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  1. Hey, Me and 2 friends just lost one of the side quests and I 'think' it was a (mostly) impossible scenario and wanted to see what others thought. We were in the final chamber of the 'Lair Of Tekaris'. The primary mechanic at play here is that the boss steals 1 health from each of his minions, with any extra being turned into damaged applied to each hero (not shared between). However after this was applied a Major Peril kept being applied called Blood for Blood which healed every enemy for 3 health, with all the damage that was being healed being turned into damage which was then shared between us. So the monsters were getting double healing and we were getting double unblockable damage (on top of normal attacks). Has anyone else played this side quest? Did you have the same peril events playing out? Does this sound broken to people? Cheers, booleanBoy
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