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  1. I wasn’t a big fan of it personally. Adds another layer of set up to the game that I thought was unnecessary.
  2. I make a playlist mix of: Hereditary soundtrack ritual soundtrack john carpenter soundtracks lustmord sixth sense soundtrack signs sountrack the ninth gate soundtrack fringe soundtrack
  3. Even for pulp horror they are bad. Poor writing, tired plots as well as basic grammatical errors. Let’s be honest: most people who buy them will buy them for the cards. There’s so much better pulp, horror and weird fiction out there.
  4. I think a lot of samey-ness people complain about has due to the same encounter cards being used so much from scenario to scenario.
  5. Hi, guys, I made a version of this deck a while ago, but I've recently gotten back into the game and I wanted to update my favorite original deck that I made myself. I absolutely love the Galadriel hero. I use her so much that when I'm not using her I sometimes forget to move my threat up. She's so good in fact that she works well in this two hero deck I made (Grandmother and granddaughter). It's not optimized at all. I wanted to try to utilize cards with Galadriel art on them as much as possible, so I went with a little bit of a victory display theme. Even still I've defeated quite a few nightmare decks with this deck. I hope you guys like it. https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/10224/the-g-i-l-f-deck-2.0
  6. I just hope when(if) Saruman finally arrives he is a game changer. His power in the books should be reflected in his card. If he's a dori it would be the biggest disappointment ever.
  7. I couldn't agree more. I left the game at the beginning of the harad cycle but I'm looking to get back in now that its over. I'm still blown away there's no Saruman or radagast. I play this game specifically for the Tolkien stuff. Some ffg characters are fine but id like the stars to be characters I love from the stories. I'd also love to see a powerful lore galadriel hero. Sauron was afraid to attack Lorien pretty much just because of her after all.
  8. This is the expansion I want them to make more than any other. A lovecraft based game where you can't travel to dunwich would always seem incomplete to me.
  9. I don't know why but I kind of got a little HBO GoT daenerys vibe from the alt art.
  10. That and she's awesome. I don't know why she doesn't seem get mentioned as much as other heroes as one of the top tier. She controls your threat so well, and once you've played with her a bunch and then you stop you get frustrated with only drawing one card. Plus if you get nenya and unexpected courage on her you can do both threat and questing boost.
  11. That original card was such a masterpiece. It's one of my favorites in the game along with hero arwen and alt art boromir. Really like alt art celeborn too. Another good old pic of galadriel is on keen as lances.
  12. Anyone else like the regular art better?
  13. Perfect way of saying it. Also An errata against vilya would be horrible imo. We need something to help against nightmare quests. Unrelates to this comment though I agree with someone earlier who said eadagast needs an errata. When are we finally going to get to play with a good radagast? We have pirates and harad but no radagast!
  14. Gandalf and Elrond SHOULD. Be silly powerful. If they errata them I'd have a HUGE problem. I wonder why Gloin wasn't errata'ed.
  15. Yeah I just played this scenario with Agnes solo and it was incredibly easy with her ability.
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