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  1. Oh, I hate when people ask questions about cards/abilities and they don't include the text and I just did it myself "When the Undead player resolves an attack for a friendly unit occupying a plaguelands hex, he may commit any number of [1 sword icon] die results to cause one damage each". I think it affects all units, even archers, but better to be sure
  2. My payment bounced back on the 11th day e: just got an explanation - "The initial hold was a preauthorization. The Final charge will occur when the order ships."
  3. My payment just bounced back from FFG. Not sure what to do now, get the expansions from a local store or wait until they reply to my e-mail... But I'm still hoping it's not the end of BattleLore
  4. Scared that it might be the end of BattleLore I got the undead expansions and dragon with giant. Hope they're better than razorwings. But I really hope FFG is just getting rid of stock before new print and elves, dwarfs and orcs
  5. In the Warband of Scorn there are 3 Berserkers units with 4 hp (12 minis). The Scenario Builder allows to place Berserkers 4 times - it count's them as 3 HP units, not 4 HP. It may cause some confusion if we make a scenario and there are not enough minis in the box .
  6. I'm working on a scenario (BL + Hefnar Guardians) and I wanted to use both Citadel Lancers and Riverwatch Riders, but the Builder has only 3 horse units... Is there a fix to it?
  7. Berserkers have an ability: Deranged: Each time you perform a combat roll for this unit, you may reroll 1 die. According to the Reference Book rerolls are performed after the combat roll. My wife wanted to use Valor and Vengeance (play after the combat roll: target friendly Knight unit ignores all retreats and adds dice to it's counter roll) against my Berserkers. Can she use it AFTER my reroll? I think she should use it BEFORE reroll, immediately after combat roll.
  8. Shouldn't it have the "massive" trait? I can't imagine how this big golem could go inside a building, it also makes him VERY strong. I was looking for an errata, but couldn't find one.
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