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  1. I stand corrected, I forgot Greer even exists 😂 Thinking a bit more about his ability would actually be very nice on an A-wing, since most of the time it will go at speed 2+ meaning it will always be active. Combine that with presumed double EPTs and we have a fun little ship. He's very similar to Greer so I would assume his cost comes out a point or two higher.
  2. So we get a potential for Temmin "Snap" Wexley in an A-wing. Hopefully with a slightly different ability since his current one doesn't go all that well with the ship ability. The Y-wing is a curious inclusion but it makes sense from the standpoint that the Resistance is down on it's knees and scrambling for pretty much any type of starfighter. If it will see play in the game I wonder what they will do to differentiate it from the current incarnations? It would probably be a less reliable version (more red on maneuvers/actions) but with some interesting retrofits (tech/ability). And if there is another card pack I guess we'll also see Lando in the Resistance falcon.
  3. It's a bit of an unfair comparison though since RZ2s are not available to the Rebel Alliance. Nerfing the RZ2 will do nothing to help the RZ1. I agree on the points though, the RZ1 could do with some adjustments.
  4. I think that this ship will be hit with the nerf hammer in the next round of adjustments. Whether it's points, upgrade slots or both remain to be seen. But at 68 points (hate stapled to the pilot card) Maul is a kick in the face on a lot of other ships. Not only does it have three force points and high total health pool, it also has a kick-*** dial and good offense. Combined with Hate you have a very tanky ship that will also be regenerating force when you focus on it.
  5. Lyynark

    Mis-printed deck

    Sure looks like you got a dodgy print/pack. Since that deck will be very much illegal in anything but a casual setting I suggest you contact FFG customer support. They should provide you with a new deck as replacement.
  6. Hehe, yeah, that's essentially what it is But this technical will be slinging a lightsaber wielding dude around as well
  7. TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank for the Imperials. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/14/heavy-hitter/ **** that base is long! And it seems like it will be able to do a free pivot before a standard move meaning it will be a lot more nimble than one might expect. And from what I understand it can carry Vader into battle. Even with only speed 1 it will move quite far based on its large base alone. Remains to see what the rules for transporting units will be like. X-34 Landspeeder for the Rebels. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/14/rebel-ingenuity/ I like it! Very rebel in my opinion Shame they didn't spoil any of the weapon upgrades though. But I can see this as simply being a cheap way to slingshot Luke into combat with some poor enemy unit.
  8. And there we have it, Godwin's Law in action. You, and emphasis is on YOU, are there only to test draws, combos and decks. Others might be there to actually play the game for any number of reasons and you shouldn't presume to tell them what they can and cannot do. As for punishment, it was merely a comparison to how online play works for pretty much every major competitive online game. Just quitting a game and doing so repeatedly will result in punishment and often a permanent ban from the game in the worst cases. I don't know where you are getting your assumptions from but forfeiture in soccer is not a common thing. And we're not talking about taking a timeout, walking over to your opponent and explaining that you intend to give him a walk-over. We're talking about abruptly quitting a game without as much as the simple courtesy of talking to your opponent. Conceding and quitting are two very different things. But then again, conceding can also be abused (take a look at Hearthstone). Are you really defending quitting because an opponent might be a bit slow? That really makes you come across as an obnoxious jerk. Yes, it's rude for them to just abruptly quit. Talking to their opponent and saying that they've been bested and then conceding is the opposite. That's all there is to it, but you've been advocating just leaving with absolutely no communication.
  9. (Rage-)Quitting when you're having some bad luck will invalidate the test results since you're shifting the bias toward only "successful" results. Hence quitting is bad if you are intent on testing your decks. On the topic of quitting I find that it's quite rude to just drop from a game. Remember that there are two players in the game and by abruptly quitting you are robbing them of their chance to properly test their decks if that's what they are there for. If not you are detracting from their experience. Intentionally quitting is generally very frowned upon in online games and often enforce severe punishments for repeat offenders. And it should be that way. Being a sore loser is not an attitude we should promote. Put it this way: You are playing a training match of soccer and your team is playing well and is winning. Would you accept the other team just leaving the playing field because they are not winning?
  10. I got a maverick in my starter, "Yemix Bosco-Lawton, Gangleader". No idea if the deck is any good since I've only played one game and that was with one of the static starter decks.
  11. You mean like the Royal Guard that sure as **** brought their pikes to the battlefield ? I would like the Honour Guard as well, but that comes down to aesthetics more than gameplay.
  12. You really want Jawas as an Imperial unit, don't you? But you still haven't provided a reasonable justification as to why they should be included as a unit in the Imperial army. At best the jawas are viewed by the empire as a nuisance that can be ignored. At worst they would be enslaved, and you simply don't arm slaves and put them beside your regulars if you know what's good for you. "Utinni!" translates to "Wow!" and doesn't really have any bearing on any "swarm" status.
  13. Yes, Ewoks would be a swarm type of unit if they are ever included in Legion, we're in agreement here. But Jawas at large have (as far as I know) never been known to appear as mercenaries or in some other sort of quasi-militaristic manner. There is really no justification for their inclusion as a regular unit within the Imperial army. Shoehorning them in because the Imperial side must have a swarm counterpart to Ewoks is just plain bad design. I think the developers at FFG are more imaginative than that. As I said before, complete unit parity between armies will be detrimental to overall game design. It will also remove what makes armies distinct from each other (apart from commanders and operatives).
  14. I think being forced to have "counterparts" between armies will be detrimental to overall game design. As for including larger elements of aliens in that's pretty much a no-go. While individual aliens have been known to work with the empire the general ideology of the Galactic Empire was one of human superiority. Aliens were at best seen as second class citizens and in the worst case as a ready supply of slave labour.
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