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  1. Asking for a single example is quite a leap from telling us how every story should be in the canon. There is sort of an example, on page 137, the sidebar "Once Upon a Time: The Bremen Musicians". It repeats the story, then suggets an addition to the tale that could be suitable for an adventure. It doesn't take it further than a simple suggestion. We made characters last night and will be hitting the table in about two hours. I've put up some background material on my blog: http://wp.me/p1RlRL-cI
  2. Question: Have you played Grimm before? I haven't. Saturday will be the first. We'll make dinner - gamers, like a movie crew, work better together when you feed them - make characters, and play one or two scenes, primarily to test out the mechanics of the game. I'll be running a simple, "Fair is Foul, Foul is Fair" themed game, which they should figure out by story's end. A half dozen scenes, perhaps, to get to a conclusion. Reading Chapter 6, Running the Game, last night, I found it lacking. While there is plenty of advice, it boils down to "find a Grimm story, change something, make it an unhappy ending." I'd rather the authors did that, took "Little Red Riding Hood" and whipped up a simple Grimm Lands version, than offer what seems common sense advice. That said, I'm very familiar with rpgs and with creating rpg sessions, and this chapter might have been written with the neophyte in mind.
  3. Nice to see someone else is trying this game. I've never played it, but plan to Saturday. I've been muddling through the rules - this forum has been very helpful - and have one or two scenes planned for the game. You've thought a lot about your overall story arc and it shows. I hope you keep us up to date as the campaign progresses.
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