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  1. Rules Question: I have a question regarding "Touched by the Warp", a tactic from the Chaos event deck. The card reads as follows: Destroy 1 Cultist in any system to gain 1 free upgrade card. The command level of that upgrade card cannot exceed the number of Warp Storms bordering that system. In order to pick an upgrade card, do you have to have the actual command level of the card chosen in addition to the number of warp storms bordering the system? "Free upgrade card" is not specified in the rules reference as opposed to "free unit". Nor does the card say you get to ignore actual command level either. Example: After the 1st turn the chaos player draws Touched by the warp from his event deck and sacrifices a cultist in e system with 2 bordering warpstorms. He has not build a city in his first turn so his actual command level is 0. Does he get to pick for instance Complete Destruction (Advance order -- 2 Command, 3 Materiel)? Thanks in advance, Jan Hello Jan, Thank you for your question. You are correct that the entry is missing from the rulebook, and the entry for “Free Units” should also include clarifications about getting free upgrades and structures. The rules are very similar though; when you get something for “free” you ignore your command level and do not have to pay any materiel. Your example is correct. Chaos wants to be surrounded by Warpstorms if they have this event card. I hope that helps! Samuel Bailey Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games
  2. On the combat cards they make a distinct difference between tokens (symbol in circle) and dice (symbol in square). If your combat card says your opponent looses shield tokens then that's exactly what they mean. If your opponent does not have any tokens he cannot loose any.
  3. Correct. You must be able to flip an order on top of a stack when it is your turn to be able to play this scheme.
  4. I'm still not 100% certain. The card does not say the number of warpstorms count as your command level. The card says you get to take an upgrade card of which the command level is no greater than the number of warpstorms bordering the system. It does not say you get to ignore actual command level. "Free upgrade card" is not specified in the rules reference, nor learn to play, as opposed to "Free unit". How can this ever be a lousy event? Worst case you sac a cultist for a same material value order upgrade or combat card boosting your combat deck faster than it was supposed to be. All the Mark combat cards, probably the staple cards of the chaos combat deck, are always available trough this event. Anyways, I'll play it as described by Julia and see what happens. But I have my doubts concerning balance.
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