into your firing arcs are huge aspects of the game. For Interceptors, Tie Fighters and many other ships, these are the key components of competitive gaming. You wouldn't stand a chance if you don't practice those elements. They are also where you'll find the most challenge, the greatest rewards and have the most fun with the game. If you only use a falcon-themed 'super-list' right from the off, you may get way too used to having a super-durable unit flying around with a 'can't miss' Han/Gunner-ed up 360 turret that, frankly, takes some of the skill and fun out of the game. You need to get the basics down, so I would recommend taking the falcon AFTER you've got used to the mechanics of the game. It's certainly true that there is no list you can rely upon for a competitive edge if you don't know what you're doing in tourney play; the veterans will bring out all kinds of action combos and fancy-flying tricks and they'll have seen the classic net-lists and know how to shut them down. You need to know what tricks and tactics they're going to use, and the best way is to practice the basics yourself. A classic starter list would be a Wedge/Biggs/Luke combo or XXBB. You can chuck on a lot of upgrades on the first and it teaches you how to fly in formation (to use Biggs' ability). You also get to see the advantage of having higher Pilot skills, get used to using some unique pilot abilities and get to really know the X-wing which is still a very popular and customisable ship. The second list gives you a bundle of ships so you have some redundancy and can cover plenty of the board, and you get used to B-Wings which are likley the most popular rebel ship around, and you have to rely on the basic strengths and abilities of the ships without resort to as many fancy upgrades and 'crutches'. Give the TIE swarm a go (you're very likely to face a swarm or mini-swarm at some point) and then you'll have a very good understanding of the basics of the game. Of course, if you want to do things in a less procedural manner, chuck together a list with the most fun-sounding pilots and upgrades and put it on here for us to critique!
  11. Finalised on these two lists: Outer Rim Budgie-Smuggler (27) Wedge Antillies (29) Gold Sqd. W/Ion Cannon (23) Rookie X-Wing (21) Yeah, I know, 'Er mah Gerd, Wedge without protection? Er Yer Merd?' But...so what? I could try and hold him back, let the enemy go nuts trying to take him out while everything else gets to work. It's a somewhat wacky and uneven list, but I get to field a YT (love 'em), get to field Wedge (Fave Rebel pilot), get an IOn cannon in there (they're too much for to not consider) and insttead of a whole host of upgrade which I was going to throw around, I put another X-wing in. Alternatively: Outer Rim Juggler (27) Wedge (29) Biggs (25) Prototype pilot (17) Leaving 2 points for APL on the O.R.S. if someone lets me borrow the card, or a flipped table and ruined evening if they don't. So no Ion in this list, but an A-Wing instead and they are pretty fun...
  12. As a first timer, I ran a twin FS list for my first game as Imperial. They're fun! I think people should keep in mind when building lists how enjoyable they'll be to play against. As a newbie, I found the Heavy Laser Cannon didn't pull its weight. Great on paper, but it's hard to line up a shot with those big ol firesprays. I know veterans have had success with 'em, so I guess its an experience thing, but I found myself neglecting the firesprays greatest (arguably) strength, the rear-arc. It frees up so many manouverability options when you allow yourself to take advantage of that gun-in-your-butt. Some great advice I had was: 2 Bounty Hunters w/Gunner, 2 academy ties. Really gets you used to the FS's. Yeah, no sexy named pilots, but it's a great way to get used to the ship and there's a fair amount of firepower in that list.
  13. There are some big bonuses. It has a large base and can be a good blocker, has a surprisingly generous dial and 360 shooting that can be the bane of many lists. Plus it is a very tough ship to nboot But alas, those 2 red dice are pretty feeble. Is the ORS ever worth taking? I want to create a 4 ship build with at least one Y-wing with ion because...Well, because I do! I'd love to have a YT in there too, but not so the two-ions, two ORS with anti-persuit laser thing (no APL cards :-( ) Does anyone often use ?the humble O.R.S.? Is Gunner ESSENTIAL? (Kinda seems it might be) Or are there other ways to get more bang for your Buck? Oh yeah, I have two core sets, x-wing expansion, 2 y's, 2 a's and two firesprays if you wanna know!
  14. I did think the shuffle may make a better hlc platform. It's study, it can stands still and it's cheaper. Can't help but think that the rear firing arc and actually pretty good manoeuvrability makes the firespray a naturally effective dog-fighter. Maybe I'll drop K-to-the-tre, chuck a shuttle (maybe two? ) in there instead.
  15. I'm itching to find a dual-firespray build that'll do the trick! I tried running this: Kath Scarlett with Gunner and Egg-spurt handling. K-Trel with Heavy Laser Cannnon. Academy pilot. Boy did I get trashed! But I made a ton of mistakes. Didn't realise how far FS's move and kept misaligning Krassis, forgot about Kath's ability, that kind of nonsense. Hell, I even miscalculated the points, coulda had an extra 3 points of tasty goodness thrown around (Can't help but think a bomb of some kind would be a good bet) Still, can't wait to gget some practice in and get used to flying these things, I feel they're one of the most fun things you can bring to the table!
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