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  1. I would recommend using Rear armour Values for the top and under side of a vehicle. Ofter wise it can get confusing and slows down game play,
  2. There would be a number of entrances and hatches into it. Do not forget that all armored Vehicles have escape hatches in order for the crew to leave with there lives intact. I you want a Reference book wise see William kings Angel of fire, set during a imperial crusade , where it follows the crew of a Baneblade. It describes the Baneblade as having room for a mess hall of sorts. also you need to take into account hatches big enough for food, arms, and ammo to be brought aboard. Most escape hatches would be located on-top or under the vehicle, while crew and supply hatches will be to the rear, or placed on the sides.
  3. that's Exactly what it is. http://chapterhousestudios.com/pics/june2011/Gun-Halberds.jpg
  4. I made these weapons for only war, but I figured some one from the Dark heresy community would like to use them. The following weapons will be listed in the following Name Class Range ROF Dam Pen Mag Special Wt. Availability I had a nice table but this forum format does not like my fancy nice table Combat halbards : Combat Halbards are Common On many worlds through out the Imperium of man , they are used by guard,PDF , law enforcement, and it has even been known that some space marines will carry them.These weapons are deadly in the right hands .The weapon comes in many different variety’s , from stubber to bolt, and everything between, from chain to power. They are used in both Melee and at short range. C.H stubber/ prim Melee, basic 30m stub s/-/6 2d10R (melee)1d10+2 I ( ranged) 0 18 Unbalanced10kg plentiful C.H stubber/ Chain Melee, basic 30m stub s/-/6 2d10+2(melee)1d10+2 IRanged 0( pen 2 in melee) 18 Unbalanced , tearing , 10kg Common CH. Las Prim Melee Basic 30 s/2/- 2d10R (melee)1d10+2 E ( ranged 0 30 Unbalanced , reliable 10kg common CH. Las Chain Melee Basic 30 s/2/- 2d10+2 (melee)1d10+2 E ( ranged 0( pen 2 in melee) 30 Unbalanced , reliable/ tearing 11kg Scarce CH. bolt Chain Melee Basic 30 s/2/- 2d10+2 (melee) 1d10+5 x ( ranged 4 ( ranged)2 ( melee) 10 Unbalanced tearing, reliable 14kg Scarce CH. bolt Power MeleeBasic 30 s/2/- 2d10+7 E (melee)1d10+5 x ( ranged 4 ( ranged)2 ( melee) 10 Unbalanced Power field reliable 15kg Rare The M68 Needle rifle History: The M68 Needle rifle is a long range marksmen’s weapon often used to hunt large game. It fires a 50.cal rocket propelled projectile at ranges up to 200 meters, good accuracy. This rifle has been banned on multiple works across the imperium. This is largely due to it’s highly destructive and brutish nature. The weapon is cable of piercing most known humanoid worn armour. In some reports the projectiles have been seen to go through multiple people. Other reports state the projectile sticks it’s victims to objects such as a wall , or ship bulk head. There is also a double barrel “shot”gun version of this weapon. Features of the weapon differ in a number of variants, but the only difference being it’s magazine size and barrel length .The standard weapon comes with a thirty two inch free floating barrel, with a thumb hole pistol grip, with an adjustable stoke, and a five round magazine, and of course safety leaver. :The weapon fires a 50 calibre rocket propelled 12 inch long spike at over five hundred miles per hour. With enough stopping power to take down most large game, with one well placed shot. The weapon is often used by assassins and bounty hunters, those on the edge of the law and who see little point in following the rules. The weapon has been seen in many pict flicks and is often portrayed as the “bad guys” gun. You will see many Villains carrying these weapons, as they are large and formidable. In the Calix's sector Chaos snipers will use these weapons as light anti armour weapons. Stats : M68 Basic 200m S/-/- 1d10+6x 5 5 Tearing 14kg Very rare 68 double Basic 50m -/2-/- 1dx10+6x 5 2 Tearing 9kg Very rare+ Special Rule : The Neddle rife has a 1d10 chance of pinning it's victim ( if shot at a Fleshy target) to what ever is behind it, be that a wall, or anther person. The Victim must spend a full round to remove the spike, and take 1d3 insanity points for doing so( only if the victim pulls it out him self ). Nephas pattern las rifles The Nephas pattern las rifle is a lever action single shot energy weapon Developed on the planet of Nephas, Commonly used by the regiments and PDF of this world it’s quality design and good accuracy have seen it’s way into a support marksmen’s rifle for a spotter in some sniper teams with in other regiments. While this rifle is more powerful then the standard issue lasgun , it has a sizable smaller magazine . Though the philosophy of use for this weapon is if you cannot take and ork down with a few shots, maybe you need a auto cannon. The barrel and actions of the weapon are often made from the finest materials on the planet, though