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  1. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss thank you .... now i see my thought proces was ...S.N.A.F.U... i owe you a virtual beer or three ... :-)
  2. thanks it helps kind off .. but yeah it helps ... thans a lot .. :D :D
  3. hi .... my wife and i are at the boss fight .. with vakr ... we have read the card and setup acordingly .. however we do not understand :. how we hurt him and or kill him ho he can hurt us . ho much pain can he take till he dies. we fight with no dice or just vakur . ???????????????????? the game card instructions are not that clear ... pls help thanks in advance T
  4. hi my wife and i are in the boss fight with Akur .. we simply do not understand how we defet him and how he can hurt us ... we have his four cards and we are 14 +14 etc etc ... but how do we know how much pain he can take b4 he dies or how much he can hurt us ... with no dice ? is that for us as well ?? pls help . thanks
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