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    Had they just sold you 4x imp vets, your FLGS may have more enthusiasm towards hosting events.
  2. I was wrong, but know better now. Thank you!!!
  3. This came up In a tournament yesterday, and I think the ruling was wrong. I’m not here to whine or complain, I just want to see if I was right/clear up the rule for the future. I had Anti Pursuit Lasers on a YT-1300. An E Wing was going to move so that he would overlap me (I knew this as I had Intel Agent and already saw his dial). My opponent maneuvered a B Wing right between me and his E Wing. He then moved his E Wing which landed right on me, moved back to resolve the overlap, couldn’t fit between the B Wing and me, so he ended up touching the B Wing, no one was touching me. I believe that because his maneuver caused him to overlap me, APL should have triggered. He felt that his final position wasn’t in contact with me at all and his collision was with his B Wing. We called the TO over and he decided no APL, the E Wing bonked off the B Wing. It would NOT have changed the outcome of the game at all, but I’d like to know if his use of the B Wing is a valid tactic to prevent APL. I don't think it is.
  4. Wave two shipping?!? I'm still waiting on my wave 1 preorder (**** maneuver tool).
  5. Hmmm, so if I lay a prox down and have two pursuers right behind me, and the prox template fits under both of them... Only 1 is affected? How do you determine which one?
  6. We may have misused Determination, but at the last tournament I was at someone Sabateur'd a Decimator with determination, it was a pilot crit, and was discarded. The sabateur was a double agent apparently, and healed the enemy! Should that not have happened?? Edit: answered my own question. Determination should not have discarded a flipped up crit. It only discards crits being dealt, not flipped.
  7. They're expensive, but I love the companion 3x3 mousepad mats at www.mygamemats.com ! They're great for epic, and for running two separate tables.
  8. While these days geek has a different connotation, don't forget that a geek was the carny whose act was biting the heads off chickens for shock value. "I could play music pretty well until I lost my hand. Now I'm just geeking chickens."
  9. I bought a second in the hopes that one of my buddies will pick one up so we can run all three for the final mission. Giving my buddies the spare x wing pilots and astromechs was probably not the best way to incentivize them to buy it though!
  10. When it's a judgement call, I almost always give it to the other guy. I played a fellah where 4 or 5 times I gave him the "let's call it range 2 instead of 3" or "yeah, that's in arc" when it was questionable. He took my gimmies every time. Then when it was questionable in my favor he was all "NO! THAT'S OUT!!!" It bothered me at first. Eventually I realized that a hollow victory meant something to him whereas I was there to have fun. I went back to flying casual, and let him do his thing. He got the win, but I guarantee I had the better time. The best revenge is living well. If I face him at Imdaar though, I may take the low road and insist on measurements and let the TO make the calls. I want to win a ship, and I'm not going to be bullied out of a win.
  11. MikeEMcGee

    Tantive Questions

    I stayed docked for four rounds to get my full energy generation. I made it about three rounds after that before having my fore crippled. I'd barely moved. Next time I may just make a run for it.
  12. I realized last night as Aminar eludes to, huge ships will never have an evade or focus making opportunist a 'pita' for them! It also pairs well with a wingman of lower pilot skill than Wes.
  13. Page 5 of the manual. Yup, I missed that. She's got a big blind spot!
  14. Why wouldn't your primary be able to fire straight back?? I know it's 3-5 range, but measuring from the back of the fore base, range 3 starts basically where the model's engines stop. Yes there is a blind spot, but it only extends from the edge of the aft base to just over the length of a small ship base. A pilot would have to bump and then have the CR take a 1 forward to get a shot and not take a shot. If the CR moved 2 after a bump from the rear, he's going to have a shot on his pursuer unless I'm missing something...
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