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  1. I don't have Relic in front of me and If I'm interpreting your side question correctly I would double check that the ability doesn't refer to "enemy", as I'm guessing you are a Nemesis and Nemesis are not an enemy.
  2. Fleshing out / building upon the webway portal aspect of the game sounds good. Introduce new Nemesis mechanics!!! - Make them more interesting to play. - More Imperium deck cards (burn through this deck too easy) or a secondary versus deck to give you more choice. - Start with Might (ie. Power clone) cards, provide a Might deck. - Make the board / spaces more interesting for Nemeses. - Maybe additional ways to interact with players, or more benefit. Something to appear more threatening and Nemesis like. Skill Tests - More skill tests introduced to make skill bonuses more worthwhile. (Halls of Terra helped a bit in this aspect which was good). - Need more skill tests on the main board. Power cards - Additional power cards with more player interaction and easier methods to obtain power cards. Movement - Address the common complaint / issue of not being able to land on a space you require for 5 turns. New threat decks - Maybe a green Necrons deck. Although this is probably fit for a side board. And right now I think people are looking for something more added to the main board. - Maybe a dual green deck system, one for the characters to vs, and one for the Nemeses to vs. - Maybe a deck specific to the middle tier to make this tier more interesting.
  3. Yes this: "Or to make this work am I supposed to defeat the witch, hold on to the trophy, travel to the space on the main board, and then during my experience phase there, turn in the trophy for 8 trophy points instead of 4?"
  4. I don't actually remember the card, I have a vague recollection of a card itself moving 3 spaces, but based on what you've presented I would say: No, its a penalty for failure, not a have another turn bonus. EDIT: Just got home and checked the card for myself: "move it 3 spaces clockwise". ie. Move the card.
  5. It's actually quite hard to remember, your first instinct is to roll your die to quickly indicate you're starting your turn and/or to cut the previously player off to make him/her hurry up. Then you be like oh cr*p I forgot to use my ability/power card.
  6. 1 & 2) Sol, Palace, Outer, Middle, Inner tiers. Not the same. There are similarities. One exception: "Any game component (other than the board itself) that references the Inner tier refers to both the Inner tier and the Imperial Palace tier." 3) In most cases you use a special movement ability before rolling your movement die.
  7. HoT board specific: - Sol system board. - 40 orange threat cards. - 9 champion cards. - 54 affiliation tokens. - 1 scenario card (although you could custom rule this to make it work, use 3 spaces on each side of the outer tier). - 9 imperium tokens. - 10 mission cards. Not HoT board specific: - 2 scenario cards. - 12 red/blue/yellow threat cards. - 5 corruption cards. - 3 character pieces and character sheets. - 1 nemesis piece and nemesis sheet. - 15 nemesis cards. - 4 relics.
  8. Lure of Chaos scenario: - Where the most corrupt wins or everyone with no corruption wins. - You may draw corruption to alter your die rolls. - When forced to draw corruption you may lose 1 attribute instead. - Skill duel those with more corruption and take/discard 1 of their corruption cards. - You choose to activate or facedown your drawn corruption cards. Black Crusade vs Abaddon the Despoiler - Coop scenario: - The 12 spaces of Sol randomly become corrupted. - Everyone loses when all 12 spaces are corrupted. - Fight Abaddon to clear the corruption and everyone wins. Abraxis Synethi - Has 3 daemon engine minions in his nemesis deck of which all are only an attribute of 3. - But there are 6 nemesis arsenal cards that buff the deamon engines: +1 battle score x 5. +1 battle dice, reroll on 1s, explode on 5s, cannot evade. 12 New Threat cards, here are some interesting ones: - Blue threat (for a surprise Vanquish) - Exocrine with attribute Strength 10. At the start of this battle, each other player in your tier loses 1 Life. - Yellow threat - Iyanden Spirit Seer with attribute Cunning 4. Place all your Eldar trophies on your space. Treat them as enemies. - Yellow threat (for a surprise Corruption) - Black Legion Warptalon with attribute Cunning 6. Test Willpower 6, if you fail, each player in your area draws 1 Corruption card. - Red threat - The Lost Relic Encounter. Test Cunning 13 to draw 1 Relic card. 4 New Relics, all powerful as all have only 3 charges each. 5 Corruption cards, 4 negative, 1 positive. 10 Missions, 1 for each of the affiliations, and the 10th gives a Champion card as a reward. 9 Champion cards, give bonuses of 1 in skill test, battle, power limit, asset limit plus an interesting written bonus. 40 Orange threat cards: - 2 Apostate cards. One is interesting luck of the dice. 1) Lose 1 attribute. 2) Lose 1 Life. 3-4) Nothing. 5-6) Gain 1 attribute and 1 Life. - 2 non-apostate wargear cards. - Many cards require an affiliation to be useful. - 10 cards have a skill test component. - 9 enemy threat cards ranging in attribute from 2 to 4. All heretics or traitors. Weak enemies, albeit one adds your cunning to their 2.
  9. Thank you for the feedback Nematode. Going to require more testing to formulate my final opinion. The Inquisition Champion has an easier task. The point is I don't want this to be an easy path as I'm trying to find that game mode that promotes PvP significantly.
  10. If desperate then print this out.
  11. Should there be a rule for not being allowed to freely discard apostate assets? People go around taking apostate assets then immediately discarding them. Devotees to the very end, never hunted. At the very least, discarded assets should be placed in your space on the board.
  12. The special game rules sound awesome for PvP fun. The confrontation though sounds a little odd: 1 relic offers no benefit over 0 relics. Harsh how you lose a relic if you fail a roll. Reach 5 life, go to Sol and get 9 affiliations, jump to DW-Braxas, fail 4 tests and lose 4 life, get to the scenario sheet, and sit there until you roll three 6s. Can do this while still a level 0 character with no relics. The scenario is trying to promote PvP play through relics yet little benefit is gained from having some in the confrontation. Spend two hours trying to gain 2 relics. Fail first confrontation roll. Time wasted. Consider that if you have a relic you are the target of skill duels.
  13. On the other hand if you have no completed missions and plenty of life. If they roll all three dice and none are 6 then the avg is only 9. So if you can roll a battle result of 10 then have a crack at it.
  14. This logic might do your head in. It's to demonstrate how the score can fluctuate quite high if that 50% chance of rolling an exploding die succeeds. Rolled one 6, not a 6 and not 6. Avg 10.2, 3, 3. Avg 16.2. So after your shock of seeing them roll three dice and one is a 6, the avg just shot up to be 16.2 If you can confidently roll a battle result of 17 then have no fear
  15. The fact that the enemy has a 50% chance of rolling an exploding die is pretty scary. This space seems like a prime target for Ogryn and the Terminator.
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