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  1. That is awesome, thanks!
  2. Hey guys So in 3rd edition my gaming group used gameknight.com for resources. We have always drafted 2 races and picked one before the game day(so we wont spend so much time on the game day doing that) and the site have had great info for new players as well. The 28th we are playing 4ed for the first time (im the only one who have played 4ed before, 1 game, and we got 1 guy who have never played TI before). Now were do i point my fellow players to read up on the races they got so they can decide what to play? Is the gameknight site the most accurate, and do the tacs still aplly in 4ed? Or is the best thing simply to scan the race sheets and send to my fellow players? Thanks for your time
  3. Hey I have just gotten my 4ed and it looks really cool. I know some have had it for some time and was wondering, have anyone compiled a complete changelist from 3ed to 4ed? Its just way easier for me and my group to get into 4ed this way then have to read all rules and figure out what have changed by ourselves. Thanks in advance
  4. I have never tried the hexer before, so just about to start with him. just wanted to be sure. He seems really weak early but when you reach act 2 he becomes a powerhorse, but that might just be too late Thanks for the clarifications
  5. Hey there Okay, i just can’t wrap my head around this combination, there must be something i am missing. Step 1 add a hex token to a monster (placing 2 hex tokens), by making an attack and spending a surge. Step 2 use Viral Hex to give 2 hex tokens to another monster. 2 monsters are now hexed (2 tokens) Step 3 use Plague cloud to attack both targets with +4 damage (due to removing hex tokens from both targets) and pierce 2 (internal rot). While I can work with this, 2 actions, 5 fatigue is expensive. But for each target adjacent to the targets when I use plague cloud my attack not only targets them but also deals +2 damage (since I hex them before the attack, adding 2 hexes duo to internal rot and then spends the 2 hexes for the attack). With 2 adjacent targets my attack affects 4 targets with +8 damage pierce 2 before adding dice and surges… The potential seems really (too) strong. Thanks for the clarifications
  6. Thanks for the clarification, thats just make defend even better against swarm
  7. Hey there So we got this situation today while playing. The mage is attacked by some reanimated, 3 models adjacent to him (other then the attacker) with the warrior just behind him with 1 model adjacent to him. One of the re-animated attacks, the warrior (knight) declares he uses defend and the attack now targets him. How do you calculate swarm? On a surge, does the attack deal +3 (3 models adjacent to the mage) or +1 (1 model adjacent to the warrior)? Raw i think it would be +1, since it only says range and LOS is measured to the original targets space. But RAI seems to be +3. I haven’t found anything in the FAQ. What do you think, or how do you play? Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Wow, that was a long and very interesting read, thanks for that. To take some of your points First, and properly most important, I myself have, with the above game played a mighty total of 2 games of TI, so it is a very limited experience I can base anything off. About the internet, I know that. I have played tabletop wargames for years, and never really followed the internet, despite that I had a pretty good win rate at turneys back when I played that. I play lol (and pathfinder) and see it all the time there as well. I really like looking into the internet for inspiration and other ways to look at it, because in the end that’s how you grow, both as a player and a person, by meeting with people who does things differently and listen to them and learn something. Sometimes its waste of time, sometimes you change perspective, but most often you just learn something. About seeing what people do we are still new to the game, and none of us is really that far in thinking of what the others do, and is more focused on our own play, learning by doing and see what happens. There if someone thinking those moves ahead does this, we properly don’t realize this, before its to late. Take the last game as an example. I was leading up a win, so they got the public execution political card in two turns in a row on me (due to an action card allowing one of the players to play a political card from the discard pile) and despite this, I still won. The easy was to stop me was taking two planets I had control of with artifacts, with only a random ship and on one of them a ground force and just shy of two great armies. Therefore, for us, I am pretty sure that wont work. In the future when we get some games under our belt, we will properly swap something out, just to try, because as you say, you might be surprised. Artifacts made this game a lot faster (took two hours off game time compared to my first game) though we were only 4 players (my first was with 5) but this time all expect me was newcomers, in my first I was the only newcomer. My hope was that these would make more fighting to the game, though that was not the effect. Actually people just accepted, he have that one victory point, and so it is. I em pretty sure this will change we get some more games going.
  9. Imperial allows you to qualify for any number of objectives, so you could claim 2, 3 or more in a turn with it.
  10. We have had it, we played with the "original cards" but swapped for diplomacy 2, Trade 3 (playing with mercs), Warfare 2 and Technology 2 and used Red tape burecracy. It worked great. The only minor issues was that the secondary on the burecracy makes you draw 1 political card, we played this in such a way that it mean one card was added to those you were able to choose from. It worked decently well, the combination made the political scene very interesting and intense (something that was lacking first time i played the game in my opinion). We discussed how it worked, and have made up 2 variants of the red tape, where the secondary have been changed, which we will try, but overall we might as well go back to the original card and make it add more political cards. The issue with imperial (for me) is that the objectives is all open for the taking in the first round, and it eliminates some of the forward planning as you can just set it up and then qualify for 5 objectives in one round and win.
  11. No, just had to be sure. I must say its really a great tree, but it needs to have what each tech does next to it for me to use it. My group and me dont get to play that often (and we are new to the game) so even why this have the best layout i have seen so far, that it lacks a discribtion of what each tech does, makes me use others. I know its on "the other page" but that just not the same
  12. Just a question to understand whats going on. The "+" means you need both, while the if it is lacking "+" it means you only need one? Im not sure if it would screw up to much, but having the tekst on the tree itself works far better (at least for me)
  13. My skills at such things really suck. Was at my uncles place today, he did what you described for me with card 8, think with what he showed me i can do that. Thanks!
  14. I was hoping someone had them, whit the background and no text. It just looks more cool that way. I have no idea how to remove just the text without also removing the background. But if nobody have it, thats what i will need to do.
  15. Hey there I have been searching for blank versions of the strategy cards, so that you can house rules these and have the changes at hand all time. Mainly i would like the 8th card, we are using red tape but for political play we use the one where there are 2 public political cards to vote for (and not the one where you have a hand) and the red tape does not work that well with that. But if the others exist, it would be great to have them, just in case. My google-fu have failed me, but i cant warp my head around that such things isnt out there. Thanks in advance
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