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  1. Sabine in the Attack Shuttle is actually really good with composure. You have different ways to get focus and evade with her and what I like best: you can fail the boost/BR before you 4K to get a modified shot in the back of your opponent.
  2. The Resistance will actually have 6 ships. The Transport expansion comes with 2 different ships: a Resistance Transport ship miniature and a Cockpid Pod ship miniature.
  3. What was the configuration they used?
  4. Yes, I know. I tried to argue about that with my opponent as well, but he didn't believe me and I felt it was just easier to prove my point with the nubs.
  5. The problem we had was that the two ships in question were aligned side by side. When the U-Wing tried to rotate, the nubs were in the way and prevented the ship from being placed. If only a corner of my ship would have touched the U-Wing, it could have been possible to rotate the U-Wing in such a way that both ships would have still been touching (And with a 180° turn that will always happen). The U-Wing would then have been able to execute the maneuver and would have had the opportunity to make an action (white stop maneuver. Leia, yay!). From the rules reference: Stationary: [...] A ship that executes this maneuver counts as executing a maneuver, does not overlap any ships, does trigger the effects of overlapping any obstacles at range 0, and continues to be at range 0 of any objects it was touching before executing this maneuver. A ship fully executes a maneuver if it does not overlap a ship. If a ship executes a maneuver and overlaps a ship, it must partially execute that maneuver by performing the following steps: [...] 3. The ship skips its Perform Action step. Although rare, it is possible for a ship to move in such a way that it is at range 0 of another ship (in physical contact with it) without having overlapped it. What I conclude from this: If the ship is able to rotate without overlapping, it will execute the maneuver and therefore NOT skip the Perform Action step. It will however continue to be at range 0 of any object it was touching before. So no shooting! But once the nubs mess up the overlapping part, it's a bump. Now to get to Roller of Blanks question about the final position in a bump: In my case that was pretty easy because the ships were aligned. Any partial rotation would have caused an overlap much more severe than only with the nubs. So the ship had to stay in its original position. But I guess there could be a situation where only the corner of a ship is touching the U-Wing and after rotating a nub could end up exactly on this corner of the base. There could be made a case for partial rotation but we have no tool to execute that even nearly accurate. My gut says: Leave it in its original position. But my gut also says: that situation is veeery unlikely and I will probably never have to make a ruling about that in a tournament. 😉
  6. Thanks! That's exactly what I thought. Also the 180 turn does clearly work, I agreed on that with my opponent.
  7. During my last tournament we had the following situation: One of my ships bumped into the U-Wing of my opponent. He then tried to turn the U-Wing around 90° with his stop maneuver. While doing so his nubs touched my ship in a way that it was not easily possible to place the U-Wing. If it would have been a normal maneuver it would have been very clearly a bump. I then said that it was a bump and therefore he couldn't turn the U-Wing around . My opponent didn't believe me and argued that a 90° and 180° rotation could never bump. But I was really sure that I've read about that situation a while ago. But now I can't find that anywhere. Was I right or wrong?
  8. So, I've finally had the opportunity to try this list: Vennie (62) Pattern Analyzer (5) Rose Tico (9) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Paige Tico (7) Poe Dameron (68) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Black One (2) L’ulo L’ampar (38) Total: 199 I faced 4x Ini 4 T-70; quite a scary squad. I placed Vennie facing a gap between rocks in the middle. The opponent placed all X-Wings on my right board edge and I tried to flank with Poe and L'ulo from left. The X-Wings were set up to go straight for my Bomber. I really thought about turning away, but experience has taught me that the Fortress is not a ship to dance around rocks to get in a better position. Worst thing that can happen is to get caught by the X-Wings with the back exposed. So I went to face the 4 T70s. The only question was if I should go fast or slow. I was hoping to quickly get to the rocks for some protection and to block all routes of the X-Wings should they choose to come in fast. The first turn of shooting, I got 1 or 2 shields in Range 3 of an X-Wing and nothing in return. Next turn i went full speed ahead with the Fortress, hoping the opponent would fly past me with at least 1 or 2 ships, but he caught me with all 4 of them. 😣 Vennie took way too much damage. That I only rolled blanks, even though some shots came trough rocks, didn't help at all. So I burned the focus on the last defence roll to get at least one evade result (from Vennies ability). And the return fire from Poe and Vennie took the damaged X only to 1 hull. Next turn Vennie provoked a bump but some T70s could still shoot and killed him. Meanwhile Lulo was a superstar. He flanked like a pro, taking some shots from front and rear without ever getting return fire. Poe took some damage but got out alive. He had the Ion crit and was in danger of getting caught by several of the 4 X-Wings. A 3 bank left followed by a SLAM Tallon Roll right got him behind enemy lines and in protection of a rock. He gladly took an Ion to still get a shot (if you're ionized anyway, you will take that second Ion token gladly). In the last turn Lulo went for the 1-hull X and Poe tried his luck with a 4-hull X. If both would kill their ships (and live to tell the tale), i would go for a final salvo with a 125-125 tie. Poe didn't deliver (which would have been really rather unlikely) and Lulo whiffed his range 1 shot (which was also rather unlikely). Loss 75-125 That the 1-hull X lived was really unlucky. He could have died from several shots. But hey, that's how it goes sometimes. Considering that Vennie didn't do too much this game, it was really close enough in the end. I had the feeling that a couple of damage here and there would give me the game. I was thinking what my original Finch build (Rose, VTG, Proton, Seismic) would have done. I guess with Finch I would have won the game. Considering everybody would have flown exactly the same routes, he would have had one additional round of shooting (2 shots at range 1) and he would have dropped a seismic that would have hit 3 or 4 of the X-Wings as well as himself. And if the X-Wings would have flown differently, more cautiously, that would have helped me as well. So for the moment, I guess, I'll stick with Finch.
