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  1. Alright, I'm done. I don't know what the **** is wrong with you people, but I'm out of the forum. Thanks guys.
  2. What a weird, rando rule. It's easier for everyone to just have a card. How is that easier? You have to pay for that. A rule just happens - FFG does the work, everyone else sits back.
  3. GET 'EM! :lol: ZOING!!! :D Is it so wrong to like to have stuff? I like to have the stuff. The real stuff.
  4. Understood - I acknowledge that FAQ is a bit different and I'm using it rather recklessly as a blanket term. But yes it is significant that it doesn't establish new rules. However, my point is that competitive players are willing to keep up with what seems like a mind-numbing number of adjustments, so the sheer change alone should be acceptable.
  5. The basic game is pretty simple. You want to make it needlessly complex. Simple would be to make the rule about ordnance correct in the first place. I think by and large they have made a great game, however, and I understand it's too late for that. Simple would then be make a blanket statement admitting the unforeseen error and trying to correct it with a rule, as they have done with countless FAQ's. In my mind needlessly complex is the purchase and organization of numerous expansions that I don't particularly want, all in order to fix the original unforeseen error that affects the many, many ships I already have.
  6. As I said, write into the rule that you forego the bonus if you take a mod.
  7. Hello community. I am a casual player who owns a lot of stuff. I don't like to buy into all of the FFG doom and greed hype, but recently the Inquisitor preview went up and it really irked me. In it we get a modification card that costs 0 squad points. Losing only the option of taking a different modification, this guidance chips mod adds a hit to all missile and torp attacks, or a crit if your primary is 3 or higher. Ok cool! Sounds like a neat fix. Except... It's not ship specific. It costs 0 which means they're acknowledging they messed up ordnance (ok we all know that they know it, but still). So WHY NOT MAKE IT A RULE? Why force me to buy multiple copies of some goofy-looking pretend TIE Fighter from a show geared towards kids, invented when I was an adult... Even if you love the show, I still stand by my point. I have to buy copies of this ridiculous ship to "fix" ordnance that has been broken for SEVEN WAVES NOW? Trust me, I have too many proton torpedoes to count. Why not simply make it a rule that all missiles and torps get this extra damage, UNLESS a ship has a modification equipped? I've heard the bit about not wanting to change rules. That's crazy because there's a dozen new FAQ adjustments every few months. People care about this game enough to keep up with the rules. Again, I don't want to lose all faith, but this is taking me many steps towards the dark side. I have spent a lot of money on these plastic space ships, but if FFG keeps doing stuff like this, that money may dry up. Just my two cents / thousand dollars. What say the people?
  8. Was it spoiled earlier? I never saw. I was too lazy to look past the first page. Nuts.
  9. Red maneuver free target lock. Cost 2 points. Are the people satisfied?
  10. Finally, I want to buy their stuff again. I've had limited interested in Wave 8 (only want Scum), the budget doesn't allow the Gozanti, and may never want to buy the Force Awakens stuff. But this... This is gold.
  11. I really like the "cloaking" phantoms! I wish I knew how to do that.
  12. zlynn22

    X-Wing Direction

    I'm actually with the OP, but the answer is pretty simple - stop buying. I'm not going to buy this new stuff unless I really like the movie, and then I'll reconsider. The ships are still going to be there, and saving some money in the meantime is nice. With stuff like Wave 8 I'm only interested in the Scum ships and the Gozanti. I'll buy those, have all the fun, and see what wave 9 brings.
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