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  1. The simple answer is that sales will drive content. If the game sells well, which I assume it will due to the IP, than it will receive a lot of content in the form of expansions and app content. Look at Descent for example. While it seems to not have any new physical content on the horizon (and believe me, I own everything for that game, and it doesn’t need any new physical content) they did just recently release a new app campaign which is incredible for a game released in 2012.
  2. I just recently started browsing this wish list forum. I have to say, I think a remake of this game would be a fantastic idea. Growing up, I always wanted Heroquest, but my parents would never buy it for me due to the price. I fondly remember looking at this game every time I would go to the toy store, staring at the back of the box with wide eyes just hoping that one day it would be mine. Unfortunately, as I got older and started my first job, the game went out of print and we haven't seen it since. I'm an avid player of Descnet 2E and literally own EVERYTHING for it. Now, obviously I love Descent 2E, it's one of my favorite games of all time right up there with Runewars. Though, I'd be lying to myself if I didn't mention that in the back of my mind I've always felt there's a tiny something missing with Descent. It's so close, but just not QUITE there on that feeling of being epic. I feel that a new HeroQuest could fill that void, and fill it quite easily. Also, with Descent 2E looking to be winding down a bit on the expansion side of things, FFG needs another game set in a fantasy realm to take its place. Imperial Assault won't do it for me personally as its basically Descent rebadged with a Star Wars theme. With FFG's love for expansions, HeroQuest would be perfect as its essentially infinitely expandable. C'mon FFG, make this happen!
  3. I ordered this directly from FFG the other day, I can't wait to get my hands on it. While 15 dollars plus 9 shipping did seem a little steep due to what you get material wise, I was more than happy to pay it. The reason for this is simple, for 23 dollars I will get several hours of enjoyment. I could spend the same amount on a couple of movie tickets or something of that nature and might not even like the movie. With this, I get several hours of fun with a great group of friends and it can be enjoyed over and over through replayabilty. For me, it was a no-brainer. Then again, I own everything out for 2nd edition...
  4. While not an expansion, I do see that they're reprinting this game which seems like good news. I'd imagine if it wasn't selling well they wouldn't bother with a reprint. That leaves me with a sliver of hope for a future expansion.
  5. Agreed, that if played in a serious competitive context, thematics are trumped by official rulings. And this should eliminate much of the bickering over the rules that some have found so taxing. However, Descent can also be played in a light RPG context, in which thematics may have a small role to play in implementing house rules that enhance how a group enjoys playing. Even here, as long as everyone knows the rules ahead of time, and agrees upon them, much of the rules bickering can be eliminated. I agree, thematics do NOT trump the rules. Another example of a debate I encountered on the same day as the Khorayt "shadow" debate was about gold and search cards. The heroes were under the impression that search items were allowed to be carried into new quests if not used. I showed them the rules and the section about search cards going back into the search deck at the end of each quest. They then argued that if not used, they should get double the gold. For example, they would get the 25 gold up front for finding a stamina potion, and then if they didn't use the stamina potion, they could sell it back for ANOTHER 25 gold, basically getting 50 gold for 1 stamina potion. I tried telling them that this was incorrect, but they were already mad that they couldn't keep their search items between quests so they weren't having any of my reasoning. I can't find anywhere in the rules where it says that their interpretation is correct, but then again I can't find anywhere where it specifically says they're wrong either. In my opinion, therein lies the problem with this game. It's far too open to interpretation and can easily be taken over by stronger personality types.
  6. Haha, this thread has turned rather humorous and I enjoy everyone's input. I guess I will share a specific example, one that ultimately lead me to start this thread. I still don't know who is right in this situation, as I've sent a question to FFG but haven't heard back yet. In the quest "The Desecrated Tomb", my good friend argued that Khorayt has to have the shadow ability as he's the most powerful shadow dragon as described by the text and wouldn't make sense otherwise. My argument was that he doesn't have the shadow ability due to the fact that it's not listed on his specifications in the quest guide, and per the golden rules, the quest guide always overrules would be normal rules. We argued about this for quite some time and I finally just caved and said "fine, he has the shadow ability so I will have to spend a surge with Alric Farrow to attack him". This inevitably lead to a couple of misses which ultimately cost me a victory as Alric was beaten down by 1 of the heroes and Khorayt and the heroes snatched the blade and ran off for the exit. Upon reading further, it dawned on me that the shadow ability doesn't pertain to Alric Farrow as he's a monster, and is listed as a monster in the quest guide. It specifically states that a "adjacent hero must spend a surge or the attack is a miss". I texted my buddy and said "yeah, I think we played that wrong because shadow only pertains to heroes, and heroes can't attack Khorayt and cause damage anyway, so that's probably why they didn't bother adding shadow to Khrayt's specifications as it is irrelevant. This lead my buddy to argue that since it says that Alric Farrow is considered a "hero in that he can perform a stand up action during this quest" that he's considered a hero in general. I didn't even have the energy to argue back and say "well, if that's the case than I could've attacked twice every turn and that encounter would've been over awfully quick". So, this lead me to send a question to FFG just to be safe, as I'm sure similar scenarios will come up in future campaigns and my goal is to have a fair and balanced game that is played as close to the rules as possible. My intent isn't to have one of those "see, I told you so!" moments, but rather to educate the group as we go forward so that more time can be spent playing the game and less time arguing.
