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  1. I'm sure the desire to render them into scrap has nothing to do with the aforementioned experience of building 10 squads of them...😉
  2. Or maybe "Low Ground," text reads: "Defeat this miniature at the start of the round. Cry salt tears."
  3. I think Anakin's 3-pip will be called "The Chosen One," his two-pip will be called "STILL the Chosen One," and his 1-pip will be called "Did I mention I'm the Chosen One?" Which one will you choose?
  4. And as we all know, Tauntauns are speed three, so those orders are relayed faster than you would think possible!
  5. +1 for the Master's Cleaner. It is the stuff of legends.
  6. I, like Tauntaun Scout, have been resisting mightily, but white is the one color I was interested in trying out. I don't have any stormtroopers to do (I am 100% Rebel to the core), so thus far I have not pulled the trigger on it.
  7. I like it! Nothing against standard clones and stormtropers, but I am getting pretty tired of seeing a sea of white. This is a good change of pace, and I like the camo scheme. Well done!
  8. Yes, the fabrics and seals certainly make the scheme pop. Grey Knights also have their nemesis weapons, which allows for some eye-catching color if you paint them up with the psi energy on the blades. I do like the look of their tactical marines as well, but I only play kill team, not the full version, so I am never running more than a squad or so. I think you are correct that a full table of them with only metallics would look a little boring. Stormtroopers would especially suffer from this, as they have no additional equipment, etc. to break up the scheme.
  9. Stop this blasphemy immediately! The only space marine chapter worth a lick is the Grey Knights chapter, and they are clad in blessed, glorious, gunmetal armor. Their terminator armor is, in particular, quite schnazzy due to the sweet helmets. I don't go in for much of the GW lore, but I do like the Grey Knights and their aesthetic. To each their own, though. OP, I recommend you look up some Grey Knights reference photos for ideas on metallic future-armor. I have painted a bit of it and quite like the way it looks, though I have not tried it on stormtroopers.
  10. Yeah, the ranged dice are fine, but the melee dice with ram and tenacity onboard makes them better suited to melee actions.
  11. I also use superglue on my plastics and have never had any trouble. I actually prefer that it doesn't bond the plastic permanently like plastic glue, because if I make a mistake or glue an arm in the wrong position, I can snap the superglue arm back off easily, while said removal would be most dangerous to the health of the mini if it were plastic-glued.
  12. Some of this is accurate, but some of this seems disingenuous to me. Comparing her ranged damage favorably to Luke's is a bit silly, since nobody uses Luke to shoot. He will be in Melee, and he will wreck face there as you note. Claiming her damage output at range is similar to Han's also seems silly to me--he has pierce 2 and gunslinger, so he will be shooting twice, and every hit he lands is guaranteed to get through. Each individual attack is better than hers imo (due to pierce 2), and he gets two attacks, so it is no contest overall. Also, her damage shooting into cover is not great compared to Leia on a per-point basis since Leia has sharpshooter 2 and is so much cheaper. Finally, Luke's defensive odds per die is actually not the best unless he has a dodge token. Han's reroll odds make his defense the best one a per-die basis statistically speaking. Overall, Jyn is definitely not impressive in the least in the damage category, and her tankiness is too limited by fickle white dice to be of much use in my experience.
  13. I will field them with pride! I just wish I could be proudly more cost-effective...
  14. I noticed the same thing. Shoretroopers get a superior dice pool on their gun, better range, and also make far better use of the critical keyword since they don't surge to hit. Rebels gain an additional critical...that they really don't need that much since they surge to hit. Seems like the rebel vets really got the short end of the stick on this one, at least from where I stand. Am I missing something?
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