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  1. Sorry the app is one of the best things to come to 2.0 I play infinity where 99% of all list building is using their online app. No one for that game prints out the pdfs and writes them by hand. Being able to have balance corrections without buying new packs is incredibly nice and 100% worth it.
  2. Bye then! Never been this excited for xwing!!
  3. For all of you who said there would never be an x wing 2.0, it would be completely unfeasible to make new cardboard, how they'd never go back and rerelease old ships except in aces packs, how they'd never make it to where you had to use an online app, and who said you'd quit if they ever did this I will gladly be accepting donations of your ships you'll never use again. #ByeFelicia
  4. The game may not be dead but the community seems to be where I'm at. We use to have multiple places throwing tournaments and get 20+ players at random tournaments with no real prize support. Now we 1 place running it once a month and its like 6-8 people. The problem is FFG and how they're handling the game. Every wave they have to release new stuff that creates a new cancerous list that just becomes insanely powerful. I get it, powerful stuff sells and helps move plastic. The problem is it becomes exhausting and if you ever fall behind a wave or start into the hobby the hill seems insurmountable. FFG's design philosophy seems to be ok here are the rules now let's break those rules to create interesting things. Cut to 5 years later and now there are so many things that break the core rules they either design themselves into a corner or break the game and have to errata cards. The last thing I bought was a sheathipede and that was the only thing from this current wave. Skipped guns for hire even though I love scum. I'm now just making my own proxy cards for things like harpoons and other high power cards. I just have 0 motivation to buy this stuff anymore. They could have got me back with the new x wing u wing expansion if they had used blue squadron from rogue 1 but no they went with saw who is an awful character and those paint schemes look ugly af. FFG imo has 3 options. 1. Do x wing 2.0 where they change some mechanics, point costs, and pilots. 2. If no x wing 2.0 then the next wave will be a re release of wave 1 but with a new paint job on the model and new pilots, upgrades, and fixes. Then wave 2, wave 3, wave 4, etc... 3. Move to an online army builder like Corvus Belli does for infinity. It's 2018 there is 0 reason we need to be collecting stupid cards to build our lists. Create an app that works on mobile devices and let's you build your lists and either use your phone, tablet, or you can print out the list for tournaments. That way if ya need to make fixes to ships or pilots you just update it in the list builder and that's it. No more stupid cards. Before people say but what about the people without phones, tablets, or access to a printer? I say if they have 0 access to any of those things then they are in the tiny minority and will be left behind.
  5. Wow, I never ever thought we'd ever see things in star wars that were worse than jar jar. I mean now we have magic space wolves that you can ride through hyperspace and take you to a temple with moving painting that open a portal to a new dimension where not only can you see the past but can completely alter it and pull people from the past into the new dimension with you thanks to portals. So glad star wars has this time travelling now. Thanks alot star wars rebels...
  6. Back in the day it was Kyle, Garven, Dutch. I would occasionally throw a bandit in there as well. It then turned into Jake, Poe, Kyle. Had alot of success with that list and I always keep it with me if I ever do a pick up game.
  7. 1. Stop overthinking the game and thinking it's more complex than it is. It's not complex or deep, it's a very simple game from list building to actually playing. Thinking it's more than it is does you no good. 2. Fly power lists. Don't be the guy/gal who says well I'm gonna make this ship work. You're most likely not. We've all said it at some point in time especially when it comes to our favorite ships but the people who win alot are going to fly what's really good. Again it's not rocket science to find out what the powerful ships and combos are. These are reason why they're used so much. 3. If on the off chance you do find a crazy powerful list keep it to your self or to a small group. This is assuming you're wanting to win tournaments. If you have something powerful that wins alot and people aren't ready for than that's a huge advantage. The most fun games of x wing I ever had was when our group took Dengaroo to the Ohio regionals. We had kept it under wraps for a while working and tweaking it and just absolutely wrecked people because they weren't ready for it. In hind sight we probably should have waited until nationals because by then everyone and their mother was flying it and getting practice against it. If you're in that situation with a power list leverage it.
  8. Sorry I have to disagree this season has just been awful and these 2 episodes are just continuing the long line of disappointments. I'm honestly glad Filoni won't be continuing the show and I hope he doesn't head up anymore projects in the star wars universe.
  9. AtomicFryingPan

    Ban Nym?

    Or ya know we don't ban the ship or cry for nerfs and idk either learn to outfly it or change our lists?
  10. Just to be clear you can't have a normal title like avenger or chimera and 7th fleet on the same ship right?
  11. I want the next wave to be X wing Y wing Tie fighter Tie advanced. Give us a new paint job and new pilots, upgrades, and fixes.
  12. Agreed, the scale of this game is all messed up.
  13. The actual model should have been smaller. This just seems like a way for ffg to get more money out of people.
  14. Those same players who left will leave again once people find the new power lists and start running them again. There is still no reason to fly like 90% of the ships in this game.
  15. ITT bad players who can't beat TLT's.
  16. GTFOH with the whole oh no people don't learn from negative reinforcement or a short shock doesn't teach enduring lessons? How many of us have burned ourselves and learned from it. When I like like 5 or 6 i went to a hibachi restaurant a placed my hand right on the cooking surface and burnt my hand to hell and guess what I've never done it again. People learn in so many different ways. Some people need to be yelled at, some need to experience Pain, some have to be coddled, some have to be reasoned with, some have to be shown over and over, some have to see it logically, and so on. I've been teaching kids and adults for 11 years and I've seen my fair share of people who have to learn the harder ways. Op did nothing wrong.
  17. I play infinity as well and one thing that they do is everyone uses there online list builder. This way they can update troop profiles and costs when ever. It wouldn't be too hard to implement something similar.
  18. Red dice creep is already here to stay. I honestly think there will be a upgrade that's a wing only that is a middle that increases your attack by 1.
  19. What if people just didn't hate on other lists and just played the game?
  20. Don't hold your breath too much on expertise. One of the problems with high ps x wing pilots is how expensive they are for how fragile they are. Throwing 4 point ept's on them won't help in the long run.
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