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  1. If you're going to talk about balance design, it'd be interesting to hear your opinions on how far the designers should go with errata/FAQ - based nerfing and/or buffing, and how much of that balance adjustment should be coming from new releases, in the forms of fixes and counters? In terms of game design, what kind of design space is left to work with? Do you think there are any interesting statline-action-dial combinations left that are interesting and haven't made it into the game yet? Any reasonably star-warsy ship actions, upgrade types, etc that aren't in the game yet, and could add something interesting?
  2. Yeah; I think I could handle that on a spreadsheet without a ton of trouble. If people like this idea I might implement it.
  3. Yeah; it might be hard for some people, but I think the 'no' option is pretty important, since I think that a strong negative opinion against an expansion is important to record in the vote. It kinda sucks to downvote someone, and to be downvoted, but I think it makes the process a healthier one at the end of the day
  4. Vote HERE for your favorite custom expansions! Thanks for voting!
  5. Voting is open for Imperial expansions! Vote HERE
  6. Yeah but I think we were really talking about the inability to shoot at someone with the turret and the main guns at the same time, as the card suggests implicitly
  7. Pretty soon; I'm working on the voting form now.
  8. I'm going to say yes; the 'fix' cards need to be specific to the ships they're intended to fix - they should include the "X-ship only" text on the card. Aces packs already start with a large allowance of custom upgrade cards; the fact that some of them can only be applied to certain ships makes the expansion more easy to assess. When an upgrade is only applicable to one ship, the combinations available are strictly limited and the card is easy to understand and rate. When there are fewer limitations on a card's use, it becomes harder for a voter to look at your card and understand its potential interactions. Conforming to that might mean some redesigns for you; but I think this is a rule that shouldn't be bent too much. Sorry! If you want suggestions for re-theming some cards, I'd be happy to offer some suggestions.
  9. I think we might have gotten caught up in the language about spending the focus token instead of the target lock and forgotten about the first lines of text about replacing the headers.
  10. Yep, I got it. I'm also going to send the voting poll to the expansion authors before releasing it for general voting this time to avoid errors of omission, etc.
  11. You can export cards by going to the file drop-down menu in Strange eons, and selecting the export option (underneath save I think). It'll ask you what kind of images you want; I usually take the general purpose image option. You can upload those images pretty easily also, the deadline for imperial subs is 11:59pm March 21. Anything submitted after that is not guaranteed to get into the voting document, but I will take anything I get before I start putting that together.
  12. you'll need to put them up on an image hosting site such as imgur, and link to those pictures
  13. Just a reminder that Imperial submissions are due by 11:59pm March 21!
  14. The deadline for imperial submissions is March 21, at 11:59pm EST
  15. Enjoy! Also the first episode might seem a bit negative because we're trying to establish why we're not covering competitive play, but otherwise we stay pretty positive.