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  1. Let's not forget the strength of the Star Wars brand and how much excitement over that franchise is going to grow as we approach Episode VII. Telling people they can buy into two nostaglic childhood loves- Star Wars and Magic: The Gathering- without having to worry about the chase of rare cards? That's going to bring people to the game in droves when the marketing for Episode VII actually ramps up.
  2. Also Heroes & Legends and Secret Guardian, to get more mileage out of the units you play!
  3. Force Phase [page 14] The Force phase consists of the following two steps, always taken in this order: 1. Force Commitment 2. Force Struggle -- That means after any units are committed to the Force, but before the Force struggle is resolved / decided. The player cannot elect to commit another unit after suffering the effects of Make Your Own Luck, because you've moved on to the second step of the phase.
  4. Damage [page 21] When a card receives damage, place a number of damage tokens on it, with total value equal to the amount of damage received.When a card has a number of damage tokens with value equal to or greater than its damage capacity, it is immediately destroyed. Damage in excess of its damage capacity is ignored.
  5. Zach is one of the owners of Team Covenant, a game store that promotes several of FFG's offerings and do invaluable things for the community like provide commentated tourney videos on youtube. You might see him run the deck on their Twitch channel archives or Tuesday live stream, or just ask him one of these forums / email / social media. My understanding is he mostly plays the deck in order to get the Achievement of having Han, Luke, and Leia all in play at once, but he's still the person I see actively play Leia more than any other.
  6. Zach Bunn plays a Leia deck with some frequency so maybe ask him. I have a "I'm Outta Here" joke deck basically built on the synergies of leaving play... it plays surprisingly smoothly (for a tri-color deck) and nearly every other thing you do triggers a combo... but it's a lot of spinning your wheels... you're pulling off all these incidental combos that don't win you the game. Your deck appears more focused so it should be more viable.
  7. Yeah, might as well cite the hearsay (upon hearsay) more precisely... it is #301 and starts about 46 minutes in. The podcaster spoke with FFG's Senior Vice President of Communications and Digital Business Steve Horvath regarding concerns over the Disney purchase when Horvath stopped him to reassure him: "We're good, we're solid, our license is intact. We are constantly talking with Leland and Pablo about different things... the relationship with Lucas Film is intact, it's not going anywhere." (again, hearsay, but as direct a comment as we have for now) The podcaster then editorialized that with on-going product- particularly the RPG with on-going story modules- the material ought to be considered Legends irrespective of whether it actually receives the banner or not. From a legal standpoint, I wouldn't worry... generally sophisticated IP licenses are built with an understanding that the licensor (the granting party) can change (as these are corporate entities that can be bought, sold, or assign rights and property) over the life of a license... Disney buying Marvel didn't dissolve or change the terms of Sony's license to Spider-Man or Fox's license to the X-Men, for example. The caveat is if the license itself includes some editorial control in the licensor (and, for IP, they often do) and they choose to exercise it or exercise it differently... but the Legends announcement should only reassure you that there's an option to proceed rather that suspect their hands would be tied.
  8. ForceCast episode #301 (I think, it was a recent one), one of the hosts (who also co-hosts the Sabacc Table, geared around Star Wars related gaming) mentioned running into a FFG exec or editor after the announcement who assured him that the license is intact and their relationship with LucasArts as strong as ever.
  9. I believe one of TheForce.net's podcasters ran into a FFG exec / editor after the announcement who assured him their licensing deal is intact and all products would continue to go forwards and their relationship with Lucasarts is as strong as ever. The podcaster editorialized that all FFG games should be considered new material produced under the Legends banner even if they don't ever actually bear that brand (especially the RPG modules which extend the story; compared to the cardgame / X-Wing which just draw from Legends). A statement is premature until Disney / Lucasarts tells them what they want done. Until then, it should be business as usual and the main impact, if any, is if they get that banner. In a way, it would be a good thing to get it because then they could draw from Legends unfettered and without worry about stepping on the toes of the Story Group's canon.
  10. Yup. Page 24 - Some reaction and interrupt effects may also be forced, making the execution of such an ability mandatory Page 25 - Forced. While most card abilities are voluntary, some interrupt and reaction effects are preceded by the word “Forced.” Such effects must be resolved immediately whenever their specified trigger occurs as described in their effect text. [emphasis added]
  11. For transport, Lowepro EX 120 is routinely on sale for $5-$10 and is over-built to protect 3 standard Ultra-Pro deckboxes (or 5+ decks if bound with Hugo's Amazing Tape) with plenty of room in the accessory pockets for tokens. If I need to carry more decks (usually if we're playing Netrunner too), the Stanley 10 ($12-$20) holds 14 Ultra-Pro deckboxes (16 if you exchange 4 small bins for 2 of the double-sized bins); plenty of extra room for tokens, sleeves, etc. For home storage, I rely on a binder for unsleeved cards and cardboxes for sleeved cards. The binder is for browsing and indexing, the cardboxes are for quick building and teardown.
  12. It's not an edge battle and is being revealed only for the value of its force icons (so this reveal does not trigger General Crix Madine's ability). Thus a Fate Card's action would not be resolved.
  13. Listened to the latest one reviewing Lure, spoiling Hoth Gambit from Knowledge & Defense, and reacting to the new FAQ. Good stuff, keep it up. Regarding the FAQ, some threads that might be of interest... In the third post, I parse out how LS enhancements are affected by Join Me (you obviously don't need to memorize the list, but it's useful to see examples): http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15075-join-me/ In the fourth post, FFG's Nate confirms that you can still damage a Trust Me objective with four damage already on it (to destroy the objective but NOT to cancel an effect) under the new FAQ; a nuanced interaction that might not be immediately clear from the FAQ's emphasis on what you can't do (You CAN'T pay a cost for an effect that won't happen EVEN IF you pay the cost; you CAN try to pay a cost for an effect that COULD happen IF you COULD pay the cost, even if actually CAN'T pay the cost... dizzy yet?). http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15415-trust-me-w-four-damage-and-the-new-faq/
  14. No problem, the best reaction example for a future ambush participant is a tweak on DS's Backstabber..."After this unit enters play during an engagement, it may be a participating unit on your side."
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