lower quality versions are available for mass production. Wood is commonly used for the stock and hand guard. With the receiver of the weapon is often engraved with the respected houses or regiments. It comes in ever a long barreled , standard, carbine, or a sawn off version, just a bit bigger than a pistol. After ever shot, the lever must be racket, as a charge pack is used up, on the final shot it is ejected from the bottom to the receiver, anther is then placed into it and firing carries on, after racking the lever again. A bonnet can be fixed to the end of the barrel and scopes are common. But iron sights are the as standard. The Nephas pattern las rifle Basic 100 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Reliable 7kg Common Carbine Basic 75 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Reliable 6kg Common Long Basic 150 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Accurate, Reliable 7.5kg scarce Pistol Basic 40 s/-/- 1d10+4E 1 12 Reliable 5.5kg Common Sal – squad automatic Lasgun The Sal Is a Squad automatic lasgun is a heavy barreled lasgun with a small bipod, and drum shaped charge pack . The Sal is used as a light weight squad support weapon designed to lay down covering and pinning fire, while it is the same strength as the lasgun, it’s heavier barrel, allows for more sustained fire. This weapon needs no specialist training for a guardsmen, if they can fire a lasgun they can fire the Sal! Often used by PDF, Drop troopers or regiments that require more firepower but can not afford to take the weight of a heavier weapons system such as a heavy bolter or its ammo. The weapon can be fired on the variable Sal Basic 100M s/3/6 1d10+3 E 0 120 Reliable 7.5kgs Scarce The widow maker Bolt pistol The widow maker bolt pistol pattern of bolt gun was first located on Sigma Prime, on the 4th level of the Ocean library in sub section 40, under the category “ Fluffy bunnies of the emperor” a Book aimed at teaching children about orks, and to not fear them what so ever. The data slate containing the plans had been hidden with in the back of the book.The weapon is now being produced on dobesh, though it has only been produced in the few thousands and is commonly used by the sisters of battle with in the local system . Features: this weapon has all the features of a normal bolt pistol aside from the fact it has a large magazine better muzzle brake , and can be fired in full auto Pistol 30m s/3/6 1d10+5 x 4 16 Tearing 5kgs Extremely rare Las PDW (Personal defense weapon ) The las PDW is an adeptus mechanicus approved alteration to the the Laspistol . Approved in m41: 219 after it was found thousands of tank crew were adapting there Standard issue Laspistol into something more useful. Of Course all the Crews found doing this were excited for heresy , as modifying a most holy pattern of weapon that the Emperor had blessed was blasphemy. But the Idea caught on that for some situations the laspistol was just not cutting it. The laspistol there for added with a wire stock, that ever folds under, or over the weapon, though not a full sized stock, it long enough to brace ageist ones cheek or shoulder. The Charge pack was replaced to a m36 issue lasgun charge pack. The rate of fire was increased , while adding no more stopping power, the charge pack instead powers the increased rate of fire, and the constancy of the power of that fire. A single point sling stud is added to the rear of the weapon, to allow it to be added to a string. The weapon is often used by drop troopers, vehicle crews, body guards, and law enforcement. Variable setting is still usable on this weapon. Las PWD :- Basic 30m S/5/10 1d10+2E Pen 0 Clip 60 Special Reliable wgt: 2.5 Rare
  5. So going back to tactics we need to understand the make up of a squad, up until the first world war, you did not really have what we consider the modern day squad , you had a bunch of guys with muskets and then later rifles, or Rifled muskets , the first world war we start to see squads with specialists in them, light machine gun crews, sub-machine guns , engineers ect. This is more notably seen in the later part of the war with germany's , Sturmtruppen ( storm troopers). by the time of the second world war, we see squads that are more versatile in the approach to war, and have more flexibility in combat , you now have a squad of around 10 to 12 men, if we go with a 10 man squad depending on what type of squad and nation it belongs too, for this example we are going with the US the army to be precise as the marine core generally packed more of a punch in there squad make up, you will have a squad leader and a assistant squad leader, armed with a sub-machine gun ( Thompson or grease gun ) or a PDW such as the M1 Carbine . You will have several riflemen, one will most likely be the "scout" depending on the squad and type of unit, this may be a trained specialist, or just a riflemen that has proven his ability in stealth and recon , Or you know that guy the sergeant picks, just because,at