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  1. The revision is better! I just haven't posted it yet. There are a couple more tweaks I want to make as well. I added another column of the blue mats so I could do the continents and oceans more justice.
  2. I'm in the works of doing another revision. I added a column which allowed me to add more ocean and better portray Asia and North America. I'll post within a week or so.
  3. This link should work: https://civilizationearthmap.shutterfly.com/pictures/8 Cheers!
  4. Greetings all. After purchasing 6 sets of main game, 3 sets of F&F, 3 sets of W&W and 35 blue foam mats, I'm able to update my newest version of a world map. I'll probably be purchasing a 4th set of F&F to have the pieces to allow two metropolises per player. I tried to keep the 17 civilization tiles somewhat close to where they are/were geographically. The link is in my profile. I used the Mao tile of China in Australia and used the Wu tile of China for China. There are 5 ancient relic tiles played exposed around where they could be geographically. The rest are hidden until explored. I'm not happy with North America, but I placed more focus on Europe, Africa, Middle East and SE Asia since civilizations were concentrated in those areas. I wanted to have at least 1-2 tiles between each civilization and ancient relic. Europe was the toughest continent to try and mirror. The row of civs on the top and bottom of the map will be in random order at start of game play. If you explore your civ tile before anyone else, I'll be giving a perk of some sort. On all of the foam mats I'll be drawing lines to represent ocean squares. My next step is to create rules and techs for naval movement, warfare, techs, embark/debark of land units, etc. Other phases I'll be working on will be painting/coloring 5 sets into different colors to make enough sets for 10 players. There is still a lot of work to do and testing to try and keep the game balanced. Please let me know if anyone has any critiques, suggestions, thoughts, concerns, etc. I'll welcome any input. Go Civ! (Oops...link is in my profile...)
  5. I use a large tackle box. There are plenty of compartments to separate as much as you want. The only thing that doesn't fit is the main board (used for culture track, buildings, etc.)
  6. All, Has anyone ever made a map to match Earth's geography and have the Civs starting close to where they are actually located? I've purchased three of the main game and three of each expansion. I'm looking for templates that other people have had for tile placement, as well as what time of material or fabric you've used to "draw" tiles to represent the ocean. I have come up with one template. It is 20 tiles wide and 15 tiles high (2 tables together needed). I know I have some adjustments to make as well. I want to add naval warfare and combat too. There are quite a few extra cards available to customize techs, religions, etc., to closer match the PC game. Any thoughts, ideas or recommendations on me doing this? I have four people wanted to play already, but I need to figure out how to use all the pieces available to allow for good play, good flow, and balance. Thanks! (Please note this is for personal use and there will be no profiting from this.) (The photo of my current map layout is in my profile.)
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