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  1. If anyone ran a game at swcc is there a way I can get a copy of the adventure?? Please!?! I’m running a Star Wars one shor on May 4th
  2. scrap'em: on successful attack suffer 2 strain and select allies up to rank sin leadership who add boost to attack again target until characters next turn improved scrap'em: scrap'em affects twice the number of allies and allies add 2 boost die to combat checks against the target
  3. "the force awakens in all manner of beings and while many force sensitives are discovered by jedi or, on rare occasions, by sith, no one can se how many co unrecorded. jedi or sith who received training but then leave by choice or expulsions." basically a fringe force user who is not part of the jedi during the time of the clone wars they have a cool talent called "renegade form" its 15 cost and takes a bit to get to it but when you purchase it you can pick one characteristic and use it instead of Br for lightsaber. it also has the ravage ability from the Jedi warrior as well as prey on the weak, quick draw, uncanny reactions, party, reflect, sorry about the mess, disorient, quick strike, sense emotions, uncanny senses, etc.
  4. Ascension gun: shoot an anchor point within medium range with east ranged L or coordination check. once set user can ascend at one range band a round. Augmented Vibro-motor: increases weapon base damage by 1; grants weapon cumbersome 3 or increases its existing cumbersome rating by 1 clone firing key - genetic lock for weapons (can be used for other genetics besides clones) combat tested - add one boost to discipline checks cortosis forging:weapon gains cortosis quality ionizing emitter matrix: increase weapon base damage by 2 when targeting droids or vehicles but decrease damage by 1 vs organic and other targets no geonosian weapons
  5. No sorry no stats on a coruscant guard and no rank system for the Republic military
  6. There are! Weapon attachments: ascension gun Augmented vibro-motor clone firing key combat tested cortosis forging insulated firing mechanisms ionizing focusing coils Lightsaber attachments: Fusion shunt ilum crystal Ionizing emitter matrix thontin crystal zophis crystal Armor attachments: bio-support dispenser Ceremonial adornment physiological enhancement system squad tactical systems
  7. What person's trash: make perception check in order to location a particular item with no cost in location with potential salvage. the difficulty is base don items rarity. another treasure: condition Of an item does not affect its sale price. additionally the character can always find a buyer for an item, no matter its condition or apparent value
  8. yes there is. Corporate sector authority viceprex death trooper Imperial armor corps imperial royal guard interrogation droids (two types) cavetroopers range trooper sandtrooper shore trooper swamptrooper
  9. improved exceed specifications cost 20: when making check with item add boost die. GM may spend 2 threat on the check to damage the item one step or despair to damage it beyond usability there is a supreme exceed specifications at cost 20 and it says checks with exceed spec generating a triumph may damage the item to roll an additional proficiency die and add it to check results. if the check generates a despair add a challenge die to the check results contraption is at 25: 1/session take contraption action. make hard mechanics check to fashion a device to solve current problem using just tools and parts on hand.
  10. the republic z 95 has a fore and aft shield of 1 and its HT threshold and SS threshold are 10 and 10 enncumberance cpacity of 9 75,000 credits with rarity 5 it has a forward mounted twin proton torpedo launched instead of concussion missiles nothing about XP management on this. sorry
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