  7. ...huh? I feel like you must be misreading something I wrote... you know a smiley (:-) ) signifies a joke, right? I'm not honestly suggesting that I think he's got a bad marriage or that he and his wife are going to divorce because of Descent. Quite the opposite, I'm suggesting that because he's playing with people he's close to, he is much more likely to be able to trust them not to game a system that (with strangers, for instance) would be easily abusable. On the off chance that you read it that way, Glorious, please accept my sincere apologies. No worries to either of you. Amoshias, I took your comments as sarcasm, so again no worries. Kunzite, I also appreciate you looking out for the forum members' well being. I appreciate a lot of the responses and it's good to see that I'm not the only one who has encountered these situations. I do own all of the expansions for this game, so more campaigns are on the way in the future. We do plan on switching it up on who plays the overlord, and my good friend (who I admittedly have the most run-ins with rule wise) will play the overlord in our next campaign, which will most likely be Labyrinth of Ruin with Lair of the Wyrm mixed in. This is all of our first time playing Descent, so hopefully as we get a better grasp on things and more people experience playing as the overlord, a lot of this will work itself out. As I stated previously, we're a close comprised of myself, my wife, a good friend of mine since we were in elementary school, and his wife, so I have no concerns over this game getting in the way of anything personal. I just wish the back and forth bickering, and the guilt trips that are hurled my way could come to an end or at least be diminished significantly as I thoroughly enjoy this game (hence already purchasing the expansions). I must say though, I'm definitely looking forward to playing some co-op games like Eldritch Horror in between campaigns to kinda break things up a bit, haha.
  8. Ok, so this will be a combined rant/seeking advice post, so I apologize in advance in this is a somewhat long tangent. I've been playing the Shadow Rune campaign as the overlord against my wife, and a good friend and his wife. So far, we are through Act 1 and are just completed our first quest of Act 2. The problem I'm encountering is that I'm beginning to "burnout" as the overlord. As you all know, a lot of rules in Descent are ambiguous and a lot of debating between myself and the heroes can take place. It's never heated, but perhaps "spirited" would be the word to describe our debates on certain rules. The problem I have is that it seems like these debates are taking place with far more regularity as the campaign moves along and more and more skills, overlord cards, abilities, shop cards, relics etc are introduced. Me, being the overlord, have no problem conceding something in the favor of the heroes, as long as it makes the most sense in the case of a poorly written rule/card etc. The problem comes in when I try to swing something in my favor using the same logic that has been used numerous times to tilt something in the heroes favor. By their reaction, you would think I'm trying to pull a fast one, and then another argument takes place. I try to be as fair as humanly possible, but I feel like I'm constantly letting them get away with things because I don't have the patience to continue to argue about it. I've lost encounters/quests that I'm certain I should have won had it been played correctly. I play the game to have fun, and winning isn't that important to me. However, having a fair and balanced game is high on my priority list. Part of the problem, too, is due to me being 1 person, trying to convince 3 other people that they're wrong. It's far easier for them to team up and twist things in their favor. I try to refer to the FAQ as much as possible. While the FAQ does a good job and has settled debates in the past, it doesn't cover every scenario as many of you know. I would like to stress that I still enjoy the game, but as the campaign progresses, I find myself enjoying it less and less with each quest due to all of the bickering. I keep trying to remind the heroes that it is my job as overlord to try to prevent them from completing their objectives, and that it would be awfully boring if not. I also remind them that just because something might have an unfavorable outcome for them, it doesn't mean it's not a legal move. However, as soon as I start to pull ahead, or pull of a powerful combo of attack/overlord cards, I'm immediately questioned and it's assumed that I somehow pulled off an illegal move and the game gets bogged down while everything gets scrutinized. Then, in their next turn they'll pull off some crazy combo involving a ton of skills, fatigue moves, etc and wipe out and entire monster group in one turn and I don't complain as I realize it's part of the game. So, my question for you fellow overlord players is have you found this to be par for the course when playing as the overlord and had a similar experience as me? If so, what did you do to remedy this problem, if anything? Any help is much appreciated.
  9. Another day, another expansion announced for a different game. This time Cosmic Encounter. An expansion has to be coming for Battlelore 2nd Edition, right?
  10. Well, Wiz War received an announcement of a new expansion today. Another day, another miss for Battlelore 2nd Edition.
  11. Shame they didn't just ask to see Merrick's abilities. yeah, really. Next time be sure they know what their up against. If there's something lame, is winning cause the heroes didn't know what your monsters were capable of The way my group plays is any time a new skill/shop item is earned by the heroes, they let me (as the overlord) look it over. Any time I earn a new Overlord card, or play a new monster that they haven't yet encountered, I let them look it over before we start the encounter. We feel that this is fair and allows for more strategy.
  12. Can you elaborate on this? We actually have a thread going in the Descent forum about the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion having flimsier feeling cards than the previous base game / expansions. I really hope this isn't the case with this game as well as it would indicate a possible trend going forward with FFG card quality.
  13. The lack of expansions, or even the announcement/rumor of any expansions for this game is a bit troubling. I initially thought maybe it was due to the miniatures taking a while to make/design. Then I looked at all of the Descent content that has been pumped out since this game has been released and it does make you wonder...
  14. Same here, I have the Mirklace Lieutenant Pack and it too has the thinner/flimsier cards.
  15. YES! I never mentioned it on here, because I thought it was my imagination, but they definitely felt thinner to me. I sleeve all of my standard sized cards for Descent and I noticed it immediately while sleeving them. I hope this isn't a new trend going forward with FFG titles.
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