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  1. I think this is a really cool idea. An app would make setup really fast too because the app would just generate what items are in what room. So you would essentially just click a button that says you are searching the Study, and it would tell you what you find. That's pretty cool. I personally like physically holding the cards too, but the app is highly possible from what I see. Even just some simple programming would probably work for an initial release.
  2. Just wanted to follow up. Since this post, I have played completed games of Descent via Skype using this system and it works perfectly. I just control the main board for consistency and cards and then he duplicates the moves on his board and draws the cards that I draw from the central deck. This would easily work for Battlelore as well so if anyone wants to play that doesn't have anyone close by to play with, this is the way. Message me.
  3. I have my table setup where I can layout the board and put one camera on the board/cards and the other camera using (picture in picture) on me for the social aspect. I will move all the pieces based on your commands. Then for the cards, I will draw them and just show them to the camera for you to see and then place them facedown on your end for organization. Then you will just locate the card from your decks and add it to your hand. We should be able to play very easily like this. Message me back if you want to try.
  4. Thanks for the info! Just played with these adjustments this evening and yes, it seems fair and smooth. Thanks!
  5. Yes, so in other words, you get to choose which one you want but you can only choose one.
  6. ccowan


    Yes, a unit is only supported if it would move into the space with your other friendly unit,
  7. Yes, that is how we played it also. Basically, you can only gain a max of 1 VP from that rule and if there is an enemy unit within 2 hexes of either building (1 or the other or both) then you will not get it. It is definitely hard and we did not accomplish once either but yes the balance is still there.
  8. If there is an opponent stronghold in an area but no units, what is the process if I enter that space? Do I just need enough units to beat the stronghold? Or can I just walk in with one unit and take the area and replace with my stronghold?
  9. I have been wondering this myself. Great tip Daverman. Thanks!
  10. Wow, both of your painting miniatures are just awesome! I have painted a couple too (no pics) but they are not nearly as good as both of yours are. Props!
  11. I just got RuneWars and I think it is awesome. I would definitely recommend it if you already like FFG games and you like Battlelore. I know the original OP already got it, but I am just chiming in for anyone else reading. It is a blast. It has roleplaying, battling, resource gathering. So cool..!
  12. Yes, confirmed. It is usually safe to assume with FFG that if they don't tell you something is limited and it is not already a previous rule, then your good to go. FFG is very specific and good at telling you what you can/cannot do.
  13. I made a new browser game (completely free) which is basically a virtual tabletop war game. Plays sort of like battlelore... It is turn based strategy just as you would expect but what is cool is you do not have to be online at the same time as your opponent. There is no AI but basically you log on, make your turn and then your opponent will get an email. So a game will play out over the course of a couple of days making it very easy to play even with busy schedules. If this sounds cool to you, you should come play with us. We have a little community of players already really into it would love some more to join the fun. Game Link: http://www.bonelands.com
  14. I need to read the card again, I don't have it in front of me. However, the ROC warriors movement lets him ignore all land effects but it does not allow him to land on the same hex as another player. So the ROC warrior would not be allowed to end his movement on that hex with your unit. I believe that was an illegal move but again need to check the exact wording on the card.
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