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  1. I am in the same boat, I placed an order on the 17th, got a confirmation email, but the charge was removed a week later. I have called Asmodee and left a message, I have emailed and used the General form multiple times, but no reply but automation for nearly two weeks. Nobody will even pick up the phone.
  2. Awesome! Looks like a fun alternative to Wayfarer for a party that wants to do some shipping. Can't wait for the Mon Cal freighters.
  3. I have some requests; I love having a diverse set of freighters for players to choose from. I'm including some deck plans by Colonial Chrome; I like his use of scale and it might help to better see what a ship's actual stats might be. A lot of canon stats make no sense, especially with the Loronar Medium Transport. AZZ3 Light Freighter and its deck plan Simiyiar Light Freighter and its deck plan Loronar Medium Transport and its deck plan
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