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  1. We have mixed the Seattle and Portland Facebook groups and would love to invite all players from the Region 1 area and south west Canada to join our Facebook group Star Wars LCG Northwest https://www.facebook.com/groups/239167456290918/ This is to help build community and spread news of events and share deck ideas. So hop in, invite friends and store owners and lets promote this fun game .
  2. We have mixed the Seattle and Portland Facebook groups and would love to invite all players from the Region 1 area and south west Canada to join our Facebook group Star Wars LCG Northwest https://www.facebook.com/groups/239167456290918/ This is to help build community and spread news of events and share deck ideas. So hop in, invite friends and store owners and lets promote this fun game .
  3. Warhamer 40k conquest league every Wednesday at CCGHOUSE in Vancouver. The league is free and is 2 months long. You get 2 pts for a win 1 pt for a loss so come play with us every Wednesday from 5-close. Prizes will be distributed from the 2014 winter kits.
  4. SWLCG league every Wednesday at CCGHOUSE in Vancouver. The league is free and is 2 months long. You get 2 pts for a win 1 pt for a loss so come play with us every Wednesday from 5-close. Prizes will be from the 2014 Winter kit
  5. Part 4. The Trial of Spirit This trial was one many padawans dread. The trial was a when a padawan had to look inside oneself and look at the darknesswithin them and remove it or at least acknowledge there was something to work on. As I recall Master Piell called this “Facing the mirror” in the Animated Clone Wars series. During this trial some were unable to find the darkness in themselves and Masters would point them out. This is meant to frustrate and push the padawan. For Luke this was facing the idea that something connected Vader and him for Anakin it was acknowledging his love for Padme could destroy him. In SWLCG facing the mirror is n’t a look inside yourself, but it is a hard look into your deck and there is only one way to do that. THE INTERNET. The internet and even the SW community is filled with people and their opinions and unfortunately some of them are trolls. Now I’m not here to bash them and I don’t think there is a point to trolling but there is some value in putting your deck out there. Take the deck you have been tweaking and post it on Fliptheforce.com or Fantasy flights forum or even Cardgamedb.com. Make sure you ask for constructive opinions and share why you like the deck. You will get a mixed reaction for sure, and by putting it out there you may get some ideas you would have never thought of. Maybe someone has been playing the same deck and can give some tips or someone will pay you a compliment and try it out themselves. So take a risk and let the internet take a good HARD look at what you have and consider it. You don’t have to drop your deck, you don’t have to take their advice. But see what they see. Check in next week for the final trial, the trial of insight.
  6. Every week I want to discuss a recently released objective set, so lets a take a look at the Rebel objective Commando Raid that came out recently in Between the Shadows. First Look at the objective itself. Commando Raid already impresses me. The card I look forward to most is Seeds of Decay. Discard a seeds before I strike and place a focus token on Palpatine or a Mara with Lightsaber. This operation has some great uses and I can see why its limited to One per deck. Next we have Lieutenant Judder Page. 3 cost for 2 health. Meh. It’s a good cost for the unit but 2 health doesn’t do so well. 2force icons (average) 1 combat and 1 blast icon make for a decent attacker. I may never want him to attack without someone with shielding. After an edge I could bring back a Fate card. That seems useful just not sure how I feel about spending 3 resources for Judder. Page’s Commandos already impresses me. 2 cost. 2 health, 1 combat icon 1 blast Icon and “an enter play” ability. Getting the top most fate card leaves to some interesting tricks. If I use commando Raids ability and discard a Seeds of Decay lets say on the first turn after they commit a unit to the force. On my turn I play page’s commando return Seeds to my hand. I then attack (hopefully now they have no blockers) do some damage maybe take the force. On their turn I seeds the same unit again. You also get 2 of these units in the pod. The rest of the pod consist of two more fate cards, Heat of Battle and Target of Opportunity. So now that we know Commando Raid what kind of deck would work well with it. Here is my suggestion 1x Hit and Run 1x Commando Raid 2x Forward Reconnaissance 2x Commando Operations 2x Wookie life Debts 2x Last Defense of Hoth I’m not saying this deck is the best thing to hit tables since Cinnamon Toast Crunch but it could be fun. Wookies to protect and do some damage. The Rebels will play some nasty tricks with edge battles and Col Serra and his pod a little extra card draw. The deck only has 11 Fate cards so you shouldn’t have a problem getting at least one in your opening hand. Overall I think Commando Raid adds something to Rebels and gives some ideas for the future.
  7. Part 3. The Trial of Flesh My favorite trial for becoming a Jedi knight was the trial of Flesh. If you followed any of the Clone Wars stories many padawans faced this trial as part of their duties in the war. For others like Luke his was his conflict with Lord Vader in Empire strikes back. So what does this look like for a player in the SWLCG? Have you heard of playing the Gauntlet. I believe I heard this on a Flip The Force Podcast last Regional season and it has helped me so much. Playing the gauntlet means taking the deck you have been working on and having it go against the top decks. Have someone you know preferably a good SW player take the top 2 DS and top 2 LS decks. Play your deck against them, start learning more about your deck. Figure out what unit is better against others, and how you match up against other units. Learn all the strengths and weaknesses of your deck against the others. Some of you may still be thinking why not just play the best deck option instead of continuing to make a new deck idea work. Well don’t give up, this game needs innovative players, and trust me creative decks are something to fear in tournaments. If you have ever read the story of Darth Bane they discuss different Lightsaber techniques. How any sith using 2 lightsabers or a double sided lightsaber did not mean they were more skilled it was a way of throwing off your opponent who usually sparred against a single lightsaber user. Use your creativity to your advantage, know how to compete against the best decks, and catch players off guard. With between the shadows coming out this week(supposedly) we will see new deck ideas but you can still play against Sith Control, Trench Run, Mains etc. Keep up with Store Championship decks that win over the next month. PLAY, PLAY PLAY. This is what it takes to get better. It’s a trial of flesh so be prepared to be mentally exhausted. This game can take a toll with all the critical thinking for long hours. This will help you out a lot when you find yourself playing in a two day tournament. Check in next week when we Face the Trial of Spirit.
