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  1. Blail Blerg you are so good you should play defenders a bit so that we can learn if they are any good.
  2. I want to see squads that can drop a defender in one round. Wampa advanced proton torps is cute. I think homing missile is the way to go with ordinance. Sadly, crackbots are going to leave a defender on a hull or 2 frequently, though they probably have the nuts to win.
  3. Inertial dampeners is really solid on the bus.
  4. Party Bossk is a pretty solid start. Bossk VI homing missile chips 4LOM Zuckuss 43 points Ndru VI homing missile chips 23 Scout adaptability k4 plasma torp chips extra munitions 33 It should delete a defender in one round, then you have another scout torp, or 2. Seems mostly playable in the meta too.
  5. Those are great when they work. I want ruinous reds removing the D.
  6. If I play party buss Bossk I run VI and homing missile. Homing doubles down on 4LOM. Cool story! Bossk is awesome!
  7. How do we drop a defender in one round? Any ideas? I have a few... Most do not "seem" so competitive though :/ If you remove a defender first exchange with crackshot or ordinance, you are probably in the black. Building a squad that is meta savy with this strategy from the outset might be tough, but a squad that can remove a Defender [x7, "of course"(Bane voice)] reliably, puts the fear of dice in to most any other ship. How different might the squads look with this build strategy?
  8. I think it is safe to say that all is lost... Abandon all hope Ye who enter... Rexlar is over powered... Let's get that out of your systems officer. Poe is the natural prey of the the ion/tractor beam Defender. Most rebel aces are in a black hole when they see defenders with ion/tractor. Same for most 2 agility dice ships. Build your squad to drop a defender first round of combat, then build from there. You will have specific goal in your build and play that will help you sharpen up those fundamentals.
  9. Why are you stating obvious stuff, trying to "gotcha" me? Kagi is an 8, Tomax is an 8. Aces cannot play the same game against a potential one and done alpha squad. Play the game. Making a 2 point crew upgrade alter your opponents course of action for 2 or 3 rounds is good stuff.
  10. I agree Goomba. You have a great truism here. Let's buckle in and rhetoric this puppy into the 4th dimension!
  11. Vader is PS 9 so, OK ?? Everyone is still leary of ordinance inspite of the overwhelming automatic dice fixing. Even the PS4 TAPs with crack homer chips title are pretty horrific. We haven't seen them competitively because you folks are scared. PS alpha strike is strong. I think maybe SO fits in there?
  12. Is systems officer strictly "good" in an alpha strike style build? I get it. Everyone is mad it is hard to work out and use. But.... If you get to use it that first time in a meaningful way, to destroy a defender or another ship, is it workable? For example; Crack shot homing missile vader ia really likely to do 3 damage to an x7 defender. If you have another ship that is extremely likely to do 3+ damage to an x7 defender, would the SO be able to carry some squad value in a meaningful way? If you can trouble shoot(get it?) a ship out of the way nice and early, would not SO be worthwhile?
  13. This right here may be enough to make non Vader Tie advanced truly fearsome. If I can play Juno and get that crucial second action she becomes a legit threat and hard target. Juke ATC Juno become playable IMO. Right on dude! This has me excited about tie advanced again!
  14. Hujoe is the best X Wing player I have ever played against, he is really slick! I completely agree with him on his swarm opinion. Calculating permutations, bro... I mean, seriously bro? You look at board and plan 2-3 turn down road. Especially when we are not talking whisper/soontir... And aces? That is opportunity play and high level strategy/tactics for swarm. Let's not conflate X Wing to being MtG or anything really demanding, ok bro?
  15. I agree to a point. Being able to out PS certain ships is more important than double actions if you already have an OK position. PS killimg is totally a thing. Alos, 2 points is 2 points. I think you make a fair point though. To have initiative choice and PS8 would shore up a lot of the things I would rather avoid. That costs me 4 to 5 more points on the buikd though. I have played PTL corran 10+ times so I am not completely unfamiliar with him at 8 with PTL Sadly I have played VI Corran 30+ times and he still is not clicking :/
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