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  1. Oh look - a much smaller games studio just did this for their companion app... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.ares.swordsorceryct&hl=en (by just providing a code to unlock the DLC, which you enter into the app, no matter what platform it's on) No T&C changes required; Just a different approach to how DLC is distributed.
  2. Pulled out MoM for another game today - finally got through all the published missions! Looked at the one DLC mission (still only one ?!) and note that the platform lock-in problem still remains - bleurgh. But I guess if there is little desire to make more DLC, then it's not really a problem that's work spending the money to solve?
  3. Is there any development (current or future) planned to get around the platform lock-in on the DLC? E.g. playing with laptop at home, or mini-tablet when travelling - would hate to be locked down to one device, as the laptop allows easy use of my giant monitor at home, and the mini-tablet is obviously much smaller / easier to carry to gaming evenings down the pub. I'm holding off on any DLC because of this - which is a real shame, as I was keen to try the new scenario solo last month, but then didn't want to not be able to play it through with friends in the future. And, sadly, I'm one of those tight-fisted gamers who doesn't want to pay $10-15 per DLC scenario (whatever the cost of buying it twice in Australia is). In the short-term it's solved with the new expansion - very excited to pick that up - but as someone who wants to get into the DLC in the future, has any consideration to this restriction been made or addressed at any stage ?
  4. Agreed - turns are pretty short in the game, and I'd rather keep the app for just "stuff that we can't simply track with minis / tokens / cubes".
  5. Prices for this have gone nuts recently... I only want it for a Dark Young mini myself (!) so holding out hope for that late May reprint being a real thing. Not a lot of hope, mind, but some...
  6. Do we know if there are any plans to "backport" flash energy to the original spellbooks ? One of the overpowering things in the original game for me has been using energy to boost movement, so this semi-fix would be good if it applied to all existing spellbooks, and not just the three new ones.
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