last one riflemen might be carrying the rifle grenades, you will have a automatic rifle men most likely a Bar though in some cases a johnson light machine gun, an assistant gunner for the AR , then you will have the ammo boy, who gets to lug around more ammo for every one though most like the light machine gun. Now the reason I am choosing the second world war make up of a squad is because In my opinion the tactics used during the second world war, in large part, are still used today, in terms of squad based infantry combat, while the make up of squads change depending on technology. Now if we translate that into a 40k squad make up you have 10 soldiers, which break down into two five man fire teams, a Squad leader armed with a pistol and close combat weapon, or a Las rifle or carbine , assistant squad leader armed with a lasrifle , a vox operator armed with a las rifle or carbine ( most likely a carbine due to carry around a heavy vox set ) , two specialists most likely a grenade launcher and flamer, but you could change the specialists for a Heavy bolter team, or stubber team, you could also substitute them for a sniper and demolitions specialist. the rest will be rifle men, all would carry grenades, generally I would say , two frag, one krak and one smoke. Though most guard regiments will cross train every one in every one's job, because at some point you are going to have your machine gunner team taken out and you need a replacement. Note that even by the second world war soldiers were crossed trained when they could be on different weapons systems. Though generally with the British army this was not always the case due to shortages of ammunition due to the U- Boat raids. So in a platoon you have five -6 squads, one being the command squad, with the platoons officer, most likely a lieutenant or your regiments equivalent rank, and a heavy weapons squad, though it should be noted that a Regiment my organize there platoons as all rifle squads, and provide per company one platoon as a heavy weapons platoon, and section out soldiers from that platoon to others on a mission by mission bases. So it's not that you need to make sure, it's just that most armies will have squads built around this system. So when you say The standard should be, lay down fire , break into two fire teams, and kill the enemy , or lay down fire break into two fire teams, and GTFO , with each fire team laying down supporting fire. Using all weapons at hand. So what about Chaos forces you say! well , generally most cultists are lead by intelligent leaders, and are not all mindless drones, so similar to what you have above, maybe put some Chaos things in there for flavor , and have there tactics more extreme ( For example khrone soldiers would most likely carry more close combat weapons ) . orks? Well if you have a shoota boy squad you would have one Nob- and between 10-30 boys, armed with shootas, and a few support weapons, if you had a choppa squad, you would have the same, just with big knifes and pistols. Tau, a leader with a pulse carbine, and 9 with pulse rifles with two drones . Elder... erm not a elder player do not know... Dark elder ... Just alot of pain... so much pain. Necron , not sure why they are in your game, as one could take them all out, but they all generally have the same weapons...
  6. Only war also has a good system for large scale encounters.
  7. With my group I gave each comrade a personality. Some times hole story archs came because of those comrades. Really it's your players loss, most players dnt read the rules , they seem to know rules around there characters and will jump at you if you get one wrong, but not there comrades. I would hint to your players that things like " well if you used your comrade ability you would have hit that target " Or " if you used this you could have done it". Quickly when they start failing they will use them more. Also then you can say " well comrade is dead, should have taken better care of it. Then you can add character to them.
  8. Commissars get shot in the back all the time in Only war...... Just saying.
  9. In regards to your party's selling all the loot, Have you attempted to dis-wade your players from you know... Looting to much? In only war I made each player take a corruption test when picking up tainted weapons ( fighting mostly Heretics of the demon worshiping kind) As the weapons machine spirit would most likely be tainted. It even opened up a hole story line where they were trying to hide weapons from other soldiers and slowly started to become more corrupt. This system is taken from only war, and I never had a issue with it. Most people complained it was harder to get good items, but a Private is unlikely to be issued with a bolt gun even if he or she is a specialist. Considering that These are not soldiers ( though some maybe) you are unlikely to be getting alot of stuff. The rules as written seem fair enough to me. When I played DH one we would have spreadsheets about how much we spent ect ect.
