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  1. Actually it’s pretty ignorant not realize that MANY people only play one handed solo. It shows you have no idea that many people play that way thus are ignorant of a significant portion of the community’s mode of play. Not only that but since all heroes to date work with another hero helping them in their weak areas the best way to judge if a hero is “good” Is how they fare on their own. Any hero is good with captain America helping them for example. just browse podcasts, YouTube, and Facebook groups and you’ll see a wide ranging consensus that Thor is A mediocre to terrible hero.
  2. Best way to describe Thor: PUNY GOD.Easily the worst/weakest hero released to date. -his lower hand size In both hero and alter ego form than other heroes makes him difficult in solo. Asgard can help but it will likely cost you a turn. You really feel his low hand size while playing him. It’s a huge handicap.-lower stats than other heroes (only 5 base)-average recovery -horrible thwart again makes him a mediocre solo hero-a couple of uses of defender of the nine realms can easily exhaust the encounter deck in some scenarios and cost you an acceleration token which Thor will struggle to deal with -he has some really bad cards in his required set like “for Asgard” which are mostly duds-Loki can be nearly unstoppable in some scenarios and cost you many Wasted actions. -family feud can easily come out with double digit threat...which in solo is probably game over for Thor I don’t see many upsides of playing him. Maybe he’s okay with another hero helping him and even then ONLY in minion heavy scenarios. Much better to use captain America or iron man who are both many times better than him.Very bad hero on his own. Haven’t tried him with others, but on his own he is very weak. But it’s counter thematic that Thor needs help from others to even beat someone like rhino. Technically by the comics he should be one of the most powerful heroes but instead is probably the worst so far. Captain America, for instance, is many times more powerful than the god of thunder.
  3. Well actually the more Asgard cards in your deck the worse Thor will be punished by Family Feud which is also counter thematic that you want him to be LESS Asgard.
  4. Maybe they’ll create “replacement cards” for heroes like they did in Arkham. It could be a way to fix bad heroes like thor as well.
  5. I think Going forward any ally in a signature deck that they are planning to make a hero should just give 2 resources on discard.
  6. If you’re right it’s strange Application of theme in marvel game where Thor and hulk are weak on their own and need a teams help whiles Spider-Man can handle the toughest villains on his own.
  7. Assuming you get “For Asgard” early. But “for Asgard” costs one and then Asgard costs 3, likely costing you at least one turn. A steep early cost to just get equal with the average of other heroes pulling a frost giant with defender of the nine realms is still a horrible price even with mjolnir and lightning strike. You get two cards....great. But now you use lightning strike and 4 more resources just get rid of the enemy you just drew. It’s a terribly designed card. Sure it deals damage to the villain too, but you also need to have that combo of cards in hand. if they wanted to To make the game harder they should make harder scenarios, not weaker heroes.
  8. Is anyone else finding Thor to be terrible solo? He doesn’t hit as hard as you'd think Thor should hit. He seems like he is only viable in minion heavy scenarios which kind of sucks. Who wants a hero who you can only play against a couple of the villains you own? His limited hand size is a huge handicap which isn’t offset by any of his abilities. And his cards are expensive for what they are, compounding how much his hand size hurts. Hammer throw for 3? Seems too much. (Especially since you have to pay for the hammer again next round). For Asgard should be free to be worth it. defender of the nine realms tends to burn through the encounter deck leading to an early acceleration token. And then you bring out sandman or Loki or a frost giant which probably cost more resources to deal with than the / cards you got. To top it off: he has Absolutely the hardest nemesis/scheme combo in the game. When family feud comes out it comes out with so much threat it’s unstoppable for a guy with one thwart. One game I had to swing at Loki 5 times to kill him. at best he’s a decent support character which tells me the designers don’t know who Thor is in the comics. Captain America seems three times as powerful as Thor is in this game.
  9. I wasn’t a big fan of it personally. Adds another layer of set up to the game that I thought was unnecessary.
  10. I make a playlist mix of: Hereditary soundtrack ritual soundtrack john carpenter soundtracks lustmord sixth sense soundtrack signs sountrack the ninth gate soundtrack fringe soundtrack
  11. Even for pulp horror they are bad. Poor writing, tired plots as well as basic grammatical errors. Let’s be honest: most people who buy them will buy them for the cards. There’s so much better pulp, horror and weird fiction out there.
  12. I think a lot of samey-ness people complain about has due to the same encounter cards being used so much from scenario to scenario.
  13. Hi, guys, I made a version of this deck a while ago, but I've recently gotten back into the game and I wanted to update my favorite original deck that I made myself. I absolutely love the Galadriel hero. I use her so much that when I'm not using her I sometimes forget to move my threat up. She's so good in fact that she works well in this two hero deck I made (Grandmother and granddaughter). It's not optimized at all. I wanted to try to utilize cards with Galadriel art on them as much as possible, so I went with a little bit of a victory display theme. Even still I've defeated quite a few nightmare decks with this deck. I hope you guys like it. https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/10224/the-g-i-l-f-deck-2.0
  14. I just hope when(if) Saruman finally arrives he is a game changer. His power in the books should be reflected in his card. If he's a dori it would be the biggest disappointment ever.
  15. I couldn't agree more. I left the game at the beginning of the harad cycle but I'm looking to get back in now that its over. I'm still blown away there's no Saruman or radagast. I play this game specifically for the Tolkien stuff. Some ffg characters are fine but id like the stars to be characters I love from the stories. I'd also love to see a powerful lore galadriel hero. Sauron was afraid to attack Lorien pretty much just because of her after all.
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