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  1. Hi Everyone! Open submission for Scum Expansions is officially open. If you have an expansion that is ready to submit, send your submission to All submissions must follow one of the forms found here: SUBMISSION FORMS. Please download the form you wish to use, and send a filled-out form as your submission. Here is an example of a filled-out form: EXAMPLE. Please send files used to generate card images (for example, .eon files from strange eons) as an attachment to the email. If your cards move on to the next round of the CCL development, these files will be made publicly available, so that other participants can easily submit altered versions of your cards. If you have not already, please read the season 2 submission rules, which can be found in the season 2 announcement thread. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask them here or on the announcement thread. I will be posting the submissions for Scum expansions (both custom ship and aces packs) in this thread as they are received. Feel free to post your expansion here after it has been submitted. The deadline for submitting a Scum expansion is May 11, 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Submissions sent after that time may not be included in the upcoming vote on Scum expansions. If you want to update a submission that you have already submitted, the deadline is also May 1, 11:59 PM EST. To update a submission, send a reply to the original submission email with the changes. The vote on the Scum expansion submissions will start after May 11. Feel free to discuss submissions here, or on their individual threads on the forum. Good luck! BG
  2. I'll go ahead and bump the audio for the last episode; not sure why it would have been low
  3. I also thought the uncut sheet was a super odd prize. Not sure why anyone would really want that...
  4. The scenery really adds a lot to the scenario; nice work painting it up, and nice job to CZS on the sculpts! I need to get cracking on Grayskull Base (an asteroid base from CZS) soon so we can really show it off as a prize for gencon.
  5. Interesting podcast concept!
  6. Good luck in the draft, if you can make it!
  7. You should check out Rinzler's thread collecting different possible formats: The Collected Tournament Format Topic
  8. For the ARC-170s, the generic ship you need for the unique pilots are actually specifically tied to the thematic origins of each of those pilots. Each pilot we got for ARC-170s was known to fly specific other ships that we do have available. It was really fun to set these up. Here's the breakdown of generic ships you need to have in order to draft or upgrade into ARC pilots: Braylen Stramm: B-wing Thane Kyrell: X-wing Shara Bey: A-wing Nora Wexley: Y-wing
  9. It's definitely got some potential to be powerful, especially on a punisher with the Interdictor title. Something to keep in mind as we slowly approach the final review.
  10. What kind of thread is this where people are agreeing on stuff?
  11. That's true, yeah. It's a pretty hard-hitting missile but also still very expensive at 6 points. It's best, as you say, against swarms, but I'm not sure how many scenarios like the one you describe would ever happen; even if three BMsl carriers got the chance to fight a swarm, you'd have to be a pretty poor commander to fly up in a tight formation against three baradiums. And a 3-baradium list is going to lack power in other areas.
  12. Voting is finished, the results are in. Thanks for submitting revisions and voting! You can view the stats here: STATS Two Star Courier pilots (Draco and O-66) had their abilities changed, DRK-1 Probes are limited to R1-2, and the Inquisitor crew had a slight text change. Baradium Missiles got cheaper, and Concentrate Fire now only lets you combine the firepower of 3 ships instead of 4. Here are the two revised Imperial Expansions, with revised cards outlined in red: STAR COURIER IMPERIAL TERRORS Scum expansion submissions are next in the pipe. Look for an announcement post about that soon.
  13. Jim is starting a spin-off podcast focused on complaining about beer availability, you may be interested
  14. Filthy casual waste of time article! Why are we getting this instead of more info on the Auzituck gunship? My anger knows no bounds!
  15. Voting closes tonight; last chance to vote!