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  1. So when you sit down across from Kate you know she has 15 influence available to her. When you see out of faction cards hit the table you can make inferences about what threats they could possibly have left. How does this change with MWL? Are players required to inform their opponents about their influence maximum? Or is it all hidden?
  2. Hi all, Just been through char. gen. with my players and one ended up with 20-something corruption (fun!). The question came up that he should have some gifts of the gods. So my question is this: Is this covered in the rulebook or is it up to me? Can characters leave creation with mutations? Or is it like alignment where you start unaligned (unless archetype specifies).
  3. I've let me GM know I'm not going to be taking that background, I rolled a better BS than WS (6 higher, but every little helps) so I'm going to be going for the classic Hunting rifle start.
  4. I just realised that it's Moritat and not Moriat #derp. Thanks everyone for you help on this matter I might just go classical assassin, I rolled much better on my BS than WS
  5. Well, I'll make my case to the GM if I survive long enough
  6. I did see the thread RE:Power Swords and my response was "How is this an issue" It's a sword and technically has an edge - All good in the hood.
  7. So I rolled up a new character and picked up Moriat with my starting XP. I was wondering about some of the equipment. My GM said that I can count the handbow bolts as edged, wondering what other people thought of that as a general inquiry. It's the equipment harness that I'm confused by. I can't find mention of it in any of the armouries. Is it a mislabelled climbing harness? Does it offer any benefits? Thanks
  8. From what I understand of the files we get, they're high quality print level pdfs. You're probably familiar with photoshop and layers to an image. The PDFs are made like that, the issue with this is that it has to load each layer and flatten the document before it prints.
  9. I have some old GW scatter dice which would simplify things, and we used Roll20 for the first session because I was running Shattered Hope. Though the maps are too low in resolution so I retraced them in Photoshop so I could scale them up better. Worked quite well. Though I didn't expect the party to choose to shoot promethium tanks and then shut the door on the mutant
  10. That's in the corebook? Woops, looks like I have another chart to print out!
  11. That's what I ended up doing, I didn't fancy blowing his arm off in the first session (despite him being mechanicus)
  12. On Saturday one of my players critically failed (100) his grenade throw. I couldn't think of anything to do except have it explode centred on him or do the regular scatter table (He would have certainly died if caught in the explosion and it was the first session) Does anyone have any suggestions based on what they use/do in that kind of situation? Cheers
  13. Broken Chains Chains of _____ where ____ is an evil sounding word
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