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  1. In the article, it mentions that the Shielded card would allow 88-Z to place only one Shield generator per round. However, it's not an attack. Why couldn't 88-Z do it twice? Is there a rule I'm missing about imperial figures and special actions? EDIT: Nevermind! I just found the rule saying that any special action can only be done once per activation.
  2. Can I ask why a lot of people on this forum seem...kind of obsessed with Zuckuss and 4-LOM? Is it just because everyone views them as an inevitability after Bossk, Dengar, and IG-88? Don't get me wrong, I think those latter three set a good precedent, and I wouldn't be surprised if Z&4 did show up. They just seem to get a lot of heat from IA's fan base for being such minor (and forgettable) characters, especially when villains from, say, Rogue One strike me as a more obvious choice for a blister. People seem...really excited for 4-LOM, and I'm not quite sure why.
  3. As a followup, are deployment points always placed on the board at the beginning of the game? So the Rebels know something might come from there, or they might have to go there? Or are they revealed when used or active? Or are they never placed?
  4. I've seen the idea that the devs encourage a houserule in which even the losing side can get mission rewards in a few places on the forums. Could anyone point me to where that's sourced from? How they recommend doing it?
  5. My group is new to IA, but I think that if we like the core campaign, it's very likely we'll invest in a bunch of expansions, and the Nemeses deck looks really cool to me. I've gathered that Boba Fett isn't the best statted villain in this game, but would he be a workable choice for a Nemesis option? At this point, I lack the experience to really understand why he's bad.
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