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  1. I would say that most missions are playable with the basic doubling of points, but good balance could be hard to find. senator's shuttle I think is OK, but could probably benefit from a house rule or two. The reinforcements rule, and the ability to block the shuttle are my two biggest problems with that scenario. I would definitely second Chadwick's suggestion to check out heroes of the aturi cluster, and also to look up 'flight group alpha'. You should be able to find links for those on Facebook, either through the shuttle tydirium podcast page, or through the HOTAC custom rules page. (Sorry for the lack of link here).
  2. There are lots of scenario archetypes that wouldn't work in X-wing, but there are still plenty of ways to make interesting scenarios; check these out: Grayskull Missions
  3. There are a few ways we could see official missions- Epic ships for the new factions could include campaigns (as previous epic ship expansions have) A campaign box could be released, such as the campaign in armada Released online exclusively, as standalones (one mission has been released this way) Via a mission-builder webpage (Mission Control 2.0) (Don't hold your breath) Released in expansions again (this has ceased since 2.0's introduction) Being completely honest, it is the rare FFG mission that really interests me, mechanistically, or thematically. I both anticipate and dread a big rollout of any mission pack or campaign from them. Building missions is a delicate art that I don't think they have a good grasp of or spend a lot of time thinking about it. Bad missions turn people off of scenario-based play, and I think people should play more scenarios.
  4. I think we will get some official missions eventually; I even think there's good reason to believe there is some sort of mission-specific project in the works, such as a campaign set. (That's based on a cagey response to a question in the second edition announcement panel) Regardless, there will be unofficial missions, and I plan on both adapting my first edition scenarios as well as producing new second edition scenarios and making them available to the community
  5. On the Shuttle Tydirium, we have a ton of alt formats compiled into our google drive folder: ST holodrive That has the Grayskull narrative campaign, tron-wing, mario kart stuff, etc.
  6. I would love it if they supported missions on the app, but I remain skeptical... I think we'll definitely see events where you have restricted squad building parameters - for example I would bet that we'll see a Battle of Yavin event where you can only take X-wings, Y-wings, TIE fighters, and the characters that participated in that fight. But I don't expect to see a scenario distributed on the app - let's also take a second to remember that the app's name is 'X-wing Squad-Builder'. That's fairly specific. That's not to say that we won't get missions elsewhere, though. They could be released in a number of different ways. We could get scenarios distributed to stores, a campaign box set, a HotAC clone, or even see mission control reincarnated (maybe even as an app). I would bet that we will get scenarios from FFG, but not via the squad builder app. I just hope that if and when we get missions, that they are written to a higher standard than what I normally get from FFG. If we get a new mission control app, Terror Campaign is going to be one of the first missions posted.
  7. I'm sending off the first edition of X-wing with a farewell narrative campaign event, playing over Vassal! We are going to run the new and improved Grayskull narrative one more time before X-wing second edition drops. Give first edition a casual send-off with the best narrative event around! Backstory, sign-up roster and rules links below! We are planning to start the first round of missions on August 13; sign up before then if you're interested! Backstory audiodrama: https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/grayskull-the-complete-series/ Sign-ups: https://docs.google.com/…/178x7qsBW9GEBTHzQ6XEZB2xhMB…/edit… Rules: https://drive.google.com/open… Upgraded Roster documents: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11ad3twyl1sTvTP0SGdvd8TjPJa8tq55y
  8. Cool; what if the card costs 30 points? Still broken? How about 60?
  9. Here's what I'd do (literally): RULES - Assault on Grayskull Base: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E-liiTzZNg1-cZI7YljxvEMYxBvDNoL8 BACKSTORY: https://www.xwingpodcasts.com/tydirium/shuttle-tydirium-grayskull-the-complete-series/ Narrative-based, PvP, includes squadron rosters, unique pilot drafting, unique pilot mortality, generic pilot progression (veterancy), progression through a series of missions, mission rewards that should not strongly affect mission balance (no snowballing). Now, that's not the only way I think you can build a campaign or campaign system, but Assault on Grayskull Base is a lot of fun to play through. It breaks you out of the standard gameplay, opens up a little space for you to play strategically, and most importantly is highly thematic and tends to make players *feel* like they are playing out a Star Wars story.
  10. I've gotta chime in and say it's pretty dismaying how much crap people here are giving MJ. This guy has done a lot over the years that has informed the way the game is played and the way that we think about it, and he sure as **** hasn't turned a profit on that investment. The fact that he believes that his IP is worth something, and is taking steps to protect it is not a reason to give him ****. He's spent years doing rigorous analysis of the bones of the game we all play, and has shared that work quite freely. Has anyone on this thread giving him grief done half as much as he has? I for one salute him, and am disappointed that the game runners did not avail themselves of his talent. It's too bad that we won't be getting that analysis either, as a consequence.
  11. I don't think it's public knowledge yet, but there's going to be a few second edition tournaments at Gencon: https://www.gencon.com/event_finder?search=x-wing+2nd+ed Short Description: Come celebrate the new edition! Receive a new Core Set, as well as a new TIE Advanced! Prizes will be awarded over 3 Swiss-paired rounds! Long Description: Check-in time will close at the listed event time. Players will build a Threat 5 squad using included and provided Quick Build cards, and play three Swiss-paired rounds using special rules for deployment and gameplay. Additional prizes will be awarded throughout the event. Players may NOT participate in multiple X-Wing Second Edition Preview Tournaments. Players attempting to enroll in multiple tournaments will be denied entry. We will be hole-punching badges to prevent additional entries. Any wait list for players hoping to replace no-shows will be very limited and _will_ be capped. Tickets for this event will go on sale at 12:00 pm ET on June 16.
  12. There'sa lot of ways to 'solve' the problem mechanically. In regard to the question of whether it could be solved with point adjustment only, let me ask the jury: would you equip a 0-point proton torpedo on an I1 Y-wing? If you would, I submit that we have an answer
  13. I think this was in one of the team covenant interviews? Not sure where I heard it but I'm quite sure there will be these wave X conversion/update kits released by faction
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