  9. Ok, I see. Edon is a completely different beast than VTG gunner and fills a different role. I have played the bomber in 1st Edition to some good results (semi-final in a System Open among other things) and I have a hard time finding the right place for it. I have used this setup: "Crimson Specialist" (27) Trajectory Simulator (1) Bomblet Generator (3) Deflective Plating (1) Total: 32 That's 64 in new money. Finch starts now at 66 naked. With the similar setup he's at 87 points. Considering that you get only 2 bombs for that (if you're not willing to spend shields) and that bombs have become considerably worse, I have trouble seeing the Bomber as a platform for bombs. You have to get the most out of that front primary weapon and the rotating arc. So for me it fills a completely different role than in 1.0 (and that makes me kinda sad). At the moment I'm stuck with the VTG version and I see bombs only as a secondary option.
  10. I've never tried Edon, but I'm afraid he's just not that good. Placing a mine under the enemy is not that easy with the big base and that horrible dial. And initiative 3 doesn't even guarantee that you move first. If there's anything in your way, you'll bump and you can't drop the device. And even if you succeed, you will have your back turned against the enemy. That reduces your firepower and you will have the long way to turn around. I've had some success with the following list: Finch Dallow (66) Rose Tico (9) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Proton Bombs (5) Seismic Charges (3) Poe Dameron (68) Predator (2) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) L’ulo L’ampar (38) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Predator didn't do much for me and I would replace it now with the black one title. Also the proton bombs were rather mediocre as often you'll risk taking a crit yourself and the bomber just really doesn't like that. The Seismic Charges however have been awesome. Finch tries to squeeze through some obstacles and you'll usually manage to place a bomb in range to 2 or even 3 obstacles. Then you can see where the enemy moves and blow up the best obstacle. That almost guarantees to hit one or two of the enemy ships (and usually also Finch). I'm a big fan of the VTG/Rose combo. You'll have great modifications on both shots and do a ton of damage. Ships that end up in range 1 in front of Finch just melt. In most matches the opponent went for Finch. That meant that Poe and L'ulo were free to do whatever they liked. I'm planning to try the following list now: Vennie (62) Pattern Analyzer (5) Rose Tico (9) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Paige Tico (7) Poe Dameron (68) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Black One (2) L’ulo L’ampar (38) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I will see if Vennie lives longer than Finch to do enough damage.
  11. Played 1 game with it on Poe. I think I've got to use it 3 times on defence. I got 2 evades and 1 eye (that I had a focus for) out of it. Sweet! Best point spent 😁
  12. And the award for the most overpriced focus goes to...
  13. I was a great fan of the StarFortress in 1.0 and put it to good use. But I hesitate to put 90+ points in a ship that can turn like a whale. The 3 primary is no use if you don't have anything to shoot at. What was your experience: Did you fly against aces that just tried to stay behind you at a certain range to not eat bombs? I fear that Luke, Kylo, Poe and the like can tear the StarFortress easily apart. And how did you find the lack of Ablative Plating? Didn't Finch just eat too many of his own bombs?
  14. I've found it actually quite good on Sabine. Fail a boost or BR, get a focus an do a 4K behind the enemy. Or do an evade after your maneuver and you still get focus/evade. works even after a white maneuver. But other that that... yeah, i see no use for composure 🙄
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