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  1. Fantastic Onidsen!! They look like awesome decks for the cardpool I have. I'll be putting these together over the weekend. I know deck building is such a big part of this game and something I've always struggled with due to time. These will enable me to just jam together a scenario, grab a deck and get playing. Once again, thanks very much.
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for the great replies. I'll start having a poke around ringsdb. @Onidsen Wow, what an awesome post. Really appreciate it. I'll definitely check out those decks. It looks like it may be worth grabbing a second core set to enable me to keep multiple decks together without too much fiddling. Cheers
  3. Hi All Am getting back into this game after a long hiatus. I've recently joined a group who have been playing this since the beginning and I want to jump right back in but I need some deckbuilding help. I'm very time poor at the moment (long commute, busy job, family, etc). I have the following expansions: 1 x Core set with full playset of the 2 of cards All Saga Expansions up to date Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle - All packs Khazad-dum Darrowdelf Cycle - All packs Heirs of Numenor Against the Shadow Cycle - All packs The Voice of Isengard I'm hoping the kind folk of this community could help or point me in the direction of some decks I could build with these card sets that I could leave together without having to take apart or swap cards between. Ideally I'd like as many different decks as possible so I could bring them all to my play group and decide which one to play based on the current players and scenario. It doesn't worry me if they are thematic or strategy based as I am just looking to put some decks together that are fun, I can keep built and just pick up and play. If there are any specific expansions or cycles that I should start buying into that would open up more options then I am open to that as well. Thanks guys.
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