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  1. Who is this Phil Meade character? Sounds like he has some interesting ideas for alternative play formats 😉
  2. Sounds like you give me a little too much credit! I was in fact wandering around and getting a sense of when things were wrapping up generally, and then setting an end time for missions based on everyone's progress. We were keeping track of how long things were running; most missions ended about 1.5 hours after mission briefings were finished, with the exception of the final mission, which went about 4 hours total. We didn't have a concrete sense of how long people would need to make lists and play missions, since this is essentially the first time everything was happening at the same time. We did keep an eye on the clock and had a general schedule mapped out so that we would end more or less on time, and avoid a big run-over. Those all seem like good ideas if you're going to run this locally. We were a little limited by lack of power for laptops during the event; excel spreadsheets would definitely be helpful. Preregistration, and if possible, drafting ahead of time, would be very useful for speeding up the event. The scoring of player's scoresheets did hold us up a bit, largely because the sheets weren't optimally laid out. In general I'd suggest running the event over two or more days, unless you have 14 hours at least to work with. Depends on how much time you have, I suppose. Running this locally over the course of a few weeks would probably be the easiest thing to do.
  3. Hi guys! A huge thanks to all those who made their way out and spent a pretty crazy amount of time at our tables! I hope you all had lots of fun! I'm really proud of the crew and impressed by everyone who played; there were a lot less rules questions than I expected - you all did a great job grasping what the scenarios were all about. We'll be doing a critical post-event analysis and looking for ways to improve the event rules, mission pack, and the administrative aspects of the event. I'll be releasing a patched version of the rules within a couple of weeks with all the fast fixes I can think of, and we'll be working on a Grayskull 2.0 with more significant improvements down the road. Hopefully we can make Grayskull something that local groups can run and have lots of fun with!
  4. Hi guys! Now that Gencon is over, I have the time to get back on top of this project. From the Season 1 revision voting, we'll be including the revised V-wing (the overhauled entry, not the reach-only entry), the revised Avenger, and the revised TIE/sa title. The assault gunboat will be dropped from the league in light of its recent announcement. Everything else that was up for revision will be dropped from the league as well. That includes: Sorosuub 3000 yacht Yrsa Haru Jayhawk, R5-M12, Lock-threat warning system, R4-A14, and adrenaline stims I'm going to start work on the vassal extension for season 2. If you want to volunteer to help make ship images for use in Vassal, PM me or reply below. My own ability to make those images is limited at best.
  5. Looking at the preview fan for the gunboat, I think it's pretty clear that the OS-... title or modification card next to the xg-1 assault configuration title is pretty much the missile or torpedo version of the XG-1 title. The wording matches very well between the two, with the exception of the torpedo icon and a little bit of spacing differences. Almost definitely a title to allow SLAM into ordnance shot
  6. We'll be doing a write up and we also have a lot of video recorded for video batreps!
  7. The event just finished! Grayskull base was blasted apart by an Imperial Raider, even as Imperial forces elsewhere in the asteroid cluster were ambushed and destroyed by rebel forces! Killjoy squadron was destroyed in the line of duty, defending their base to they bitter end. The Raider was later cornered and destroyed inside the asteroid cluster, but the Rebel victory was hollow at best...
  8. My first blush thoughts on this are that the Rebels will actually have a fairly easy time or very easy time winning this mission. the rebels actually have a strong force size advantage out of the gate, since their epic ships start on the table, instead of being rolled for to be deployed. Depending on the placement of the deployment zones, this is a huge problem, or just a fairly big problem. If the deployment zones are close enough for the rebels to deploy within range 6 or so of the shield generators, this scenario will be easy to break, as-is. The Rebels will be able to quickly bombard the shield generators at long range with single turbolasers and corvette primary guns, both of which can quickly take down a six hull zero defense target. aside from long range attacks, you also have to expect the rebel player to be rushing the shield generators and focusing them down. If mission success depends solely on the survival of those things, expect that your rebel player will target them with everything they have, ignoring other targets. To balance the scenario, the Rebels should have a 50/50 chance of destroying both generators. With even just equal force sizes, they would have a very good chance of being able to destroy the generators. But long range attacks and rushes on the generators are not the only problem; your main problem is a case of Suicide Run Syndrome. The Rebel player has little incentive to engage the imperial forces; instead their best battle plan is to throw all their red dice at the shield generators as fast as they can. It's not very fun to line up shots on an immobile target while the other player tries to shoot you down. Make sure that the rebel player has difficult tactical choices to make during the game, and I suggest that you make sure that they will want to directly engage the imperials at some point. X wing is at its heart a dogfighting game; make sure you always have some dogfighting in your scenarios!
  9. I'll ask my brother how he did it; there's a good chance that he did something like that
  10. First off; full disclosure- I didn't paint these minis, my brother did. He has some serious miniature painting talent, obviously. I'm not sure how he did the candy striping. I an am pretty sure that some x wings in episode 4 had similar markings, though. Look at Luke's' x wing, I think it has blue spiral striping on the lasers.
  11. Haha, yeah that's probably the most productive gunboat question
  12. Every year, FFG hosts an 'inflight' report at Gencon. They give an update on the company, tease new products (often including x wing stuff), and take a few questions from the audience. What should those of us attending the report ask? -keep in mind that FFG never talks about unannounced products, so questions like 'when are we getting the assault gunboat', or 'what is in wave 12' aren't going to be very productive.
  13. Reminds me of a scenario I made a while back; the only deployment restriction is that you have to deploy at beyond range 1 of enemy ships. makes for nasty, quick battles, and an interesting little listbuilding and deployment metagame
  14. Fun idea, but the incentives are wrong for the concept. If you want bad lists, you need to incentivize people to bring bad lists. But you also want people to try to win... probably best for everyone to submit their worst list, then randomly pick which list they play with. Then have the worst scoring list writer and the top scoring player both win something in the end.