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  1. Yes. There will also be a Jefferson Starship reunion in TFA.
  2. Maybe they're updating the avatars. As far as I can tell I still have the Falcon.
  3. Armada is picking up steam at Texas Toy Soldier in Carrollton (DFW), TX. About a dozen players, Thursday evenings though other meetups can be arranged through the store's yahoo group. http://www.texastoysoldier.com/ https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/texastoysoldier/conversations/messages
  4. I've recently returned to X-Wing after a year-long break and I've completely forgotten the specifics of die modification. My question is can I use Bossk the pilot's ability to cancel a crit result & convert it into 2 damage after using Calculation to change a focus to a crit OR use Mangler Cannon to change a hit to a crit then cancel it for 2 damage?
  5. I've played quite a few boardgames on vassal, haven't tried it with Armada, my biggest concern was how the maneuver tool would work or if it would work at all. It's way different than moving counters on a hex board. Going by this tutorial it looks functional and I think I'll do some vassal games to work out the bugs in my next tournament fleet. Thanks for the tutorial. edit: with 70 vassal users logged in for Armada in the past 24 hours doesn't look like I'll have a problem finding an opponent.
  6. Sorry son you don't get that car you wanted for Christmas. Dad needs lots of Star Wars: Armada wave 2.
  7. Despite not remembering any head trauma or brainwashing that caused me to do so I just bought into 40k so the wallet does indeed need to recover. I'm ok with October. Besides that I don't feel that I've played every good fleet combination with wave 1 yet and look forward to trying out everything I can think of with the existing stuff. This game is deep enough that we have a lot of options with just 5 ships, upgrades, and the squadrons.
  8. I recently picked up a 4th GSD for a no-squadron list since 3 of them with a small fighter screen has worked very well for me. Have not had a chance to play the 4-GSD list yet. A fully-upgraded Demolisher is the best thing since sliced bread. Just this past week I played a no-squadron Rebel list in 2 games, won both. 2 games can't be considered a thorough test of any list but it's a good start. Admittedly going 2nd with Opening Salvo has a huge plus against a no-squadron Imperial fleet for the first win. The 2nd was against a newer Imperial player who had a significant amount of points sunk into squadrons but made some mistakes and didn't play his bombers right. None of my ships were lost in either game. My Rebel no-squadron list: AFMkIIA: Mon Mothma, Raymus Antilles, Electronic Countermeasures, X-17 Turbolasers 3x CR90a each with Enhanced Armament 293 pts., 7 under for the bid Opening, Salvo, Contested Outpost, Intel Sweep Well-played bomber squadrons could give this list a lot of grief but the Corvettes are pretty good at maintaining long-rage fire while surviving the enemy's shots at range. They are also good at running away from ships that can effectively give Squadron orders. I will try this list again, replacing the AFMkIIA with a B and dropping 1 Corvette for a Neb-B Support w/ Salvation, X-17, and moving Raymus over from the Frigate. With both Rebel & Imperial lists I will be playing without squadrons for a while. Honestly, I'm tired of giving up points from dead starfighters.
  9. A good way to take those black dice out of the game is to simply fly away from them & open up the range. That being said I've been using a 3-gladiator list since wave 1 was released. I love the Gladiator. I do too. But it's one of those things where you recognize its weaknesses better after playing it and realizing everything it needs to work.It needs Engine techs. It wants To have the move shoot title, but only one can have it. It works best with Screed. It needs a missile upgrade to perform at its best. I agree with most of your points. I don't think Engine Techs is a necessity. They're nice but I'm winning games without them. The Demolisher title is probably a must. Screed & Assault Concussion Missiles is a nasty combo with the Gladiators. A vulnerability for 3 Gladiators is Bomber squadrons & ships that can outmaneuver them.
  10. A good way to take those black dice out of the game is to simply fly away from them & open up the range. That being said I've been using a 3-gladiator list since wave 1 was released. I love the Gladiator.
  11. Bought a Plano 732 3700 series box today at Walmart. $39.97, probably less than cheap Sabol foam would be for one of my regular miniatures bags. The trays are included with the box. 2 cores + wave 1 expansions, some with multiples. Still plenty of space for future waves and purchases. http://imgur.com/3neQLpL&C5ZMnYB&VXcR2oh&UlmhhNB&ManF1yi&oFAGgQs&gvgGSNm&9SZKWJ2#0
  12. Very cool that you made Insidious work. I had written that one off before even trying it. Seems like a perfect match for Superior Positions.
  13. I use a couple of those to keep my miniatures paints in. Foam will be a must or your ships will be banging around a lot.
  14. 2 local stores where I play still have a healthy stock, both ordered heavy. The other store I frequent is pretty thin on Armada but I don't think they ordered that much when compared to the others.
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