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  1. Latest Shuttle Tydirium podcast (episode 74) ...

    Please report those individuals to the Ewok Death Squad and we will handle the situation. I feel like we're on opposite sides of the spectrum in the way we approach the game, but we both work hard to make the game fun in our own ways. We can have common ground too, sometimes. We'll be featuring the Krayt-developed objective format heavily in at least two more episodes!
  2. How would you craft a casual x-wing event?

    Really the most interesting thing about my format (Child's Play?) is that you can field any list you want to. The only limitation is your ability to balance the two lists you want to field. Brings an alternate name idea to mind: "No meta except the one we make"
  3. How would you craft a casual x-wing event?

    That's exactly where I got this idea from
  4. How would you craft a casual x-wing event?

    Here's a format I came up with a while back: "I build you pick" Every player brings two lists to the event. Before each match, players flip a coin. Both lists brought by the winner of the coin toss will be flown (one by each player) After the coin toss, the player who did not bring the lists that are going to be played chooses which list they want to fly. After that point, play proceeds as normal. Quick example: Player 1 brings an A-wing list and a B-wing list Player 2 brings a TIE swarm and 4 X-wings When they are paired together, Player 1 and 2 flip a coin. Player 1 wins the coin toss, so the A-wing list and the B-wing list are the two lists that will be played during the match. After the coin toss, Player 2, (who did not build the lists) chooses which list (A-wings or B-wings) that they want to fly. There's a bunch of advantages to this format- It lets people build completely non-meta lists. Every point on the power curve is available for play. It promotes balanced play (in terms of listbuilding). If one person brings two lists that are not evenly matched, they will probably end up being stuck with the bad list. For example if a player brings a TIE swarm vs 6 HWK-290s with no turrets, their opponent is going to pick the TIE swarm every time and they'll be in for trouble. It's relatively simple. People would need to know the format ahead of time, but there are no rules or anything to learn. Disadvantages: People need to be aware of the format ahead of time People will be playing with other people's stuff It doesn't have a cool name at the moment
  5. Too Passive to Jam

    It's definitely going to be handing out jam tokens. Handing out stress in the activation phase as a normal action is way too good of an ability to have on such a cheap platform. (in addition to the clear signs that the jam action will give out jam tokens, such as the inclusion of those tokens in the pack and reference to that ability in the article text)
  6. Fear the Reaper?

    It's early to say. I think this ship is going to function as a support ship, acting as a combo-breaker and force amplifier. We don't know much about the dial, but we do know that it's 2-turn is red. That's real bad - like, Lambda Shuttle bad. The ailerons will help; the question is how much. If we're thinking about a mission where one ship is the target, there are probably tankier ships out there to field. BUT, there are few ships out there that can reduce damage output of enemy ships. With a native Jam action, this ship can do that, even the generic pilots. That's a huge strength in missions where you need to protect other ships, such as the Recon mission in Grayskull.
  7. Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    How did I miss that? My bad
  8. Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    One thing that I think should be considered or defined before you make an update is what happens in mission 1 if the shuttle makes a move that would carry it off the neutral table edge. My assumption is that it would bump the table edge as though the edge were a ship. It should be noted that you can have shuttles that would be permanently stuck at the edge if they bump against the edge. That's not a huge problem since players can always pick up points from control but I think it's worth bringing to your attention, especially because it's possible to deploy the shuttle so that the first player to move the shuttle will actually prevent the other player from ever being able to get it to their table edge. If the shuttle is placed as close as possible to the neutral table edge it faces at the start of the game, then the first player table edge it takes a 1-bank towards becomes the only table edge it can practically escape from. Turning back toward the other player table edge will cause it to bump the neutral table edge and remain there permanently. The only possible way to escape from the table edge it did not initially fly toward is for the shuttle to keep 1-banking in the same direction as it's first move and get to the edge around turn 11. This problem can be eliminated by having the shuttle interact with the neutral edge in a different way (for example if you control the shuttle and it can't legally execute a maneuver because it would cause you to flee, you may rotate the base 90 degrees), or by changing the shuttle's deployment area. If the shuttle is deployed at beyond range 4 of the player table edges, and within range 4 of the neutral table edge it is not facing, the shuttle has much better ability to reach either player table edge. This deployment is still roughly equidistant from both table edges and does not offer either side a significant advantage.
  9. Shuttle Tydirium Podcast Episode 72: Destroy the Dreadnaught

    i think the turrets were keeping Poe pretty busy; in any case they would have been able to nail bombers which is what he was worried about anyway. Check the footage!
  10. Shuttle Tydirium Podcast Episode 72: Destroy the Dreadnaught

    I mean, point defense implies an effectiveness against missiles and/or starfighters (turbolasers being typical anti-ship weapons). The point defense turrets are explicitly labeled as such in the visual guide, too. Also, if we compare visually against anti-ship turrets, there's a clear difference (think turbolasers on the death star or on star destroyers). These point defense guns look a lot like modern CIWS turrets on naval vessels actually. Bottom line is that we don't have all the details, but their function seems pretty straightforward to me. Poe's just really good. For comparison:
  11. Shuttle Tydirium Podcast Episode 72: Destroy the Dreadnaught

    The first battlefront tie in was really interesting gritty war story stuff - I loved it! Very unusual type of book to see in the SW camp
  12. Shuttle Tydirium Podcast Episode 72: Destroy the Dreadnaught

    The wookieepedia article is quoting the visual guide, I believe. I do think the ship was designed to work with the scene that the film-makers wanted, instead of designed organically first, and worked into the shot second. I don't really know if the objective was to sell toys and computer games, or to just give Poe something spectacular to do in the first few minutes of the movie. Poe is unbelievably good - I mean that in the literal sense of the word, in that his piloting abilities are beyond what I would find believable. That he's good against turrets is no surprise though; this is the same guy that destroyed 10 TIE/FOs and sniped several stormtroopers in one attack run in episode 7. I look forward to a book or whatever in the future retconning defenses of some kind into existence on the bottom of the ship, though.
  13. Shuttle Tydirium Podcast Episode 72: Destroy the Dreadnaught

    Poe was destroying dorsal turrets. Dorsal=top , ventral=bottom. The dorsal turrets are clearly visible in images of the dreadnaught, but the images of the bottom (mostly focused on the autocannons) don't have any visible turrets. Caveat is that I don't have great images of the whole underside. It's another point entirely, but I will say that it would have been awesome to see the bombers invert and 'bomb' the dreadnaught from underneath.
  14. Shuttle Tydirium Podcast Episode 72: Destroy the Dreadnaught

    No but seriously are there no point defense turrets on the ventral hull of a Mandator IV Siege Dreadnaught?