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  1. I think that sacrificing fun got wrapped up into the question somehow. It was an oddly specific scenario where it sounded like we would never get the chance to play the way we wanted to.
  2. Ricky 'Kelvin Tiberius' white of the scum and villainy podcast is running a wraith squadron themed x wing / rpg hybrid soon
  3. If you go to the Gencon event page there is a link to the mission packet. I'd link you but I'm on a phone now. Search by shuttle tydirium and you should be able to find it
  4. I'll be making a call on wave 11 ships in the next couple of days. I do know that some cards, such as minefield mapper, will definitely be banned. I need to take a by-mission look at the other ships and cards. The safer move is to ban wave 11, but if they are going to be out for a month before the event, that seems a bit harsh.
  5. It's important to separate the win condition of a squad wipe (killing all the enemy ships), from the points gained by killing enemy ships. Lots of times in missions, it is easy to create scenarios where it is not in one side's interest to attack the other player's ships, and this generally makes for boring games. X wing at its core is a dogfighting game; good missions play to that strength and encourage players to engage one another. One good way to do that is to award points for killing enemy ships, in adddition to objective points.
  6. MajorJuggler has made a lot of progress working on a set of house rules for X-wing. Should be very interesting when he releases them
  7. That's funny, I thought for sure it would have been one of us on the Shuttle
  8. I am considering going to micro seasons where we do one or two expansions at a time to keep things fast paced
  9. I don't think I have any official entries at the moment t. I'm going to ping the usual suspects, but if we don't get any entries we'll move on without a vote
  10. Here's a new one for you; the x-wing inspired audio drama series produced by the shuttle tydirium:
  11. Haha; I think this kind of effort merits an online league or something similar - some organized effort to put it on the table so that people can really appreciate it! I'm not suggesting that you run a league on top of all the effort behind this project - but I imagine that others in the community would be happy to run it and support it.
  12. Have you got any plans for that (very ambitious sounding) house ruling of the entire game, when you're finished with them?
  13. Interesting opinion. At the risk of sounding flippant I guess it boils down to: Think harder and better. Fly better. Don't fall for the groupthink. All generally valid points, of course. But it doesn't mean that there cannot exist a ship or combo that is in flagrant excess of the general power curve. I'm not even in a position to say that attani Jumpmasters are that ship or combo. I'm just saying that you could write this exact article about any past or future meta-defining game piece, and it may or may not be true in each context. To argue specifically that the jumpmaster is not a real problem you should probably address it more specifically, either showing that the options to viably counter it exist, or that its power has been overstated, or both.
  14. One suggestion I have is to focus more on making original content pieces, instead of battle reports or news recaps and other things that other podcasts are inevitably going to cover as well. You've got a great high-power crew but sometimes the match recap content starts blurring together and I lose focus when listening. Here's some ideas to kick around - Mathematical analyses of ships, upgrades, or squad builds A squad building segment, where one of your crew details the origin and evolution of a squad list they have developed for competitive play Abstracted discussions of elements of the game. Like what are the elements that make a ship an ace, or a jouster, or how to out-think and trick an opponent during a game. I would also recommend cutting down in some way on how many people are on the cast in each episode. It's hard to tell looking back but I think there were times when you had upwards of 6-7 people on at once (?). I think that makes it hard to have a cogent discussion at any given time. I would aim for a max of 5 people on at a time, maybe rotating through your crew so that nobody is left out. I look forward to hearing your content again!
  15. I'm not really sure why you listen to the Shuttle Tydirium (which I'm on) if you are trying to be a better player, but thanks all the same! I'll second the recommendation to try 186 and skunkworks