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  1. My feeling is that profits from games like X-wing keep development alive on less profitable projects. It's not necessarily a bad thing; more seed money for interesting projects means more successful games in the long run. But they should take care that their golden goose has enough food to eat
  2. One element that's surprising in all of this is a realization of just how shoestring-y the budget for x-wing development seems, at least in terms of the game mechanics. X-wing must have been an immensely profitable product so far, given how successful it's been in the stores. My impression is that X-wing doesn't get a heavier touch in terms of game development compared to much less popular games - that's just a feeling, though. In any case, it doesn't seem like X-wing gets an appropriate amount of investment from a company level. I'm not saying that the designers don't try hard and do their best; just that this task merits more investment.
  3. Autorange is a great feature to have added! Kudos!
  4. Jumpmaster torp-scouts were deadly for a lot of reasons, not just a potent alpha strike. The combination of high-to-extreme maneuverability (white sloops, green turns), turret primary, potent alpha strike (that operated without elaborate setup), defensive bulk, and good upgrade slots for combos - those were the reasons that ship prospered, and are many of the reasons it still does today. Gunboats with your loadout have a more limited suite of advantages. Good maneuverability (with SLAM), decent alpha strike capability (deadeye scouts needed no specific target locks; they were much more flexible in targeting), and good defensive bulk for the base cost. Missing are the flexible upgrade slots for combos and turret access (very useful for SLAM-capable ships). So, while I do think that these are potentially powerful jousters, I'm skeptical that they are so dangerous as torp scouts. Ultimately, I think that if pure joust-style ships are to make any sort of meta comeback, they will need to be quite powerful, so I'm receptive to the idea.
  5. I think Ashoka, Biggs, Miranda would be on most ban lists. A good gentleman's agreement might be to just not go overboard on the bounty protection. It's tough to say what's going too far, though. The best option here for balanced play is probably for one player to make both lists, and the other player pick which side they play. But if we're trying to break this sucker, then....
  6. The imperial player is in a bit of a pickle, I think. There are a lot of high power defensive options available to the Rebels: Ashoka miranda biggs Draw their fire, selflessness, other token sharing or support abilities C3P0 some of those, like Ashoka, could be practically auto-wins in a lot of situations. If the rebel brings Ashoka and you don't have any PS9+, or other indirect damage abilities, the game is pretty much over. The same might be said for Miranda in some situations. so unless you have a gentlemanly agreement about some of those, you need to be very careful. PS9+ is a must. Burst damage is good to break through regen. Munitions are a good Biggs counter because they let you sidestep his ability. Turrets might help you track shots onto the bounty but could get countered hard by Biggs. frankly it's a bit of a nightmare! I think good options include QuickDraw with missiles, tomax bren, RAC, (both with VI), fettigator with missiles, you get the idea. High PS, missiles. Try to slam the bounty fast fast fast with burst damage. Be ready for Biggs, Ashoka, damage motivators, and regen
  7. I think a good way to approach this scenario from the rebel side, aside from building a wily or resilient bounty, is to really concentrate on firepower for the rest of your list. You're practically guaranteed that other ships in your list will. It be attacked. So make sure you have hard hitters that can stay with or behind your bounty
  8. I'm not sure FFG remembers what it is, either...
  9. The shuttle tydirium holodrive is a google drive folder we've been putting all of our original mission content into. It has several missions, alt formats, and the Grayskull narrative campaign
  10. I've had some similar ideas in the past... here's a link to my 'Squadron Commander' campaign doc. Feel free to draw from or borrow any ideas in there. I think that the squadron commander system as represented in that doc is probably too complicated for mass market release. (pilot progression in particular is probably too unwieldy) I like where your head's at here, though. Open-ended campaign rather than railroad, being careful about snowball effects, and fleet management are all ideas that I've liked for a while. Using a card system for mission selection could be really cool, too. I think the real tricks here are: Scenario concept and design Easy but engaging fleet management & economics Emergent narrative design (campaign should feel like you are writing/making your own story) One aspect of Squadron Commander that I think you should think seriously about is the mechanic I have for the end of the campaign. Essentially, each player has a base, which other players can attack and destroy in 'finale' missions. To get the chance to play a finale mission as an attacker, you have to win several other missions that lead up to it. And if you lose as the attacker, your own base is open to retaliation. It's a comeback victory mechanic designed to keep players engaged in the campaign even if they are losing - no matter how down they are, if they pull out a win as the defender in a finale, they could come back to win the campaign. I liked that aspect, because even in the absence of a true snowball effect, players can still feel like things are hopeless if they're being out-VP'd by their opponent. Finale-retaliations give the losing players a realistic path to victory, while the leading player is still rewarded with the first chance to win.
  11. Maybe some crowd-sourced or podcast-sourced monies would help motivate the production of a squad builder app... just sayin!
  12. It's a good point. The fabled X-wing fix has been needed for a long, long time. I think there are some cards that could be seen as fix attempts, most notable the integrated astromech. And at the same time, Biggs is an exceptional design problem that an x wing fix must overcome (that is, it cannot buff biggs). But all in all, a strong fix attempt is long overdue. ALMOST as long overdue as a Hortan Salm EPT - and 1 point droids don't count!
  13. lol @ interrogation scene as the image for the episode
  14. I mean, I guess I like them, but I don't think they talk enough about A-wings. Where's the A-wing love?
  15. I don't know why you would miss Whkawiki, Biff. He put a lot of himself into the shuttle