  10. I made a similar suggestion as well as tokens in a only war post about improving the lack luster GM kit. I strongly believe these would be useful for players and gms.
  11. Grenade launchers do the same thing as mortars in closer confined spaces. Flamers too. Supressivng fire to throw off there aim and force them to take only a half action, and a flamer to move up and burn them out. Frag grenades are also good at making them move. I would say as a gm a "Dodge " action classes as movement, as you have to move out of the way . Though you did not state the type of combat your guardsmen were in but regardless you can use area of effect weapons once your npcs realize which way the red bolts are coming from. I remember reading an artical in a respect national newspaper that it took in the Iraq war and afgan wars around 250,000 rounds to kill one insurgent. This is not suprising when in combat it's often very hard to see your target. When you get passed the static warfare of the early 20th and 19th century and combat becomes more mobile you find soldiers find them self's with shadows and muzzle flashes rather then a man with a rifle walking towards you over no mans land. Regardless if your guardsmen can or can not be seen, any combatant, with a notion of intelligence, after the first shock of seeing his buddy go down ,he is going to A jump for cover. You say your in Tunnels , so i am assuming pipe work, stone works. So theres 8AP. Next thing he or she is going to do is Find out where the fire is coming from. He might not be able to see the target, but dark tunnels = Muzzle flash ( also firing anything bigger then a lasgun in those conditions would most likely leave you with serious hearing loss with out ear protection of course. ) Once he or she has an Idea of where the fire is coming from they are going to shoot back. Which would be supressive fire, as they can not see the target, they are just shooting back in the hopes that what ever is shooting them will take off, or at least there fire will let up. Next is they are going to report the position in which the fire is coming from. So Unless you are at a junction in tunnels ( again assuming) you only really have a few directions it could be coming from. Next step would be to engage the targets, suppressing fire is done, this will be kept up, now for grenades , launchers , flamers , AOE weapons. Now your NPC has a choose , every press the attack and close the distance , so with an average of 32 Agility esh for a human, you could run flat out and get there in two turns from 50 meters, so a squad of 10 with suppressing fire, you might have 6 -8 charging . Or If your Npcs feels that the situation is fool hardy, they will disengage, most likely by popping smoke and bound back in fire squads, giving supportive suppressing fire, again as you stated they are in a tunnel system ,so supressing through smoke is unlikely to hit anything, but that not the point in it. They would then pull back to a ambush point and wait, or lay traps and head back to friendly lines. But at the end of the day these guardsmen are good at there job, and it sounds like you are frustrated at that. As a gm we tell a story, it's not about killing your players or them be overly good. If you are worried you are not giving them a challenge you need to change tactics and the situations they are in. But at the end of the day, your players now have equipment that makes them effective at what they want to do. What you were doing before is clearly not working, thus you must adapt. orks would most likely charge right in and overwhelm them in close quarters. While Cultists are insane in there making they are not stupid. In alot of the books the cultists use tactics, but there goals are different from what would be standard military goals. Take my advise if you want, but thats just my point of view. If you are dead set on doing this then It's not my place to stop you.
  12. Well military tactics would stat that if taking fire from a general area, but you can not see your target, but you clearly know some one is there, one should uses indirect fire from mortars or Artillery fire. this combined with counter snipers and observers with binoculars which give you a +10 I believe , basically makes cancels out the cloaks. Since the Mortars are aiming at a grid reference not using line of sight. General you would use "Walking fire" So start the bombardment about 50 to 100 meters away, and walk it in 10 or 25 meter installments. Supressive fire from machine guns would also help. If your players argue you can make your npcs roll awareness to see where the shots are coming from, If passed the enemy will call in supporting mortar fire. The issue is not your rules, it's your tactics. In regards to orks, they would most likely fire on full auto, suppressing the area, while running in . The players would be less likely to open fire if an Ork is standing next to them. My suggestion would be to study up on military tactics. Even orks have tactics, no matter how crude they are. In Summary. Suppressive five , Indirect fire, Infantry charge while covered by these two elements. Also Las guns while Very good in a number of regards, stealth is not one, during low light engagements you would be able to see the laser bolts fly through the air.
  13. If you look at it, all races and factions in 40k Represent a human emotion, or are an exaggeration of how we humans in the real world act. But this is all starting to get a wee bit off topic
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