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  1. Hi all. If Vader equipped with Afterburners clips a rock I understand that he can still use the Afterburners. Can he he still use his own abilities to gain Actions from the Afterburners before the Action Step
  2. Yes. Did notice the rules were prereleased. Although I only read that it was round down for half points. It never said whether was the same for hit points
  3. Basic TIE 3 health. At what point does it give up points
  4. Hi everyone. Just to want to double check. The ffg squad builder app. SCUM HWK how many modification slots does it have REBEL HWK seems to have 2 but scum only 1
  5. So from the app. Do you have to beat the threshold, or equal it. If a ship has threshold of 2. Have to get it to 2 or have to get to 1. And is threshold health remaining or damage done.
  6. Can the ship suffering Console Fire choose not to engage? therefore not have to roll
  7. I’m assuming the Republic will have a fair few Jedi. As for Resistance should only be Rey & Luke.
  8. Hi everyone as title of post says. What is this “Dark Side” upgrades that Mauls crew card refers to
  9. Cheers guys. Glad that wording and rules have been improved. Always hated the 0 spend. Just seemed very gamey
  10. Hi everyone probably not the best Title for topic. But does 2.0 work the same as the first game in that you can choose to remove/spend 0 tokens. Thinking in reference to Torani Kuldo
  11. Hi guys. Just want to make sure. When moving a Tractored ship can I overlap obstacles/other ships with the Template. I know I can put the ship on a obstacle.
  12. Great that you’ve gone to the effort of putting up some X-Wing results. Maybe a few suggestions. Your full list. All equipment. Same for opponents list. All equipment. Any particular goofy or amazing things happen in each game. Dont want to come across as that “guy” but just saying you got beat in 3 games isn’t worth a read.
  13. Yep. Definitely hasn’t got the voice/charm
  14. Hopefully the little Spark will light the fire that the franchise really needs.
  15. Pretty sure the faq on the toilet seat was only for tournament games. I would say the missions in the boxes are very rarely used in tournaments ( not saying not played at all just rarely) so would be nothing stopping equipping Dengar as he is listed.
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