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  1. TRK

    Legion of the Damned

    Yeah, I'll just rule my own. From my own point of view, the Legion of the Damned are the daemons of the Chaos god known as the Emperor. Hence why, on the tabletop, I'm looking forward to having them as allies of Grey Knights, Battle Sisters and the Imperial (Astra Militarium) Guard. Hence why I thought of having them appear at times when the characters, especially Grey Knights, are getting their butts kicked. This won't be an every game event however, and it would require suitable faith in the Emperor to summon them....ahem....I mean have his divine protection manifest itself. The Emperor Protects after all.
  2. TRK

    Legion of the Damned

    That makes sense. I'm of the opinion that Legion of the Damned are the souls of Space Marines who died loyal to the Emperor. In fact, I call them the Emperor's daemons. I'll just house rule once I have the Codex. Good to know the book isn't worth it for 3 pages.
  3. Hello FFG community! With rumours of Legion of the Damned getting a mini-dex, in which they can ally with ANY IMPERIAL army, I am keen to know about their rules in Deathwatch. My Deathwatch is only used for creating Grey Knight Librarians, Apothicaries and Tech-Marines. This is because my campaign is very focused on the Ordo Malleus, which Daemonhunter is very useful for. Not least because of it's Grey Knight character creation. Looking at preview images, the supplement Deathwatch: Honour the Chapter has a page with Legion of the Damned. Since they are the only other Space Marines I'd be interested in, I have a few questions for those who might know: (1) Are there rules or just a mysterious description of them appearing? (2) Are there rules for creating a Character or NPC? (3) Is the book worth getting for just the Legion of the Damned? Thank you for any help you can give.
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