  8. If you are in the area make sure you join so you can stay on top of local events https://www.facebook.com/groups/239167456290918/
  9. Part 2. The Trial of Courage So you have played a tournament winning deck. You have won and lost, you have watched videos and heard commentary of how it was played. You should have a good idea of why the deck worked. Maybe its because you saw the value in Slave Trade (Zach Bunn) capturing cards and giving them back so you can have card advantage. Maybe You saw how important 2 cost units with blast damage are. Whatever it was that you learned hold onto it. The meta of SWLCG is about to change as stores are about to receive Between the Shadows. So what do you do next? Create your own deck. This can be difficult, sometimes you want to play it safe, you want to play what works, maybe you really like Jedi’s with shielding, or Sith working Slavers. But if you love SW than I am sure there are some decks you have been wanting to build since the LCG launched. So do it. Don’t give up in trying to figure out what deck is the best. Play the deck you want to play and make it good. Sure maybe that means putting in a pod or two that doesn't fit the theme but are solid choices. Just don’t let that dictate your deck. Here is something I look forward too. When I was a kid I received Star Wars Shadows of the Empire for Christmas on the N64. I had the comics, toys and book as well. I loved it. Prince Xizor is one of my all time favorite villains. I want him to work, I want to play it, I want to win with him. So I have to take a chance, I will sit down and work from his Objective Set Master Manipulation. Once you know what objective you want to base your deck of go from there. Look at the other affiliations and figure what objectives will work with it. Set them all aside and begin throwing something together. Once you have something together you think will work, keep some of those other objectives that didn't make the cut and keep them close to you as you face the next Trial. For a rough Draft this is what I am thinking for a Prince Xizor Deck. Scum Affiliation 2x Masterful Manipulation 2x Council of the Sith 2x Emperors Web 2x The Slave Trade 2x Agent of the Emperor Now I don’t know how this deck is going to do, It will change a lot, but I have to put it together and find out how its going to work Check in next week when we Face the Trial of Flesh. -
  10. Januray 11th 1:30pm Join us for another great Star Wars LCG torunament where we will be celebrating the release of Between the Shadows. Cost of this tournament is $10.00 per person For EVERY two players we will put in a Between The Shadows Deluxe Expansion into the prize Pool. Tournament will begin at 1:30 pm All up to date rules and restrictions will apply to your deck building. Please show up ahead of time to fill out your deck list and register. CCGHouse.com 10411 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, Washington 98662
  11. Part 1. Trial of Skill Since this game is a LCG you have easier access to every deck possible. This is has attracted many players to the game and is a key selling point. No chasing rares, no competing with your wallet and easy access to every card. Because of the small card pool it has been obvious on which decks have been the best over the years. We have seen Sith Control, Slueth Scouts, Mains and Force Lock. We all had the cards to play these decks, and it came down to skill and luck on who was going to win with them. So what does this mean as you approach your first Store Championship ? What I would I suggest for you is to look at some of these decks from the past. Whether it’s just what we saw top 8 at worlds or something further back and play that deck. By sitting down and building a “Teir 1” deck you are going to learn why it played so well. Let’s use Sith Control as an example 2x Plan of the Prophetess 2x Fall of The Jedi 2x Emperors Web 2x Council of the Sith 2x Agent of the Emperor Put this deck together or any variation where you can also watch a recorded match on Youtube provided by our friends from Team Covenant. Watch how it’s played, watch several videos if you can. Look at how great players like Dennis Harlien or Zach Bunn use their events. Watch for opportunities to defend, attack and who to commit to the force. Then sit down with a friend or go to a weekly event and play the deck. Take your time with it, play a lot of games, and take a few minutes after each one and analyze what you did well, and what you did wrong. This is a little bit easier with a deck we’ve created from an online list. Because we have seen videos, we should know when to play a sith lightning and who to tactics down. Keep playing the decks you choose until you feel like you are making the best decisions when you play them against your opponent. After you have logged several hours and games with these decks, you will have a good idea of what made these decks work, their number of 2 Cost units , their resource cost curves, their draw and their synergy. Your critical thinking skills will also have gone up a few points. You will need all this knowledge and experiences in order to help through the rest of these trials and prepare for your Store Championship. ”You will need all of your skill to survive.”-kento marek Check back with me next week for pt. 2 Trial of Courage - See more at: http://teamcovenant.com/skullleader86/2014/12/22/facing-the-trials-how-to-prepare-for-store-championships-pt-1/#sthash.l0BQHrsD.dpuf
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